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Kingdom Duelist (Yugioh RPG -RPG started - Still accepting)


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[spoiler=Storyline]To all the stroys that have been told in the world from knights that fight Dragons to Space pirates seeking legendary tresure, this was a lost story about what was not known to the world today but a stroy of how the world almost fell to ruin.


[spoiler=basic plot]The RPG is placed around the time of 5D, but is not of the Yugioh universe, but anything through the story may happen.


Character Attribute - If a person sets their basic character detail as an Attribute it represents what your characters base type is for Example if a Character Attribute is Fire that means that they have a use of Fire energy. Which later on special Attribute abilitys for Duels will be set up when introduced.


Attribute Abilitys

Kingdom - When a monster on your side of the feild is destroyed as a result of battle you can special summon 1 lv 4 or less monster from your deck to your side of the feild, this effect can only be used once per turn.

Chaos - During the End-Phase Return all cards removed from play this turn return to the owners hand.

Fire - Once per turn, you can discard 1 card in your hand to the graveyard to inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponents life points.

Water - On your opponents Draw-Phase you can discrad a card in your hand so your opponent cannot activate spell cards until the End-phase.

Wind - Once per turn, you can discard 1 card in your hand to the graveyard to destroy upto 2 spell or trap cards on the feild.

Earth - During the battle phase you can tribute a monster on your side of the feild to reduce all battle damage to 0 until the End-Phase.


Starting Location - Ragnarok City which is one of the 9 biggist locations in the world which at Ragnarok castle theirs a legindary jewel called the Kingdom Star.



[spoiler=Rules]1. In Duels when you activate cards and do attacks allow a space for if your opponent wants to counter your action.

2. LP are 4000 - 8000 for duels.

3. No massively overpowered or invincible made-up cards.

4. No godmoding.

5. No Instant Win Decks.

6. No FTK (Unless it is related to the plot in a special way)

7. Duels can be 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 1 (in condition of 3 vs 1 the person who will be facing the 3 opponents will have their lifepoints triple of the opponents.)

8. Use imagination to make the RPG interesting.


9. Special Characters A.K.A Marks

This will be explained at a certain point in the RPG.

For the Monster Resembling the Mark it must be a lv 10 monster.


Twilight = Josep Zavara - Mystic Guardian - Twilight Destiny Knight

Kingdom = Thomas Zero - Elemental Hero Kingdom Neos

Chaos = Shadow Stark - Destiny Hero Chaos Plasma

Light = Kazuya Z. - Theinen the Great Sphinx

Dark = Eve - Keeper of Death

Wind = Valon Tora - Gale Cosmic Dragon

Fire =

Water =

Earth = Rayos - Earthquake Warrior


[spoiler=Character Skeleton]






Character Attribute: (This doesn't mean just an attribute, Evil, Good and ect.)



[spoiler=My Character Application]

Name: Thomas Zero

Age: 18

Appearance: KD2KN.png

Deck: Hero Force

Bio: A Boy who had always thought of what it would be like to travel the world as a Duelist, he always cheerfull most of the time.

Character Attribute: Mark: Kingdom


Name: Shadow Stark

Age: 20


Deck: Destiny of Chaos

Bio: A man with a dark past and has always had a dark attitude.

Character Attribute: Mark: Chaos


[spoiler=Accepted Characters]


Name: Kazuya z.

Age: 17

Appearance: KAZUYA_MISHIMA_by_Dojang.jpg

Deck: Sphinx deck

Bio: nothing really is known about this person the few times he has appearedto people hissappears the day after, this often drives certain people mad, fortunately as of late he has decided to stay shown for a while.

Character Attribute:Mark: Light



[spoiler=Lord JZ of the Enigma]

I wonder if I could join, it sounds fun.

Name:Josep Zavara



Deck:Mystic Guardian's, he uses a Dragon Deck when not in an important duel.

Bio:He's just a pessimistic boy from A poor town, trying to prove his worth in any big tournament. He;s awful at small talk, but that usually ends him in awkward but entertaining conversations.

Character Attribute:Mark:Twilight



[spoiler=Victa zeh Victa]

Name: Otto Joltingson

Age: 17

Appearance: Pink hair, purple eyes and wears a black cape with a red hourglass-shape marking on it.

Deck: Black Widow

Bio: Unknown

Character Attribute: Dark




Name - Albus

Age - 14

Appearance - 2618760.png

Deck - Plant Swarm Deck

Bio - Albus's father created cards for his job which lead to a somewhat rich family until he died in a card accident. All he left was one card fro Albus to keep and treasure and that's what he does.

Character Attribute - Fire






appearance:black long hair,t-shrit with a skull in the middle,a black fluffy skirt with ripped up legings,and a black sword on her hip

deck type:heart of darkness


character attribute:Mark:dark



[spoiler=Blackstone Dresden]

Name: Rayos

Age: 16

Appearance: Black hair and loose fitting dark clothing with eyes that start out orange and change to perfectly match the attribute symbols on his monster.

Deck: Elemental Warrior/Equip

Bio: Rayos has no memory of his past up to about three days ago, he was found on a rooftop with nothing but his clothes, his deck, and a duel gauntlet (basically a metal glove that holds a double bladed duel disk)

Character Attribute: Mark: Earth

Other: He can see duel spirits and has a spirit partner (Elemental Warrior).


Name: Bryce

Age: Appears to be in his early 20'sAppearance: Bryce looks like all the color has been drained from him, his hair is dark grey, his skin has the color of death, and his clothes are tattered and faded. He has scars covering every part of his body except his face, which only has scars over his right eye and throat.

Deck: Ancient Evils

Bio: Unknown

Character Attribute: Death Mark: ???






Appearance:6'1 black hair wears bandeges on eyes becouse he is blind(cards are in brail)

Deck:Pandemonium and fiend invation

Bio: do later

Character Attribute: Dark






Apperence:Back hair, Back t-shirt, Blue jeans,red sneakers.

Deck: Black Destiny Deck

Bio: An orphan, he spnds his time making duel monster cards and running away from his orfanage.

Chareter attribute: dark




Name: Regilus Merkin

Age: 20

Appearance: Slim, but not weedy at 5'11'', with an odd trinket round his neck. A faded sportcoat, white shirt, and black pants and shoes are the clothes he usually wear.

Deck: Five Prongs of Justice

Bio: He was the supposed "Chosen One" of the Order of the Pentagram, which had its base in Ragnarok. Sadly, the entire order was arrested before Regilus realized it (he was a baby at the time.) The only thing that was originally his was the Deck. While the "Chosen One" prophecy was made up by the head of the Order (the poor soul just wanted a child.), he has always had a sense of entitlement. Some big important destiny was meant for him, so he set out to find it.

Character Attribute: None




Name: Valon Tora

Age: 18

Appearance: Haseo.jpg(guns are duel disk)

Deck: Galeforce

Bio: reveal in RP

Character Attribute: Mark: Wind






[spoiler=First Arc (after all 9 Mark haven been chosen)]

After all 9 Mark haven been revealed and gathered the Death marks will appear in this form which people can select from.


??? - Bryce - Apocalypse Demon <= Groups Leader

Deceit -

Lust -

Greed -

Gluttony -

Sloth -

Warth -

Envy -

Pride -


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OOC: Alright You been added it and I'll finally Start the RPG aswell as let note that am still accepting people.


IC: "Ah finally I managed to get here." Thomas said a little worn out as he arrived at the enterance of Ragnarok City "Well first get something to eat and have a look around this place to begin with" He then said happily enough as he headed into town heading to the nearist cafe.

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Josep had finally arrived, he jumped off the bus he was riding on top of and begins taking in the sights."This is what the big city is like? not bad, I guess that trip was worth something" he says as he gets the dust out of his head, having gone through the dusty plains up to Ragnarok city wasn't the best ride ever.

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"Wow this place is awsome!" Thomas said as he saw lots of different people dueling there.


Meanwhile somewhere elsewhere...

"Shadow looks like you have your first assignment then" A man in dark robe said as he gave Shadow the assignement breif. "Hmm... take the Kingdom Star from Ragnarok City Castle, due to as strong energy soruce that been senced from the jewel, seem like he's collecting them now" Shadown then said as he walked off.

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