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Las Noches ~ Soul Carnival


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[align=center]Welcome to Las Noches


This Club Thread, in case you couldn't tell by the title, is a club based on the anime, Bleach. Here, you can discuss, criticize, and speculate on all things Bleach; we also accept fan art, fan fics, Roleplays, and other such material.


To join, simply fill out the following form:


[b]Name (the name you would like to be called in this club):[/b]
[b]Favorite Character(s):[/b]
[b]Something about yourself:[/b]


As long as your grammar isn't completely attrocious, you'll get in just fine. ;D


Have fun and enjoy your stay!




[spoiler=We're all Cups of Tea]Zexaeon


Kuchiki Byakuya



Azure Rhythm




Sakuya Izayoi




.:Mídníght Thíef:.







Here, you can claim a Bleach character, object, or intangible something as your own. Why? Because you can.


[spoiler=Limit five Claims per person]Zexaeon - Ggio Vega (character), Alones (song)

Kuchiki - Kuchiki Byakuya (character)

Yondaime - Shiba Kaien (Character)

Haitaku - Ishida Uryuu (Character)




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Name (the name you would like to be called in this club): Haitaku

Favorite Character(s): Ishida Uryuu

Something about yourself: A great Bleach fan, and a member of the Bleach club, made by Zaraki. Since it's closing, I'd love to join this club.


Also, if I can join, I claim Ishida Uryuu and cupcakes.

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Espada Number 9, Aaroniero Arruruerie. He has the ability to devour other Hollow in order to gain their abilities, thus evolving without limit.


Metastacia was the Hollow who possessed Kaien's body before Rukia killed him. By possessing Kaien's body, he also absorbed Kaien's memories, abilities, and even his Zanpakuto.


After Metastacia was killed, his spiritual makeup was sent back to Hueco Mundo (as that is what Aizen had programmed him to do), where his Spirit was then devoured by Aaroniero.


Aaroniero then absorbed everything that made Metastacia, including Kaien, thus allowing him to look like him, sound like him, have his abilities, and even his memories.


So it was almost like he WAS Kaien.


As for what chapter he's in, I can't remember.

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@Haitaku: welcome. ^^ Uh...cupcakes?


Claims will be updated in a moment.


Cupcakes are great' date=' and I'm just kidding about them. lol. But I still claim Uryuu.


Dang. I need that chapter number. Maybe haris will know


I'm trying to find a good pictre for the manga sig I'm making.


262-269 are the chapters he appears in. Good luck on your signature!

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Shuuhei vs. Findor was awesome because it had epic animation sequences, AWESOME choreography, an awesome selection of music, contained sword fighting, tricks, ceros, balas, kidou, hand-to-hand combat, and of course, two amazing Zanpakutos.


It also had the awesomeness of lasting an entire episode, uninterrupted.

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