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How to do rendering in GIMP

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Hello YCM,


I am going to teach you how to render in GIMP. Please note that this tutorial is for beginners. If you're an expert at this, feel free to read and correct me if I missed something. So here we go.



First and foremost, you need GIMP. Simply go to http://gimp.com and download it.


And now we can begin:


Step 1: Open GIMP


Step 2: Open the image you want rendered


Step 3: After opening the image, go to File/Save As. Save your image as a .png if the image isn't already .png. If you do not save it as a .png, you will end up with a white background.


Step 4: Go to View/Zoom. Select 400%-800% for viewing to have a good view of the image. To be VERY accurate, choose 1600% or something close.


Step 5: In the Toolbox, select the Paths tool. It's in the 2nd to top row, in the middle.


Step 6: Now click on anywhere near the part of the image you want rendered. A small circle should appear where you clicked. That is a path, and you'll need it.


Step 7: Make sure that ONLY the Path tool is clicked. Then left click the mouse and place those "small circles" around the part of image you want rendered. When you get back to the starting dot, stop.


Step 8: Now reset the View to 100%. Click Shift-V. The dots you placed around the image should turn into a moving line, sort of like an ant line.


Step 9: Now go to Layers, and then to Transparency. Select "Add Alpha Channel" to make the background transparent when you're finished.


Step 10: Now click Ctrl+I to invert it. Don't worry, it won't change the color.


Step 11: Now hit the Delete key on your keyboard (it's on the right of the Enter key) or go to Edit/Clear.


By now you have taken the background from the outside of the image and the background should be transparent. If there's no background inside the image, then you're done. If there is some background remaining, follow on:


Step 12: Change the View to a higher number, like 400-800% (whatever you need to clearly see the background).


Step 13: Hit M on your keyboard. This will make the Path normal again.


Step 14: Hit B on the keyboard. You should get the Paths tool again. Go to the area where background still remains. Repeat steps 6-8. Then click Ctrl/X to get rid of the background.


Step 15: For additional background, repeat steps 12-14 until you have gotten rid of ALL background


Step 16: Resize the render if you desire


Step 17: You're done :D


If you did it right, here's what you should come out with:





Hopefully this helped a lot of you. Reps appreciated :D

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