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Six Samurai Switched Atrribute

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I don't know if this topic is already there. if it does, then ignore it.


I feel like Yariza and Yaichi have their Attribute switched.

Look, Yariza have a blue color. Then it should be Water. And Yaichi is yellow, it should be Earth.


Or maybe, if Yariza and Yaichi is switched, then Zanji is switched also. Zanji could be Earth, and Yaichi could be Light. But that maybe wrong. Coz' Zanji have its spear with a something like Light energy.


But im sure Yariza and Yaichi is switched.

so, how about you guys?

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Yeah' date=' I got what you meant by type, but you might wanna fix it anyway.

I think Zanji and Irou are wrong for thier effects.


Irou gets rid of cards in the darkness, i.e. Face Down, while Zanji destroys those in the light, i'e' Face Up.



Hmm, I suppose that Irou's effect is destroying face down monsters immediately, right?

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This topic is pointless.

.......Oh wait


Everything and anything, including this, can be discussed. There is no need for this stupidity ^^^^. Your reply is just as pointless as trying to figure out how much IQ you really have if any of you are apart of this quote chain.


Continue on. Oh, and by the way Pikaperson01, thank you for looking like a hypocrite by reporting this as a topic of useless spam when you contributed to it.


To the topic, the only ones I think should be switched, although it'd be completely useless since they are the two most useless, is Yariza and Nisashi.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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