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Yu-Gi-Oh! NT (Added Chapter 5! Please rate!) [PG-16]


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This is my first Yugioh Fan fic so please be harsh.






Hima is a duelist living in the year 3044. His dueling skills are one the worst, well that is what he says. His family was a very traditional family that believed that a victory was the right of passage. He couldn't win one duel, so they thought less of him. Even when his mother begged him to take part in a fixed duel that will make him win Hima refused because he said, "It isn't dueling." His sister tried to get him better cards but he said, "The Six Samurai havn't abandoned me, so why abandon them?" The family shunned him and kicked him out. He dropped his family name and is now living in Vitense City. The futuristic city is home to many well known duelists. But Hima didn't move there because of that. He has a part-time job at the local "Mom & Pops Card Shop" but he barely makes rent to help pay for his one room apartment. He notices a duel tournement is coming up so he readies his deck and hopes to beat it to prove not only to his family but to everyone what he and his deck can do.





Chapter 1: "Wanna" Duel?



Hima wakes up with a frown on his face. He gets on his black shirt and jacket, and then he forces his baggy jeans and his white shoes on. He gets out a brush and brushes his buzz-cut hair and slides on his all black duel disk. He walks out of his small apartment and heads out of the door. He pauses to look around to see if there is anyone around, there isn’t.



He walks his sidewalk while it is being covered by the shadows of the large shiny and new buildings of Vitense City. “Well let’s see what I can do today.” He says without emotion. A group of yellow wearing teenagers walk out of an ally. “Hey kid, duel me.” Says the biggest one of the group. “Or what? Your going to blind me with your shirts? What makes me have to duel you?” Just then the biggest one from the group who is taller than Hima and is dressed in tight all yellow shirt and pants walks up to him and brushes his messy brown hair out of his face and punches him in the face.



Hima staggers to his feet, “Well that wasn’t very convincing.” The leader of the group then pulls out a gun and points it at Hima. “Fine I will duel you but can you tell me where you got the gun? I mean it really couldn’t fit in your tight jeans.” He activates his duel disk. The leader snaps his fingers and two people of the group carry a yellow duel disk to the leader and put it on his left arm.



Hima: 4000


Leader: 4000



“Well I will start it off since I am the victim here.” Hima says as he draws a card from his deck. “First off I summon The Six Samurai – Yaichi in attack position. (WATER/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1300/ DEF 800)” An archer clad in brownish orange armor erupts from the ground and readies his bow and arrow, ready to shoot. “Next I activate the Spell Card Double Summon which allows me to Normal Summon again this turn.” He looks through his hand, “I summon The Six Samurai Yariza in attack position. (EARTH/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 500)” A warrior clad in purple armor erupts from the ground and places his lance on his back. “I set three face-downs and end my turn.”



“Your cocky on your first turn kid, not good.” He draws from his deck, “I summon Elemental Hero Wildheart in attack position. (EARTH/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 1600)” A warrior erupts from the ground covered in scars and swings his huge sword around. “And with it I attack your Yariza, Wild Slash!” Wild heart jumps up and comes down on Yariza with his sword, slashing him. Yariza explodes leaving Hima to cover his face from it.


Hima: 3500


Leader: 4000



“I place two face-downs and end my turn.” He says as two card holograms emerge in front of him. “It’s my turn.” Hima says as he draws a card from his deck. “And first off I attack your Wildheart with my Yaichi, go Swift Shot.” He says as Yaichi jumps in the air and shoots one of his arrows at Wildheart. Wildheart jumps up and cuts the arrow with his sword and stabs Yaichi causing him to explode.



Hima: 3300


Leader: 4000



“What was the point of that?” The leader asks as he taunts Hima. “Now by removing from play two Six Samurai monsters in my Graveyard I can summon this guy, Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor in attack position. (LIGHT/Warrior/Level 6/ATK 2200/DEF 1200)” Hima says as a light-skinned samurai dressed in a white kimono and a green vest erupts from the ground while placing one hand on one of his two swords. “And now I activate his effect, once per turn I can destroy I face-up monster on the field, but if I do I cannot attack. Go Enishi, Defiance Termination.” Enishi runs over to Wildheart and unsheathes his sword and cuts his chest. While he is running back to Hima’s side of the field Wildheart explodes. “Ngh, damn you!” The leader says as he takes out his gun and points it at Hima. “Woah man, this is just a stupid child’s card game. No need to get mad.” Hima says with a fake smile on his face. The leader shoots Hima’s left leg, right above his knee.



“Why the hell did you do that?!” Hima asked while holding his leg. “Heh, because you destroyed my monster. Whenever you destroy one of my monsters I am going to destroy a piece of you. Got it?” The leader asks with a crooked smile. “Man f*** this I am out of here!” Hima says as he attempts to limp away but then the Leader cocks his gun. “Your not leaving, unless you want the next one in your head” The leader tells him while cocking his gun.



“I have to win without me destroying his monsters? That is like impossible if I want to win.” Hima thought to himself as he got back into position. “Oh and I end my turn.” Hima said with a frown. “My move,” The leader says as he draws a card from his deck. “Now I Summon Elemental Hero Prisma in attack position! (LIGHT/Warrior/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1100)” He exclaims as a crystallized person erupts from the ground and shimmers of different colors. “And now I activate his effect, by showing you one of my fusion monsters I can send one of the fusion-material monsters that is written on the card to the Graveyard and have Prisma name changed to the sent monster.” The Leader says as he shows Hima an Elemental Hero Absolute Zero from his extra deck. “And because one of its fusion-material monsters is a WATER monster I choose to send Elemental Hero Ocean to my Graveyard.”



The leader looks through his deck and picks up Ocean and places it in his Graveyard. “And now I play the Spell Card Remembrance, it allows me to pay 500 Life Points to go back to my Standby Phase.” He says as he sends the spell card to his Graveyard. “That has to be one the cheapest cards around.” Hima says as he awaits for the leader to finish his combo. “And now since it is my Standby Phase and Prisma is treated as Ocean I can activate Ocean’s effect which allows me to add one Elemental Hero monster from my Graveyard and back to my hand.” He says as he looks through his Graveyard.



Hima: 3300


Leader: 3500



“What?! You’re cheating, you can’t get the effect of the sent monster, you get the name and that’s it!” Hima says as the Leader continues looking through his Graveyard. “Alright, I add to my hand my Wildheart. Next I activate the Spell card Polymerization to fuse together Elemental Hero Avian and Wildheart to summon, Elemental Hero Wild Wingman! (EARTH/Warrior/ Level 8/ ATK 1900/ DEF 2300)” The leader exclaims as a fierce gust of wind erupts from all directions and bringing with it a dark-skinned man covered in green bird appendages and wings. “Then I set one face-down and end my turn.” The leader says as he calmly sets a card in his Spell/Trap card zone.



“Fine it’s my turn,” Hima says as he draws a card from his deck. “and I summon The Six Samurai – Irou in attack position. (DARK/Warrior/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1200)” Hima raises his arm and a mist covers the area and then disperse, leaving only a dark-colored armored, blindfolded samurai in its wake. “Heh, I knew that you would summon this turn, I activate my Trap Card, Torrential Tribute!” the leader says as a tidal wave erupts from the flipped-over card which drowns and destroys all monsters on the field. “Not so high and mighty now huh punk?” He asks as Hima lowers his head.



“Your right I’m not, I never was. This might be the first victory I will ever taste.” He says as he raises his head. “What do you mean victory?” asks the confused leader. “First I activate the Trap Card, Return from the Different Dimension which allows me to pay half of my Life Points to Special Summon as many removed from play monsters onto my side of the field.” Hima continues saying as a hole appearing out of nowhere in front of his face forms and causes all other noises to stop. Cars passing by made no sound, the gang members annoying voices made no sound. And out of the hole jumps out Yaichi and Yariza ready to get some much deserved revenge. The hole dissipates and the sounds return. [Yaichi, (WATER/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1300/ DEF 800). Yariza, (EARTH/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 500).



Hima: 1650


Leader: 3500



“Next I activate my second Trap Card, Retun of the Six Samurai which allows me to Special Summon one Six Samurai monster from my Graveyard, and I choose Irou. (DARK/Warrior/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1200)” The ground erupts and Irou jumps out and lands with a big thud and stretches as the ground calms down and returns to normal. “And now since you don’t seem to have any monsters on your side of the field, I attack you directly with Yariza, go Lancing Finisher!” screamed Hima as Yariza jumps up and throws his lance and the Leader. “Not now, not ever. I activate the Trap Card, Mirrior Force shich allows me to destroy all attack position monsters on your side of the field. Heh.” Says the Leader as a giant clear dome surrounds the leader. “Not yet, I activate my third Trap card, Royal Oppression which nullifies all trap cards on the field besides this one.” Hima says as giant castle slams down on the ground behind him causing the dome to break. “Damn you!” curses the Leader as Yariza’s lance hits his arm.



Hima: 1650


Leader: 2500



“Now Yaichi follow up, Swift Shot!” Hima replies as Yaichi loads an arrow into his bow and fires it with enough force to hit the Leader’s leg. “UUUGH!” screams the leader as he holds his leg.



Hima: 1650


Leader: 1200



“Irou finish this, Blind Edge.” Replies Hima as Irou jumps up and draws his sword, comes down and slices the Leader’s chest. “You planned this from the start didn’t you?” asks the leader as his Life Points slowly fall to zero. “No, can’t say I did.” Replies Hima as the Leader’s Life Points reach zero.



Hima: 1650


Leader: 0



“So can anybody take me to the hospital?” asks Hima s he holds his shot leg. Somebody grabs him from behind and throws him to the ground. The other gang members continually beat Hima, cutting him, punching and kicking him. After they were done they swiftly picked up their downed leader and ran away. Hima slowly gets up and limps out of the alley way holding his injured body, but smiling. Smiling because of the taste of his first victory.








Chapter 2: Payback is a Family Affair



Hima continues walking carrying his injured body along trying to reach the nearest hospital. He notices that the cars zipping by look nice and clean in the early morning. No people walk on the sidewalks anymore because of the cars that can practically drive themselves.



“HIMA! WHAT HAPPENED?!” screamed a high pitched voice from behind Hima. He turns around and sees a light-skinned teenage girl, her dark brown hair are in two buns and her dark blue short jacket covers her light blue undershirt. Her white frilled skirt is flowing in the wind covering her black stockings.



“W..ww…well I was walking the sidewa-“ stammers Hima as he is tackled by the girl. “Why did you duel?! You know that you are the worst around!” The girl yells while bouncing on top of Hima. “You know that you are still hurting me right?” mumbled the weakened Hima.



“Huh? Oh!” the girl looks down and notices that she was on top of Hima and quickly jumped off. “Here let me help you up.” The girl helps him to his feet but Hima can barely stand on his own. “Thanks and all but who are you?” Hima weakly asked. “Oh, my name is Myrori Shouri.” The strange girl replied as she took a whistle from out the left pocket of her jacket and blew it with intensity. “NNNGGHHH!!” Hima screamed as the ear piercing sound from the whistle echoed in his ear.



Hima passed out from his injuries and from the sound of the whistle. “Hima? Oh your asleep, ok well I hope you don’t mind that I take you to the hospital.” said the ditsy girl as she waits for her car.



“Where the hell am I?!” shouted Hima as he wakes up. He notices that his clothes are replaced with a white shirt and shorts. “Who changed my clothes?!” he yelled as he looked around the small white room. He looks down and notices that a tube is connected to his arm, which trails to a bag filled with water, suspended by a metal pole. He then heard a click coming from the windowless, white door. His eyes, transfixed on the door, braced himself for who ever came in.



“Hey, the doctor told me you should be fine.” said Shouri as she entered. “How are you feeling?” she asked as she walks over and puts her hand on his forehead. “Uh, I’m fine now. But how do you know me?” asked Hima as he blushes from her contact. “Oh ya, I go to school with your sister.” she answered while laughing. “Oh and you are probably going to ask me how I found you right? Well the leader of that gang is my brother, Fuka Shouri, and I am never too far away from him.” she said as she notices Hima’s scared face.



“So what you are telling me is that you are related to that bastard who tried to kill me?” Hima timidly asked. “Oh yeah, the doctor said that you are free to go when ever you want. You were asleep for like a whole week.” Shouri quickly changed the subject. “What hospitol are we at and how did in get here?” he asked as he slowly got out of the elevated bed.



“Wow, you really like to ask questions huh? We are at…..this one hospital but I don’t know the name. And to answer your other question when you went to sleep on the sidewalk I ordered my driver to take you to this hospital. I realized that he left me and I ran here as fast as I could. When I got here the doctor told me that you need to go into surgery so I waited until you were done to check up on you, everyday.”



“Really? Every day? You must really like me.” Hima said as he laughs at his own joke. Shouri hits him on the head and blushes. “You know I could have left you here alone.” she scowled as she turns away from him. “Well I appreciate it. But where are my clothes and my duel disk at?” Hima asked while still panning the room. “Oh yeah, I will be right back.” she said as she left through the door. Hima lies back in his bed, “I got my first victory, but, there are going to be stronger duelist in the upcoming tournament. I can’t get cocky from just one win.” He thought to himself. “Here you go.” Shouri said while entering the room carrying a white bag and a black duel disk.



“Thanks Shouri. So where are you going to go now?” Hima asked while looking through the bag for his pants. “Are you serious? I am going to look after you until you get better. Besides your sister is balling her eyes out because of what happened. She would kill me if I left you alone.” She answered as she lowered her head. “Oh well I can take care of myself, but thanks anyway.” Hima said while putting on his jacket and pants. He starts walking towards the door but falls down.



“See, you need me, here.” she said as she picks up Hima and puts him in a wheelchair. “I told you I don’t need any help.” Hima retorted as he struggles to get out of the chair. “Your sister thought you would say that so she told me to do this.” She said as she holds him down and takes out several pink colored belts and tied them around Hima and the chair. “Fine.” he said while giving up. While she pushed him through the hospital nurses and doctors were giving them wired looks. When they exited the hospital she untied the belts and gave him crutches to walk on.



“Thanks, I can walk ho-“ before Hima could finish she pushed him in her yellow car which is parked in the front of the hospital. “I am not leaving you.” She said with a huff as she ordered her driver to drive around the block. “Are you going to sleep with me to?” Hima jokingly asked. Shouri punched him in the face two times. “No, but I am going to pick you up in the mor-“ she notices that the car has stopped. “Driver why has the car stopped.” She asked.



“I’m sorry mam but it appears that some yellow clad hooligans have stopped right in front of the car.” the driver retorts as he gets out of the car. “Oh, that’s my brother. Hima stay in the car.” she told him as she got out of the car. “No.” Hima said to himself as he grabs his duel disk. “Driver, get back in the car.” Shouri said as she walks in front of him. “Yes madam.” the driver answered back. “Fuka, we are trying to go someplace. Take your little friends and have a play date someplace else.” She said with a stern face.



“No, I know that you have that kid in there.” Fuka retorted back. “So what if I do, what are you going to do?” she asked while looking at his hands. “I just want to be friends with him. Then after that I am going to kill him.” He replied while smiling. “I wont let you do that.” she replied as she raises her arms in front of the car. “Fine then if it comes to it, I will kill you to if it need be.” Fuka said with a crooked smile on his face. He took out his gun and pointed it at her. “Fine, but I am not goi-“ she pauses as she notices that Hima walks in front of her. “Hima I said…” “Shut up, I am not going to sit inside while I know that a scum like him is in your presence. What kind of man points a gun at a girl, especially his sister?” Hima asked with a frown on his face. Fuka cocks his gun, “This one!”



“I have a better idea; let’s say that me and you have a duel? The last one didn’t count anyway.” asked Hima. “Fine, if I win, I can beat you for as long as I want.” Fuka demands. “And if I win we get to go home, and forget about this ok?” Hima suggests. “Wait I am going to join in too.” Shouri said while running back to her car and getting out a white duel disk and putting it on her left arm. “Fine, you two brats can tag duel me, 2-on-1.” Fuka shouted as he sets his duel disk on his left arm and activates it. “Fine.” Hima retorts as he activates his duel disk.



Hima&Shouri: 8000


Fuka: 8000



“I will start it off since I am going to be the winner.” Fuka said as he drew a card from his deck. “I start this off by activating the Spell Card Foolish Burial!” he shouted as he looked through his deck. “I send to the Graveyard my Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. Then I normal Summon my Phantom of Chaos in attack position! (DARK/Level 4/ATK 0/DEF0)” A black mist erupts from the card which then turns to a swirling sphere of black mist. “Now I activate Phantom of Chaos’s effect, I can remove from play one effect monster from my Graveyrad in order for this card to gain its effects, ATK, and name. And I choose Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. Go Dead Duplicate!”



The sphere transforms its shape to a large fish. “Now, by sending one card from my hand to the Graveyard I can Special Summon as many Level Four monsters from my deck to my side of the field.” He looks through his deck. “I summon two Royal Swamp Eels (WATER/Level 4/Fish/Tuner/ATK 1700/DEF 1200…” Two light blue eels adorn with a fancy blue head-dress emerge from the ground. “...one Oyster Meister (WATER/Level 3/ATK 1600/DEF 200)…” He shouts as a man clad in brown oysters erupts from the ground. “…and one Golden Flying Fish! (WATER/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1000)” He continues shouting as a green fish with many fins emerges from the ground and flops about.



“I am not done yet; I tune one of me Royal Swamp Eels with my Golden Flying Fish to Synchro Summon…” He pauses as one of his eels swims up in the sky and breaks away into four green circles. The flying fish swims up into the circles and a flash of light blinds everyone. “…Dark Strike Fighter! (DARK/Level 8/ATK 2800/DEF 1800)” he finishes as a brown colored robot appears out of the light and floats down using its turbines which are on his shoulders. “I now activate Fighter’s effect and send one monster on my send of the field to the Graveyard you lose Life Points equal to the sent monster’s level. And I choose Oyster Miester. Go Dark Strike Fade!”



Dark Strike Fighter grabs Oyster Miester and crushes it, only leaving a white orb in its hands. He then throws it at Hima and Shouri. “Stand behind me Shouri.” said Hima as he steps in front of her. “AHH!” screamed Hima as he gets hit by the white orb. “Hima are you all right?” Shouri asked with a concerned look on her face. “Yeah, these are only holograms right?” Hima jokingly answers.



Hima&Shouri: 7400


Fuka: 8000



“Wrong! Now because Miester was sent the Graveyard by an effect, I can Special Summon one Oyster Token! (WATER//Level 1/Fish/ATK 0/DEF 0)” Fuka shouted as a brown oyster appeared from the ground. “Now Dark Strike, again, Dark Strike Fade!” he screamed as Dark Strike crushed the oyster and used the white orb in its hand to throw it at Hima.



“Nggghh!” mumbled Hima as he took the blow.



Hima&Shouri: 7200


Fuka: 8000



“Heh, what a turn! I end my turn!” Fuka said calmly. “Alright my turn.” Hima said as he drew a card from his deck. “First I activate the Spell Card Six Samurai United. For each Six Samurai that I summon, I put one Bushido Counter on this card. And by sending it to the Graveyard I can draw cards from my deck for as many counters were on.” A hollow brown samurai helmet floats in front of Hima. “I summon The Six Samurai – Nisashi in attack position.(WIND/Level 4/Warrior/ATK 1400/DEF 900)” A samurai clad in green armor emerged from the ground in front of him. “Now because I control a Six Samurai monster I can Special Summon The Grandmaster of the Six Samurai from my hand. (EARTH/Level 5/Warrior/ATK 2100/DEF 800)” An old samurai clad in dark purple armor emerges from the ground and places his sword on the ground in front of him. Two counters are placed on the floting helmet. “I set a face-down and end my turn.



“Finally, Dark Strike Fighter attack his Nisashi, Dark Raid!” Fuka shouted as Dark Strike flies up and falls from the sky on top of Nisashi, kicking up dust in the process. “Heh….what?!” Fuka asked while confused as to why he is still seeing Nisashi on the field. “I activated my Trap Card, Negate Attack, which stops one attacking monster from finishing its attack.” Hima answered as Fuka gets a better view. Dark Strike’s fist is being blocked by purple wind, but is then blown back to his side of the field.



“Fine, I end my turn.” He said while grunting. “Yay, it’s my turn.” Shouri said energetically while drawing a card from her deck. She looks through her hand and shakes her head with disappointment. Then she notices the floating helmet left behind from Hima. “I activate Six Samurai United and draw two cards from my deck. She draws and looks at her new hand. She smiles, “I end my turn.” “What?! You aren’t doing anything?!” Hima shouted at her. “Heh, stupid sister.” Fuka said with confidence as he drew a card friom his deck.



“Go Dark Strike Fighter attack Nisashi, Dark Raid!” He shouted as Dark Srtike charges at Nisashi. Shouri continues smiling.[END of CHAPTER]





Chapter 3: Ultimate Tag Team!



“Not this time brother! I activate the effect of Guardian Drag – Heated Dragon! If one of my monsters is the target of a monster attack I can send this card from my hand to the Graveyard to destroy the attacking monster.” Shouri announced as he sent the said card to her Graveyard.



A red dragon with four legs and four red wings phased through the ground like a ghost and Nisashi jumps on its back. The dragon flies high and gets behind the charging Strike Fighter. With a flip of his wrist Nisashi sliced Strike Fighter in two, causing him to explode.



“It may have gotten destroyed but you also lose Life Points equal to the destroyed monster’s Attack Points!” Fuka exclaimed.



Hima&Shouri: 4400


Fuka: 8000



“I set a face-down and end my turn.” He finished.



“Let’s go!” Hima shouted as he drew a card from his deck. “I summon to the field, The Six Samurai - Yaichi in attack position. (WATER/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1300/ DEF 800)” An archer clad in brownish orange armor erupts from the ground and readies his bow and arrow, ready to shoot. “ Now because I have another Six Samurai face-up on the field with a different name, I activate Yaichi’s effect and choose to destroy your face-down Spell/Trap Card. Under Arrow!” Yaichi jumped up and shot one of his arrows. His arrow mystically gets surrounded by water.



“Not if I activate it first! I flip over my Trap Card, Call of the Haunted! With this card I can select and Special Summon one monster that is in my Graveyard. I choose Dark Strike Fighter!” Fuka announces as mist phases through the ground, bringing with it a Dark Strike Fighter.



Yaichi’s arrow is still charging through the air towards Strike Fighter. Strike fighter effortlessly knocks it away.



“Damn, I set two face-downs and end my turn.” Hima finished.



“Alright!” Fuka shouted as he drew a card from his deck. “Yes, I activate the Spell Card, Polymerization to fuse together my Elemental Hero Ocean from my hand and my Royal Swamp Eel in order to create…” A blue man dressed in seaweed with a dorsal fin jumps up from the ground and the blue eel follows behind it. They both twist together, creating a warp hole in the sky. “Elemental Hero Absolute Zero! (WATER/Level 8/Warrior/ATK 2500/DEF 2000)” He finished exclaiming as a blue man clad in ice looking armor emerges from the warp hole and glides slowly to the ground. His blue cape slowly flowing in the now cold breeze.



“I activate Phantom of Chaos’s effect and remove from play Oyster Miester in order for Chaos to be treated as that monster. Go, Dead Duplicate!” Fuka commanded as Phantom of Chaos morphed into the shape of a man wearing round palindromes. “Now, I destroy it in order for you to receive damage equal to its level. Go, Dark Strike Fade!” Strike fighter grabs the swirling black mist man and crushes it, only leaving a white orb in its place.



“Now I activate its effect. When it is sent to the Graveyard except by battle I can place one Oyster Token on my side of the field! (WATER//Level 1/Fish/ATK 0/DEF 0)” a brown oyster drops from the air and lands in Strike Fighter’s hand. He crushes it and a white orb appears. He throws both orbs at Hima, hitting him and causing him to fall on one knee.



Hima&Shouri: 3000


Fuka: 8000



“Hima, are you alright?” Shouri asked as she rushed over to the knelt Hima.



“Go away!” Hima barked at her as she tried to lift him up.



“Hima……” Shouri whined as she backed away to her spot.



“Now if you too ass wipes are done with the drama. Attack Yaichi, Strike Fighter!” Fuka commanded as Strike Fighter charges at the green samurai.



“Sharpen your blade; I activate the Trap Card, Samurai Foresight! By sending one “Six Samurai” monster from my hand to my Graveyard and paying 500 Life Points I can destroy the attacking monster and you receive damage equal to the destroyed monster’s ATK!” Hima interrupted as Yaichi readied an arrow in his bow. He fired its arrow, piercing Strike Fighter’s stomach, causing him to explode violently.



“Damn.” Fuka said as the arrow scraped his leg.



Hima&Shouri: 2500


Fuka: 5200



“But I can still attack with Absolute Zero! Go, Absolute Chill!” He continued to command as his blue knight jumped up in the air. Snow started falling from the now dark sky, swirling around Yaichi.



“Almost, I activate the Quick-Play Spell Card, Scrolls of the Six Samurai…..” Hima said as he flipped over his card.



Six scrolls emerge from the card. Purple, green, and red colored scrolls wrapped around Yaichi, causing him to explode. Yellow, orange, and black scrolls wrapped around Nisashi, causing him to explode. “…..I tribute two Six Samurais in order to Special Summon my Great Shogun Shien from my deck!” A large man emerges from the explosions. A white-skinned large man emerges from the explosions; his large black armor shimmers in the son that broke threw the now clear sky. His helmet erupts in ablaze, causing everyone to develop sweat.



“You may have negated my first attack, but I can still attack your Grandmaster, go!” Fuka yelled as Absolute Zero charges at the aged samurai and materializes an ice sword which he used to cute him in half, causing him to explode.



“Grandmaster!” Hima cried as his Life Points started to fall.



Hima&Shouri: 2100


Fuka: 5200



“I set a face-down and end my turn.” Fuka finished



“Allow me!” Shouri shouted as she drew a card from her deck. “Fisrt I activate the Trap Card, Double-Edged Sword Technique to bring back my Six Samurai Irou and my Grandmaster!” [irou: (DARK/Warrior/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1200)] And aged swordsman erupts from the ground, dusting dirt off of his dark armor. Mist shrouds the street from the alley ways and disperses, leaving a long-haired blind folded samurai in its wake.



“Wait, those are my cards! What are you going to do with those?” Hima asked as he watched Shouri smile.



“I will remove them from play in order to Fusion Summon my guardian, The Six Samurai-Guardian Irou! (EARTH/Warrior/Level 9/ATK 2600/DEF 500)” Shouri answered as a heavily dark armored swordsman fell from the sky. As it landed four diamond shaped shields landed on its back.



Hima’s mouth drops as he watches a familiar swordsman stand up.



“How….did you get that mons-“ Hima pauses as he looks through his fusion deck. “That is my card! You took it straight from my deck!” he exclaimed.



“You didn’t think that I would stay at the hospital without seeing your deck did you?” Shouri smirked. “Now Guardian, attack that blue thing. Protective Melee!” The heavily armored warrior gracefully jumped up in the air. It raised its right arm, causing the four shields on its back to form around it. It then came down on Absolute Zero, causing a big explosion.



“Before that happened I activated my Trap Card, Wobaku. It allows me to receive zero damage and my monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.” Fuka said as Gaudian Irou back away and noticed that Absolute Zero is being covered by a thin film of white aura.



“Fine. I send from my hand to my Graveyard two Gaurdian Drag-Solar Dragons in order to bring back my Six Samurais Nisashi and Yaichi. Sunset!” Shouri replied as two large yellow four-legged and winged dragons phase through the ground carrying the archer and the samurai along with them. They both jump off of their backs and landed with a thud. “I set a face-down and end my turn. During the end phase of my turns I lose one thousand Life Points for each card that was Special Summon with Solar Dragon.”



Hima&Shouri: 100


Fuka: 5200


“My move!” Fuka said as he drew a card from his deck. “Absolute Zero attack Yaichi!” he ordered as Zero raises his arm, summoning two giant icicles behind him. They charge forward towards the brown archer.



“I discard from my hand my Guardian Drag-Iron Dragon. It negates the attack of your monster.” Shouri interrupted as a large grey colored shield with the head of a dragon on the top emerged from the ground and melts the icicles as it hit the shield.



“Damn it, I set two face-downs and end my turn.” Fuka retorted.



“I am going to end this!” Hima yelled as he drew a card from his deck. “Lets go Guardian, attack Zero!” The large armor charged at Absolute Zero and punches a hole threw its stomach, causing it to explode.



Hima&Shouri: 100


Fuka: 5100



“I activate my Trap Card, Torrential Rampage! When a WATER monster is destroyed by battle I can destroy all monsters that are on the field.” Fuka said as a huge tidal wave erupts from behind.



“Not really. Because Gaudian Irou is face-up on the field Six Samurai monsters cannot be destroyed by card effects except him.” Hima argued back. Nisashi and Yaichi jump behind the Guardian while he and the Great Shogun are swept up in the wave, destroying them.



“Damnit!” Fuka yelled as he new what was coming.



“Now Nisashi attack him, Double Swallow!” Hima commanded as Nisashi teleported in front of Fuka, striking him with one of his swords.



Hima&Shouri: 100


Fuka: 3700



“Nisashi can attack again if I control another Six Samurai, go!” Nisashi returns and cuts Fuka’s chest with his other sword.



Hima&Shouri: 100


Fuka: 2300



“Yaichi follow up, Peirce Shot!” Yaichi knelt down on one knee and fired one of his arrows, piercing Fuka’s leg.



Hima&Shouri: 100


Fuka: 1000



“I activate the Trap Card, Escape from the Dark Dimension! I can Special Summon one DARK monster that is removed from play and I choose, Six Samurai Irou!” Hima finished as a large hole appears from the sky. The black whole creates a loud ringing sound which sended a dark mass from out of it. As the mass lands on the ground the ringing and the hole disappear. The mass “stands” up and take the form of a human male. With a flash of light in its place stands Irou, stretching as if it just woke up.



“Irou, lets end this game! Blind Edge!” Hima orders as Irou jumps up and charges at Fuka.



“You loss. I activate the Trap Card, Aquatic Guardian. Once per turn I can remove from play one WATER monster from my Graveyard in order for the damage that I receive from an attack becomes zero. I remove Elemental Hero Absolute Zero from my Grave.” With a blink of an eye Absolute Zero phases through the ground and grabs Irou’s arm, stopping his slash from completing.



“Damnit! I was so close!” Hima cried as his Life Points counted down to zero due to Solar Dragon's effect.



As the holograms faded two of Fuka’s gang members grab Shouri from behind. Fuka walks over to Hima as he falls on his knees and pulls out his gun.







Chapter 4: Welcome?



“You pass.” Fuka mumbled.



Hima looked up. “What?”



“I said that you pass.” Fuka repeated.



Hima slowly looks around at the other yellow clad gang members. They are all smiling at each other.



“Who are you guys really?” Hima asked as he got up slowly.



“All can be explained if you choose to come with us.” Fuka announced.



“Bullshit! You can’t expect me to come with the people who injured me and attempted to kill me do you?!”



“No. That’s why I am putting you under arrest.”



“Huh?” Hima questioned as he started to stand up and look around. All of the gang members started to walk away.



“I hold you under arrest under Special Forces NT’s guidelines page 36: “If the accomplice of a crime chooses not to come with a “Guardian” to headquarters then you have full right to use necessary force to subdue and arrest him/her.” Fuka declared as he pulled out a gold badge from his jeans pocket. Words were placed around it in a circular pattern. It read: “Special Forces NT.”



“What does that badge mean?” Hima asked as he noticed that a loud humming sound coming from down the street.



As he focused his eyes on the left corner of a building several of the members emerges from around it on the street, on purple motorcycles. As they roared closer to Hima he flailed his arms wildly.



“Stop! I don’t know what you guys want, really!”



As one of the cyclist passed by Hima he grabbed him and laid him across his lap.



“Why isn’t anyone stopping this?!” he screamed as he is thrown into the backseat of the open yellow car that belonged to Shouri. As Hima scrambled to find a balance he noticed that Shouri and Fuka were sitting across from him. As they casually sat the car started to move forward.



“Who the hell are you people, really?” Hima asked as he looked out of his window. The motorcyclists are all positioned on each side of the car.



“Well I suck at explanations but so bare with me. We are the “Guardians” of Vitense City. We hunt down and arrest criminals who elude the police. Our main goal though is to take down the criminal organization called “Stars of the Infinity”. But I really can’t explain much else. I will have Lion brief you on the situation.” Fuka attempted to explain.



“Do you expect me to buy that crap?! You shot me and broke several bones in my body. Threw me in the car, drove me off in some unknown direction. I say that you guys are kidnapping me and you are the criminals here.” Hima retorted.



“Then look outside your window.”



Hima looked outside at a large dilapidated building. It had 21 stories, all look broke down and cracked with age. On top of the building lay a beaten up blue and yellow rectangle sign that read, “Awkward Projection Company”.



“Awkward Projection….I haven’t heard of that. Is this where your hideout is?”



“Of course not. You have to be patient.”



“Well thanks for the ride but you guys are really creeping me out so I’m going to leave now. I just hope I am not late for work.” as he opens his door the door slams shut and the car turns around, behind the building. “No really let me out!” his cries could not be heard over the roar of the car as it charged full speed at the back end of the building.



“Damnit!” he screamed as they got closer to near death. Hima braced himself but as he held himself the ground below them sunk down into what appeared to be a ramp.



As the car rolled down the ramp, it stopped in front of a large metal door.



“VOICE VERIFICATION NEEDED.” a robotic voice demanded.



“Private First Class, Fuka Tamuza.” Fuka announced.



“Agent Myrori Shouri.” Shouri announced after him.



“VOICE VERIFICATION ACCAPTED.” the large metal door absorbed into the ground, opening up to a room filled with darkness.



“Where is everything?” Hima asked as he exited the car and examined the darkness.



“Man, you really are weak. You can only see it if you have this card in your deck.” Shouri said as she handed Hima a card from her deck. He hesitated as he stared at the drawn card. His heart pounded like a hammer to wood. He outstretched his hand.



“I am still skeptical about this whole thing. And what doesn’t help is the fact that you can only “see” what is inside by having a card in my deck?” Hima asked as he dropped his arm beside himself.



“You really don’t get it do you? We don’t have time tom play these question games. If you want to know why that we marked you and why that we are so interested in you then get the f*** inside.” Shouri exclaimed as she grabbed Hima’s left arm and placed the card in his hand.



Hima’s face showed fear as he slowly took out his deck from his deck-box which is placed inside his jacket and placed the card inside it. His eyes lit up with shock and fascination as the dark room now appeared to light up. He could see several 100 people walking around a row of sky blue colored computers. They were all dressed in variations of a white jacket, with three Velcro straps. The rims of it are traced in a black trim. The pants were not much different from the jacket. White pants with one black stripe on each leg. Hima and Shouri walked inside.



“Mr. A, did you see that?” Fuka asked as he pointed at Hima.



“Why yes sir, I believe I did. Lion is going to have a round about time with him, I can tell. Oh, and have a good day young private.” Mr. A answered from inside his car as he drove backwards up the ramp.



“You too.” Fuka replied as he walked in after them.



While inside Hima’s eyes focused on every possible corner of the large room. It was decorated with rows of computers. People were either working at them or were walking around them. On the farthest wall of the room, a large television is placed on the wall. Almost the full size of the wall.



“You look like a kid in a toy store.” Shouri giggled as they both stopped in front of a metal wall that read, “Agents Only”.



“Agent identification please.” a robotic voice demanded.



Shouri took out her deck and search through it. She picked out a card from it and placed it in a green scanner, roughly the size of a card.



“Reading…….Identification confirmed. Welcome Agent Myrori Shouri.” the robotic voice said as a line appeared in the middle of the wall, separating both halves and revealing a long hallway.



“Why is everything in this place so high tech while the whole world is still years behind?” Hima asked as he kept looking at the silver colored walls of the hallway. Shouri kept walking and didn’t answer. He heard people whispering from behind him asking each other, “Is that the new kid? Hey it’s that marked kid.”



As they got closer to another metal wall Shouri told Hima, “Don’t address him as Lion. Don’t slack your body. Don’t stare too long.”



“Stare at what?”



“Don’t worry about it. Just do as I say.”



“You really changed your personality. I don’t think that I like the real you.” Hima joked as Shouri placed a card on the green scanner. As the wall opened up it revealed a medium sized office. On the floor lay a skinned antelope pelt. On both of the side walls lay two bookshelves overstuffed with books. In the middle of the room stand a wooden desk. And behind is is what appears to be a mammoth in a tight red shirt.



“Lion, here is the kid that you wanted.”



“Thanks Shouri. Would you mind if I talk to him alone?” boomed a large voice from inside the room.



“Yes sir.” she replied while exiting through the doorway. As it closed Hima’s face started to develop sweat drops as the “mammoth” got up and turned around. His long sleeve red shirt looks as if it is painted on, his upper body muscles are clearly outlined on his shirt. He wore white pants that were tight at the top but got looser as it got closer at the bottom. His bald light skinned head shined as the lights were transfixed onto his figure. The only hair that was on his head was his mustache, which reached his chin, but were both in a “check” style.



“So, Hima. Do you understand why that I marked you and why that you are here?” Lion boomed.



“Uh, no sir. And what do you mean by marked?”



“Check your chest.”



Hima took off his jacket and pulled up his shirt. He looked down at his chest and noticed that on the right side of his chest laid a black crosshair. It doesn’t look like that it was cut on, like a scar, but like body paint.



“What the hell? Is this even necessary?”



“Yes, you are a hard one to find Hima.”



“When did you get the time to get this on me?”



“Hm, Agent Myrori is quite good at placing this on criminals without them noticing. And you were unconscious for a week.” bellowed Lion as he turned around. “But the reason why that I want you is because I see that you have potential. If you let us, we can make you an even better duelist.”



“Wait, I am marked with a criminals mark? But I am not a criminal. And what was that story that Shouri told me about her and Fuka being siblings? Was that a lie?” questioned Hima.



“You sure love the small details don’t you? Well now, we marked you with the criminal mark because we decided to do it. Nuff said. Now about why that Agent Myrori and Private Fuka played you, because in order for us to recruit new duelist they have to pass the first test. They have to prove that they aren’t afraid to die for a duel. Which you failed miserably. But you made up for it for the second part, acting like a hero. You actually were the only one of this year who acted like that.”



“So what? They were all acting like that just so that I can prove how much of a “hero” I am? Trust me, I am no hero.”



“Correction, we all are heroes. We just need to find the right “trigger” to initiate our actions. But if you truly believe that you are a hero than your “trigger” will fade away and in its place will be an “automated fire”. You will have to find that on your own I’m afraid.”



“That was really deep. Oh yeah, Fuka was telling me about some organization called, “Stars of the Infinity”. Do you know any thi-“ Hima is cut off as Lion turns around.



“Yes, those lunatics are trying to bring down all dueling police, gangs, and secret forces. Their goal is as clear as day. They want to get rid of all duelist who are not apart of “them”.”



“So they are like every other “evil villain” then, right?”



“We are not so sure. They believe that what that they are doing is right. I established NT because I thought that I could round up all duelist to help fight them off. And to protect them from their purge.”



“So you found one of the weakest duelist around? Why did you choose me?”



“Like I said earlier, all duelist have potential to reach the top or even higher. But it takes determination and will power.”



“If you say so, sir. Well you got me interested. How do I join you guys and get one of those cool uniforms?”



“Tell me Hima, did you ever wonder why that you never saw a lot of people out last week?”



“Yeah, for a second.” Hima answered as he dropped his head. “So what you’re saying is if I join you guys, I have to leave my old life behind?”



“Yes, it is a big decision. You have until the end of tomorrow to make your decision.



“Yeah, thanks Lion. I will check by tomorrow.”



Lion glared at Hima.




Outside of the room Fuka and Shouri are leaning against one of the hallways silver walls.



“Shouri, did you tell him the rules before leaving.” asked Fuka.



“Yeah, but seeing how he is stubborn he probably forgot about one of them.” Shouri replied.



“Hm, the kid reminds me of when Neruda was a rookie.” laughed Fuka as he held his head up high.



“Mmmm. He is so cute.” Shouri blushed.



“But he has like every girl in NT gogging over him. What makes you so sure that he will date you?




“I never said that! I just think that he is cute!” she glared at Fuka.



As the two awkwardly stopped talking, a light skinned female passed by them.



“So is it true? Did that kid really try to protect you? He sounds like a total dork.” she answered herself as the three heard rumbling from inside Lion’s office. In a blink of an eye Hima is seen crashing through Lion’s “wall”. As he hit the wall in the hallway he left a large crater in it.



“Agent Myrori, I thought that it was your job to tell all rookies about the three easy rules?” Lion boomed as he stepped through the hole in his “door”.



“Well sir I did, but I guess he didn’t listen.”



Hima tried to stay conscious but slowly lowered his eyes. He blacked out.




His eyes sprang open. As they shifted left to right inside a familiar room. He noticed that he was in his apartment on his bed. He felt his body and noticed that he was bandaged on his torso.



“Damn, That is the second time that they almost killed me. What really makes them think that I want to go with them now?” Hima asked himself.



As he got out of bed he wobbled to his door. Went down his stairs and out of the front door. He looked up at the pitch black star lit sky. He put his hands in his pocket and walked down his sidewalk.



“Those stars are looking good tonight. I wonder why that NT wants to get rid of them.” he questioned as he stopped in front of a small building that read, “Mom and Pop’s Card Shop”. The all white walls of the building and its small flat red roof looked welcoming.



As he stepped inside the dark room he panned his hand on the wall.



“I’m sorry that I’m late but I was kidnapped for like a week.” Hima giggled as he flicked the switch and turned on the lights.



In his horror all of the showcases were smashed into and left barren. The posters were ripped off and the white walls were covered in red paint. As he made his way to the back of the store his pulled out a key from his jacket pocket. He flung the door open, causing it to echo loudly as it smashed into the wall. His eyes were transfixed in the middle of the room, for there lay one male and one female bodies. The male wore blue overalls and a red long sleeve shirt. The woman wore a yellow and blue polka dot dress. Both of their hair were gray or white in color.



Hima slowly walked over to them. He bent down and turned over the man, and as he stared at the face he could tell that he was unresponsive. He slowly dropped him back on the floor and made his way over to the woman. He picked her up and she coughed.



“Hima, they took it. They ransacked the place, killed Pop and took it.” The old woman told him.



“Took….what?” Hima asked as he trembled.



“The rare card that we kept in the back. That one place that we told you never go into.” she pointed to a large whole on the wall in the back of the room.



“No, forget about the card! I’m going to take you and Pop’s to the hospital!” he screamed.



“Heh, you’re still so young. It is to late for us, just make sure that you get that card back before “they” get it.”



“Who the hell is “they”?!” he shouted.



“Stars of the Infinity”.” she answered as she reached into the old mans pocket. She pulled out something wrapped in a black cloth and placed it in Hima’s hand.



Hima unwrapped it while shaking violently. In his hand was a black Special Forces NT badge. His breath slowed to a stop.



“You are part of NT?” he asked.



“Were my dear, were. Tell Lion that the card has been stolen.”



“No! You can tell him yourself! When you get better we can all go and talk to him together!” he yelled.



“Hima I am going to need you to grow up. Pop’s and I are dead. There is nothing in this world that can change that. Just please do as I say.”



“Yes…mam. You knew from the start that they were coming for me didn’t you?” Hima cried.



“Yes. You are so young. You have your whole life ahead of you. Make it a good one, and remember, you have to lose in order to win.” she told him with her last breath.



As Hima lay there with her dead body in his hands he silently placed her on the ground and got up. He swiped his tears from his face and took out the badge and the black clothe. He noticed that the cloth was actually a fingerless glove and put it on his right hand. He placed the badge on the back of the glove and it stayed.



He slowly walked out of the store and was immediately bumped by a man in a sleeveless red and white striped shirt. His blue jeans ruffled in the wind as he ran past him.



“Help! He stole my son’s deck!” a woman shouted.



“Hey you. Stop.” Hima cammanded as the man stopped in his tracks and turn around.



“Says who?” he jargoned.



“Says me. Hima of the Special Forces NT. I place you under arrest fro thievery and potential murder.”



“What are you talking about? I just got down here and stole that kid’s deck. But seeing how that you like to play cops and robbers lets duel. The winner gets the losers deck.”



“No. I just want to get that kid’s deck back.”



“Hm, what ever floats you boat.”



“DUEL!” They both shouted.



Hima: 4000


Robber: 4000



“I’m going first.” Hima declared as he drew a card from his deck. “I summon Six Samurai-Yariza in attack position. (EARTH/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 500)” A warrior clad in purple armor erupts from the ground and places his lance on his back. “I place a face-down and end my turn.”



“Your deck doesn’t have much luster does it?” the robber asked as he drew a card from his deck.



“My deck has more luster that anything in this world.” Hima replied coldly.



“What ever. I summon Goblin Attack Force in attack mode! (EARTH/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 2300/DEF 0)” Several hideous grean goblins emerge from the ground, all wearing purple and brown armor.



“Your monsters are as ugly as you are.” Hima snorted.



“Shut up! Goblins, attack his samurai. United Clobbering” he demanded as all of the goblins charged at Yariza.



“Stand your ground. I activate the Trap Card, Magical Cylinders.”



One giant purple cylinder appeared in front of Yariza and all of the goblins fell right inside it. The cylinder fell into the ground and another one took its place and fired all of the goblins at the robber.



“Damnit!” screamed the robber as the goblins smothered him.



Hima: 4000


Robber: 1700



“Doesn’t feel good to have something stolen from you, now does it? Oh and since that was still an attack your goblins are put into defense position.” Hima said as the goblins slowly went to sleep.



“Heh, I don’t really care, I set two face downs and end my turn.”



“I’m going to end it this turn.” Hima declared as he drew a card from his deck. “I summon The Six Samurai-Nisashi in attack position. (WIND/Warrior/Level 4/ATK 1400/DEF 900)” A samurai clad in green armor emerged from the ground in front of him. “Now since that I control another samurai, Yariza gets a free hit at your Life Points. Go, Breakthrough Finisher!” Yariza jumped into the air and took out his lance. He threw it at the robber and scraped his left leg.



“Heh, didn’t hurt.”



Hima: 4000


Robber: 700



“Attack his goblins Nisashi, Double Swallow!” Hima declared as Nisashi swiftly charged at the sleeping goblins.



“Not really. I activate the Trap Card, All-Out Attack Order! With this on the field all monsters that are face-up on the field have to be in attack position.”



“s***!” Hima yelled as the goblins jumped on top of Nisashi and crushed him.



Hima: 3100


Robber: 700



“That threw off my strategy. Next turn I have to finish this or I wont have anything that I can do.”







Chapter 5: Whats the Point?



“What’s wrong kid? Are you upset that your monster got destroyed? Well who cares. In this world that we live in we have to fight to survive! Be it with cards or with fists!” the thief yelled at a frowning Hima.



“What ever! Do you honestly think that I will listen to scum like you? People who steal from and talk down to others don’t deserve to tell me s***!” Hima screamed furiously.



“I set three face-downs and end my turn.” Hima declared.



“You just don’t get it yet. I am trying to help you find the way, but what ever.” the thief said while drawing a card.



“And I will show the way with this, Chainsaw Insect! (EARTH/Insect/Level 4/ATK 2400/DEF 0)” he exclaimed as a sharp buzzing sound emerge from the ground. It shook while the sound got closer, deafening Hima. With a large eruption a blue three-legged beetle shot through the ground. Its chainsaw like mandibles slowed to a stop.



“Attack his spear thrower goblins!” the goblins got up and charged at Yariza with incredible speed. As they surrounded him Yariza tried to swipe them away with his lance, but in vain. Two of the goblins came from behind him and grabbed his legs. The others took this opportunity to continually hit him in his head, causing him to explode in yellow dust.



Hima: 1800


Thief: 700



“Are you not sad that I just completely destroyed your field kid?” the thief asked as Hima’s Life Points fell.



“No, samurais never show emotion through a loss. Because we know that he will be back someday.” Hima answered.



“That would be good for poetry class but not here. Go Chainsaw Insect, Buzz Saw!” the thief declared as the giant beetle stomped its way towards Hima. It raised its head and its chainsaw-like mandibles slowly started to move and headed its way slowly towards Hima’s head.



“Trap activate, Return of the Six Samurai! I can bring back one of my samurais that are in my Graveyard, and I choose the one that you called the “Spear-Thrower”. Rise again, Yariza! (EARTH/Warrior/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 500) ” Hima commanded as a warrior clad in purple armor erupts from the ground and places his lance on his back.



Yariza launched himself in front of Hima, getting caught in the insect’s saws.



“I’m sorry.” whispered Hima as his monster got destroyed.



“You really do know how to annoy me. I set two face-downs and that is my turn.” the thief finished.



“I am going to get my answers!” Hima shouted as he drew a card from his deck. “Alright, I activate the Spell Card, Six Samurai United!” A hollow brown samurai helmet floats in front of Hima. “And activate the Trap Card, Double-Edged Sword Technique. It allows me to Special Summon two samurais that are in my Graveyard. But during my End Phase they both get destroyed and I lose Life Points equal to their combine attack points.”



Two beams of light emerge from the ground and fade away, leaving Yaichi and Yariza in its wake. Two wisp of light appeared in the floating helmet.



“Now since I summoned two samurais I can release my Samurai United in order to draw two cards from my deck.” The helmet exploded into sparkles of light.



“Please deck, show me your resolution!” Hima thought to himself as he drew two cards from his deck. “This is your answer!” Hima stated with a frown on his face.



“Aw, what’s wrong? Didn’t get the cards you needed? Well now, maybe you want to be shown the light right?” The thief jargoned.



“Why do you keep going on and on about this “light”?” Hima asked.



“Only with the light of the stars can shine your way to victory.”



“…..Stars…wait, your part of that group aren’t you?!”



“Took you awhile to realize it. Stars of the Infinity will become a world wide phenomenon. The first thing that I want to do first is rid the world of those low ranking duelist who even try to look at a duel disk.” He said while drooling at the mouth.



“You know what? I was actually an extremely low ranking duelist before now. I didn’t care about anything but getting to the next day. But ever since a week ago there are now goals that I want to complete. And that means first, getting rid of you guys, and my second is helping out an old friend.” Hima said furiously.



“Heh, you aren’t even part of NT yet and yet you talk so big.” He giggled.



“You don’t need to join some “special” organization to beat anyone in a duel. All that it takes is spirit! And I will prove it with this! I Special Summon to the field, Great Shogun Shien! (FIRE/Level 7/ATK 2500/DEF 2400)” A large man clad in black armor emerged from the ground in a streaming tower of fire. His red cape flowed in the now blowing wind.



“You see, if I have two samurais on my field then I can Special Summon him from my hand.”



“It won’t matter if you destroy one of my monsters, you will still get damage from your double edge technique!” the thief yelled.



“Man you are fast to conclusions. Just let me show you what I’m goin top do first. Shogun attack his chainsaw bug, Nova Cutter!” Shien got into a samurai stance and tensed his body. His sword started to turn orange, then into a dark red flame. Rain started to pour over the darkened streets, but unphased Shien. He charges at Chainsaw insect at full speed, causing steam to erupt from his sword. He thrusted his sword deep into the insect’s head, which caused it to explode into a stream of light.



“And since Chainsaw Insect was attacked I get to draw a card from my deck.” He drew a card from his deck.



Hima: 1800


Thief: 600



“Now Yariza, end this match. Attack his Life Points directly!” Yariza jumped up and launched his lance at the Thief’s arm.



“Damn that hurt!” the Thief shouted as he held his arm.



Hima: 1800


Thief: 1600



“What happened to your Life Points?! They rose instead of lowering!” Hima yelled in shock.



“Heh, I activated the Trap Card Rainbow Life. If I discard a card from my hand then any battle damage that I would have taken this turn turns into Life Point energy for me.” He smirked.



“Damnit. But now I activate my Trap Card, Backup! I can add a samurai to my hand and Special Summon another from my hand. And I am returning Yariza to my hand…” Yariza vaporized into a stream of light.



“And I choose to Special Summon The Six Samurai - Kamon in attack position. (FIRE/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 1000” The ring of a small explosion erupted all around the two as a man dressed in armor made of orange dynamite appeared from the ground.



“Now because I ended my Battle Phase if there is another samurai on my side of the field I can destroy one face-up Spell or Trap Card. And I choose your All-Out Attack Orders. Kamon, Obvious Minefield!” Kamon took a hand full of dynamite from his armor. Their fuses lit up with a flash and he tossed all of them towards the other side of the field. As they all exploded the trap card that was activated on the field was shattered into pieces.



“Damnit!” the Thief said as he covered his face wit his arms.



“Now I end my turn.”



“But thanks to your Trap Card you lose Nisashi and you receive 1400 of direct damage!”



“Heh, but since I control Kamon I can choose to destroy him in his place. And because of it I won’t receive any battle damage. I’m sorry, Brotherly Martyr.” Kamon vaporized into a stream of light.



“It doesn’t matter, because next turn I am going to really show you the lig-“



“Yeah I know all about your stupid “light”. Just draw.”



“Stupid NT wannabe!” the thief drew a card from his deck.



“Well it looks like that this is where my light fades away. I don’t have anything left to do. But please tell me why that you run away from the light?”



“I run because I know that I will be in my own future, my own tomorrow. I know that if I trust in my speed I can withstand anything.”



“Heh, you have guts kid. Goblins, attack his Shien!” the thief ordered as the goblins charged at Shien. He jumped up and landed hard on the ground, causing violent flames to erupt around himself, burning the goblins.



Hima: 1800


Thief: 1500



“Heh, I can tell that your spirit is really strong. Why are you fighting for the wrong organization?” Hima asked with a smile.



“To tell you the truth, I just wanted to see what was so co-“



The gunshot rang loud as it pierced Hima’s ears. He saw the once smiling thief fell loudly to the ground. The holograms faded away and Hima turned his head around slowly. He looked in the direction of the gunfire and saw a blonde haired women in a long blue frilly dress point a black gun in his direction.



“Did you kkkkill hiiim?” Hima asked nervously.



“Stop whimpering kid. I could tell that he was enjoying the duel in the wrong way so I fixed him. This happens everyday, man up and die peacefully.” She said in a gruff voice.



“Nnnno. I place you uuunder arrest.”



“Kid just shut up. You have no authority to talk right now.” She replied as she cocked her gun.



She fired her gun. Hima clenched his stomach and fell to the ground. With a few seconds of consciousness he saw a scowl appear on her face. He blacked out.



Hima opened his eyes. He violently looked around the white room that he was in. There was a counter with medical equipment near him. He reached around his bed to find that he was clothed with a white robe.



“Good, he has awaken.” said a voice.



Hima watched as three men dressed in white jackets and medical masks entered into his room.



“Where am I?” Hima asked.



“That doesn’t matter right now.” One of the doctors replied.



“Tell me now!” Hima demanded.



“Calm down, your safe.” said another doctor as he reached out to hold Hima back. While Hima was struggling to keep himself up he looked at the back hand of one of the doctors. A sideways “8” and two stars inside the holes appeared on his hand.



“Wait! Wait!” Hima shouted.



“Are you guy’s part of Stars of the Infinity?”



The doctors couldn’t do anything but giggle and look at each other.






Chapter 6: I've Made Up My Mind!



“I said tell me now!” Hima whined as the doctors got ever so closer to his face. Hima with clenched eyes, sprang up. Charged at one of them, swinging wildly.


“Woah! Kid, calm down!” One of the doctors ordered. Hima, as if blinded by rage continued onward, swinging at them, to keep them at bay. Then, one unlucky moment, his fist connected with one of them. Square in the jaw, causing him to reel back. The room got eerily quiet as the doctor got a hold of his bearings, rubbing his mouth. Hima, standing in the middle of all of this, was frozen on the spot as the doctor put his hand behind himself.


“Kid, I f***ing told you to calm down! Didn’t I?!” the now crazed doctor shouted as he put a barrel of a pistol in Hima’s face. Hima acted like a deer in a headlights, didn’t know what to do.


“Zenpri! What are you doing?! Stop, right now! He is just confused!” One of the fellow doctors bellowed as they grabbed for the gun. “Look kid, this was all supposed to be a joke. See?” that same doctor explained as he and the others peeled off their “tattoos”. Hima looked around at these strange men, with half smiles on their faces.


“Who f***ing jokes like this?!” Hima asked as tears started falling down his cheeks. “I don’t find any of this funny!”


The doctors went around Hima. The tallest one put his arm around him. “Look, we’re sorry. But do you know how unhealthy it is to always stay serious and hate-filled?” He asked Hima. He nodded. “See, we are all friends here.” He said as he got up and gave Hima space.


“So, you are all NT?” They all nodded with agreement. “Wait, I remember something. Last night, that duel, that lady. She killed that guy! There was like blood everywhe-” Hima cut himself off as he vomited all over the floor.


“Nurse! We need a mop and a bucket!” the doctor in slim glasses ordered. He bent down and held Hima up to his feet.


“And, and I was shot! In my stoma-“ Hima stopped again as he looked down at his stomach. He felt it, pushed it in. “It, it doesn’t hurt. What did you do?” Hima asked.


“We didn’t do anything. When you were transported here you have not received any injuries but head trauma. If you want to thank anyone, thank Neruda. Although, I was the only doctor to examine you when you got here. So anyone who deserves the most praise should be-” He paused himself as he slicked back his short blond hair. Took off his slim blue tinted glasses and placed them inside his blue dress shirt pocket. “I! Dr. Zenpri!” He declared as he winked towards Hima with one thumb in the air.


Hima, feeling awkward looked around the room to see if he had overlooked anything. He didn’t, all he could see were two embarrassed doctors and one flamboyant one in the middle. While a nurse is kneeling down cleaning up the atrocious horrible smelling vomit off of the floor.


“Oh and here are your clothes.” Dr. Zenpri said as he tossed Hima a white bag. Hima looked inside and checked through everything. “We will give you some privacy.” He announce as they all walked out of the room. Hima cautiously put his pants back on. “Oh, and Hima, smile once in awhile. Kay?” Zenpri suggested as he left the room. Hima half smiled, but then his face drew to confusion.


“I know I wasn’t imagining getting shot. I could feel hot steel penetrate my stomach. And about “Them”, those doctors who joke about being from the “Stars”. Are we just fighting a war just cause? Just cause it’s there? This is the third time that an NT placed the end of a pistol at me. Do I really want to fight for this cause?” Hima rambled and asked himself as he got up and looked at his reflection in a large mirror. He examined the black crosshair markings over his chest, his “Criminal Mark”. He then placed his hand over his heart. “This damned “Criminal Mark” really has me second guessing this whole thing. Grandma, Grandpa, what would you do?”


Just then Hima heard a clang of metal hit the white floor. He turned around to see a round piece of black metal has fallen out of his bag. He went over to it and picked it up, examining it. “Heh, oh yeah. You two were NT Agents after all. I know what I have to do now.” Hima decided as he put on his shirt and jacket and headed out of the door. He stopped in front of a high counter top and bowed.


“Excuse me? Whoever is there, could you please tell me where I can find Lion?” Hima asked.


“Down that hallway and the second door to the left.” A feminine voice answered over the counter.


“Oh, and please, give my best regards to Dr. Zenpri for me. Thank you.” He then ran off down a long hallway, passing up many NT agents on the way. He clenched his eyes shut as he gained speed.


“Damnit! I didn’t think this one through! I guess I will have to impro-“ Hima’s thought process went out of the window when his body ran straight into a huge wall. His body, now lying on the floor, was now being suspended off of the ground with strong arms. He opened his eyes to an obscene figure. A large grown white man with unkempt light-brown hair. Unkempt facial hair covered his large angry face. Standing at around 6 foot, he was seen as a giant towards Hima.


“You ran into me boy!” The giant shouted at Hima. He held Hima around the collar with both hands. Hima looked straight into his rage filled eyes, clenched his fists.


“I’m sorry. Now put me down.” Hima ordered.


“There is no way in Hell that a punk like you will ever order me around. I am an agent in this Agency. I will always carry rank over. You aren’t even a Rookie! You don’t even deserve this badge!” The man bellowed as he held up Hima’s black NT badge. “Why are you even here? You are a horrible duelist! You recklessly challenge a Star Agent and barely got away! You shame my Agency! So where do you think you stand right now?” He continued as he held Hima even closer to his face.


Hima just kept his eyes on him.


“Answer me!” He yelled as he launched his first at Hima.


“That is enough Rookie Agent Ivan. Now place him down and be on your way.” Echoed a strong voice from behind Hima. He looked around and saw in amazement a large shadow, blocking the fist from the man.


“Oh! I’m sorry Lion! I was just putting this boy in his place.” Ivan replied with hesitation.


“You are a rookie yourself Ivan! If anything, YOU should know YOUR place! And it is not your job to scare and abuse recruits. Hand me this boy’s badge.” Lion ordered as he outstretched his hand. Ivan hesitated but then placed the black metal in Lion’s hand. “Good, now you are free to go. Hima, come with me. We have a lot to talk about.” Lion told him as he watched Ivan walk the other with his head down.


“W-Wait! That’s my line!” Hima stammered as they walked into Lion’s office.


“That’s fine. But please have a seat.” Lion suggested as he sat in his grand chair behind his desk. Hima found a child sized plastic chair in the corner. He grabbed it and brought it in front of the desk. “Your last stunt last night was extremely dangerous. Do you know how bad that situation was?” Lion asked.


“Did you not see my Grandparents dead on the ground?! Our shop, torn apart. That guy had to know something. And I was not stopping until I found out what! But, before I could get anything he-” Hima stopped himself as a single tear fell from his eye. He wiped it from his face “Regardless! My Grandparents were NT Agents! Were they not?! They entrusted me with that badge! I will avenge them! I could feel it! I was so close-”


“You were so close to your early grave Hima! You recklessly went out there and fought the first person you saw. Then you boastfully declared that you were dueling as an Agent of NT. Do you know how stupid that makes us look? What if you lost? They could have easily gotten your badge and used it to help better their information! You weren’t thinking of that were you? You were just another raged-filled street duelist. That is not what we are about, at all.” Lion’s voice elevated as he started to get his point across.


Hima slumped back into his chair, clenched his eyes, and clenched his fists. He sprang up “Just give back my Grandparent’s badge! They entrusted it to me! I won’t disgrace this Agency anymore. Just allow me to keep it. Please.” Hima begged as he slammed his fists on Lion’s desk with tears filled eyes.


Lion reeled back in his chair and placed his hands in front of his face. “You know what you have to do, to even look at this badge again.” He answered.


Hima’s eyes grew large as he thought this over. “I mean, you don’t have to do this. Not a lot of people have the dedi-”


“So, what do I have to do to join you guys? Fight in this war. Become an Agent of Special Forces NT?” Hima asked as he stumbled over his words.


Lion’s face showed a great amount of shock. “R-Really Hima? Are you asking to join up right now?”


“I guess I am.” Hima replied with a half smile. Surprised that Lion would be this elated with his decision.


“That’s the spirit! I wouldn’t expect anything less than from the son o-” Lion paused. “You’re road to even be accepted as a rookie in this place will be an extremely hard one. Starting tomorrow, you will experience your first trial. Meet me here tomorrow morning for a briefing on it. Welcome to the “Three Trials of Hell”. Lion explained as he outstretched his hand.


Hima, now confidently smiling, returned the gesture. “You better tell this “Trial” how sharp my blade is. Cause I’m going to be cutting that down and the other two. Nothing is stopping me!” They both laughed as they shared a handshake.


“Let’s see if he can do better than how he did on his first time. Heh, you have a fine successor right here, Kiyota.” Lion thought to himself as he saw the fiery determination in Hima’s hope-filled eyes.



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Yo! This story makes no sense, but in a cool way! The first chapter is delightfully twisted. Ha,a gang of guys who play children's card games just to kill people. What morons. I like the 6Sam deck thing, and I can send you an awesome deck build for the main character. Also this story is so good that the writing doesn't matter. Just like Jovi's fic, even though the grammar and stuff is pretty bad, you can't stop reading it! I want to follow this as well, and I don't say that a lot.


But the Torrential Tribute was useless for the bad guy.

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Wow thank you guys. I just wrote this for fun while i though about how the next chapter of Demon King was going to play out. Oh and to Weather Report, no thank you but thanks for the offer, i already know how his deck is going to play out (PLOT TWIST?). I am going to continue this and i am writing the second chapter now.

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Though your stories have a lack of commas and the paragraphing is iffy (start a new one whenever new people talk), it's still a great fic, reminiscent of a parody (unless it's an all-out parody). The sheer stupidity and violence of the gang is really funny to me, and it makes me wonder why they never did that in canon Yu-Gi-Oh.


Overall, your stories have a special touch that make you want to keep on reading, despite their mistakes. In Demon King's case it's the anime-esque adventure style, and in this it's just wanting to find out what's next. I like them both for those qualities. And the fact that you're so willing to improve gets you...a reputation point, which is deserved, methinks.

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Your grammar and punctuation are still lacking and you also need to make a new space for every new talker.

(ex. "Hi!"

"YO!" yelled Jim. "How's it goin'?"

"It's going orange," Jim's friend replied.)


And also: The 'angry nice girl who beats up everybody' archetype is pretty annoying and overused. I basically shot myself in the head when I saw her. And how is she that boy's sister?! wouldn't she turn him into the police? She let's him shoot people without caring most of the time? You CAN'T tell me that she's too weak to do anything about it.

Here's something that could happen...

It's Fuka's birthday. All of his oddly-clothed gang members are crowding around him and holding up his ginormous birthday cake. "Time to blow out the candles," he joked. Taking a deep breath, he got prepared for cake time...


"HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!!" Suddenly, Shouri bursts out of the cake holding several large guns and spins into the air, shooting everybody to death. "BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER." she growls, content with the slaughter.


And THAT'S what should've happened. Oh, and you can't use Phantom of Chaos's ability on Superancient Deepsea King since the Phantom's ability ONLY works on Dark monsters, whereas the huge fish is WATER. Instead, you could edit your chapter by just having im use Monster Reborn.

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