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Unfortunate Closing, please lock the ::Vertigo::


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[spoiler=Rules] If the shop says closed, or my waiting list is full, DO NOT order. Additionally, If I am using a Template or Holo sheet by mistake which is yours, and you don't want me to use it, show me proof, and I will instantly remove it if the proof is good enough. I will give credit to where I got them from, so if you own the thread or external website, just tell me and I will remove it :D. If I have listed a credit, and It acctually came from a different place, please say so.


Also, you will get warned if you do any of the following:

- steal someone else's order

- Claim one of my products as your own

- Abuse or threaten me, any of my workers or any of my customers

- Don't pay (when prices are introduced) within 2 weeks

- Spam


[spoiler=Items][spoiler=Advanced Holo's 1 Point]

Example: 105s00p.jpg


Order Form: Post the card that you want holo'ed and what areas you want holo'ed


Holo Sheet Credit: Zwint6 tutorial http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-131747.html


[spoiler=Normal Holo's Free]

Example: 2ahxtc.png


Order Form: Post the card that you want holo'ed


Holo Sheet Credit: Zwint6 tutorial http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-131747.html


[spoiler=Recolours Free if Full card, 1 Point if select area's of the card]

Example: y0vnk.png


Order Form: Post Card, Say which sections you want coloured, and what colour you want them.


[spoiler=Inverts Free]

Example: 317h9qc.png


Order Form: Post Card.


[spoiler=Gold Stickers Free]

Example: 2n0j149.jpg


Order Form: Post the card you want it on


[spoiler=Not so Good Gold Rare 1 point]

Example: 25ri4ic.png


Order Form: Post Card you want gold rared.


[spoiler=Avatars and Sigs 1 - 6 points]

Examples: yfha1.pngan0u51.jpg


Order form: Post a render, and I will see what I can do. It will be kinda basic, but if you don't like it I can redo it :D


[spoiler=Name Holo's 1 point]

Example: w9i1y0.jpg


Order form: Post Card


[spoiler=LQ Boosters 2 - 6 points, depending on whether I have to render it or not]

Example: 2hi8m50.png


Order Form: Post the name of your booster, the colour you want for the pack, and the render that you want on it


Credit where it is due: PowerlinX for his Tech Circle, and Chaotix for his tutorial and download. Also, the text used is following ~ Chidori-Kun's Tutorial :D


[spoiler=Renders (LQ) 1 - 4 points, Depending on Difficulty]

Example: rct26u.png


Order Form: Place your picture, and tell me which parts you want rendered




[spoiler=[b] Privileged Shoppers Scheme[/b]]

From this moment on the PSS is in action, unless said otherwise. If you are put on to this scheme, it means that I believe you to be a very good customer, and therefore can receive various bonuses that other customer would not get. For instance, You will get access to products that other customers would not get, and you will gain other bonuses that will become obvious as this scheme develops.


NEW BONUS! All Items in the shop are free for you!

[spoiler=Privileged Shoppers]

1 - Jaxx541

2 - Gundamblast

3 - Monkeyman13


[spoiler=PSS Member Jobs]

As may be apparent, I am getting quite swamped in my workings. Therefore, if you are part of the PSS, you can sign up, with no chance of being rejected, as an Employee of either:

- Selling : You sell a product that you are good at. Follow the normal worker form.

- Marketing : You can design a banner for the shop, and you can think of things that my shop can do to improve. Currently, since only one person can do this, I do still have to refuse if I think there may be a better candidate. sorry :(

follow this Application, and I will PM you more info :D


Example of Banner Making:

Any Shop Experience:

How often are you available

- Enforcing : You make sure everyone else is following the rules. if someone does not comply, you PM me, and I will ban them, or suspend them, depending on how severe!

More jobs will come, and you MUST have PM's active to ask for a job!


[spoiler=PSS Special Items]

[spoiler=Experimental Anime Cards]

I am trialling Anime cards, and so they won't be good, but they are free!

Credits: Computerwhizz98 and wherever they came from (if anyone has any problems where they came from please contact me)

Examples: Coming soon


[spoiler=Trial Japanese cards]

Again, I am testing these cards, and they are free!

Credits: Lightswornrock and the Font in his thread :D

Example: coming soon!



[spoiler=PSS Gifts]

You will sometimes receive a gift. check back here regularly to see if you have a gift :D

[spoiler=Current Gifts]






[spoiler=Gifts that are being worked on]





[spoiler=Repression Shopper Scheme]

If you are on this list, you are banned from certain products, and will not get on to the PSS until you are removed from this list.


1 - Darkcardsltd



Darkcardsltd - as you spammed completely out of topic for us to save your eggs, You will be unable to buy Sig's or Booster's




If you wish to be hired, please follow the following form. If I accept you, you are instantly put on the PSS. Your pay will be points from from any orders you get (Currently all orders are free), an amount of points from me relative to your performance every week, and a gift on the PSS every now and then.



Products you do:


Past Experience:


NOTE: Your Examples must be on Tinypic, else I cannot see the quality of your items






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Okay, superspecialawesome, if you don't like your order, I can try a do it again if you want. Same goes with you jaxx541, I did something slightly different with your holo, so if you don't like it just order it again :D









Hope you like :D



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Um, not sure it would work as well but I will try, give me a sec.....




EDIT: This is what I could do, I found another thing which might be good whilst editting, so if you don't like this one I can try that one......


[spoiler=Superspecialawesome99's edit]u62qc.png


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