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Lol does anybody realise that you did have to be on this site for liek 4 months? besides it's pretty much impossible' date=' i pm'd darth so im hoping for a reply.



There was a member named Serenade from before you joined. There used to be a YCM-wiki (hosted on the old server) before the server moved.


Forgot all about that until now.


Name changes are silly. Pick and name and stick with it kids.

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I myself would like to know why the alias emporium closed.


Heres why. People these days are really impatient. Therefore, they became asses and kept bugging Darth for their name change. They probably figured since hes a super mod on a kid's card forum he doesnt have a life. HE DOES. Little kids these days are getting so spoiled and are becoming really big jerks. You should be friggin greatful that he even opened up the Alias Emporium.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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