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Yu-Gi-Oh! Shattered Memories [PG-13] - All Comments Welcome!

Kuro no Keiyakushu

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This is my new, remade fan-fic. My 1st fan-fic, Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Destiny of a Duelist will be discontinued, but this fan-fic will be a better version of it.





It was like a dream. The arena was illuminating with so many students that the number could break a calculator. It was a party within itself. Swooshes of metal led the lights above to cancel out everything but the two confident duelists, each one with a linked goal. This wonderous event took place in Duel Academy’s main dueling field where various pros have duked it out to the end, but in the end, only one duelist can remain champ.


The two duelists both held out their duel disks. One had a Ra Yelollow short jacket, white pants, black and yellow shoes, along with black and gold clothing connecting the pants and shoes. On the other side of the field was no ordinary duelist. He was the top of Duel Academy and maybe even more than that. He wore a black and silver jacket, which was unique for only the best of the best, with black trendy jeans that ended in expensive black sneakers. Girls would jump out of their seats for him.


“You’ve gone a far way. The way you’ve grown as a duelist up to now makes me think you can win. But that’s only a possibility. You can be the best, but I’ll be ten times better. Now you ready to get this duel on?!”


“I’m waiting for you Mr. Pro. True that you might always be better than me, but not trying leaves in a never ending road with no goals. Ready, set.”


They both activated their Duel Disks and the light made everyone come to the edge of their seats. This would be the moment where two great students prove who’s the greatest. “Lets duel!”


A coin was to be flipped to decided who goes first. Ra Yellow was heads and Elite Silver was tails. The coin rotated in the air followed by an immediate hit to the ground which lead to tails. “I guess it’s my turn to entertain the crowd first, Yoku.”


“Lets start this duel out with a bang! I summon Flower Warrior (ATK 1600, DEF 1500) in Attack Position!” Out of simply nowhere, a vine with pink, beautiful pedals circling around it, rose up and stems popped out that would soon form the legs and arms. A sword and shield soon sprouted out.


“That’s what people play these days? Cute things!” Yoku spat out before laughing a bit, then gaining control of himself.


“Wait until you see his effect!” the duelists retaliated, “When its summoned, I’m allowed to discard 1 card from my hand to add 1 Level 4 or lower monster to my hand. I discard Dandylion (ATK 300, DEF 300) to add Mystic Tomato (ATK 1400, DEF 1100) to my hand. But its not over! When Dandylion is sent to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon 2 Fluff Tokens (ATK 0, DEF 0 but I can’t use them for Tribute Summon this turn.”


“If you think that you’re Tokens are going to defeat me, you must be on meds,” Yoku remarked, “But I’d like to see you try.”


“You’ll see.” He put 3 face-downs in his Duel Disk. “That ends my turn for now. Let’s see if you can make it to the circus act.”


“Will do, Albsus” he let out while drawing a card from his duel disk, “I activate Limitless Divider!" A machine appeared next to Yoku which had a capsule that you would walk into. "This card is what I'll use to win me the duel. It's effect," he continued, "I can Special Summon 1 monster with 0 ATK if I normal Summon a monster with 0 ATK this turn. Now," he announced before snickering, I summon Zero Hero - Galactus Iceman (ATK 0, DEF 0) in Attack Position and because of Limitless Divider's effect, I Special Summon Zero Hero - Shuriken Ninja (ATK 0, DEF 0) in Attack Position."


The crowd looked in awe as Yoku perfected his strategy. "Too bad you're monsters have 0 ATK," Albus stated, "So I don't know how you plan on attacking me."


"It's a little thing called Zero Dimension!" Albus knew it was a Field Spell when he saw the whole arena change into what looked like deformed space. "At the price of 500 Life Points during each of my Standby Phases, I can pay any amount of Life Points to increase the ATK of one Zero Hero I control by that amount. Too bad my limit is 2000. I increase the ATK of Zero Hero - Shuriken Ninja by 2000 and pay that much Life Points.


A yellow, swirling aura formed around Zero Hero - Shuriken Ninja and raised it up to 2000 ATK. When Yoku commanded it to attack Flower Warrior, it brought out its mighty silver shuriken and sliced it. Albus's Life Points went from 8000 to 7600, but it didn't affect him much.


"Shame you had to destroy Flower Warrior," said Albus, "Because I activate Flower Power! When a monster I control is destroyed by battle by a monster you control, the monster that destroyed my monster is destroyed and you lose Life Points equal to the ATK of the monster. In better words, bye bye Shuriken Ninja and bye bye 2000 Life Points!"


Yoku grabbed his chest as he fell to the ground, but quickly got up. "I set a face-down and end."


"I guess it's my turn," Albus stated and continued after drawing his card, "It was a wrong choice to underestimate my two Fluff Tokens because, now, I tribute both of them to summon Flower Knight (ATK 2400, DEF 2000) in Attack Position! I activate its effect and remove from play Flower Warrior from my Graveyard to increase Flower Knight's ATK to 2900 until the end of the turn. Attack Zero Hero - Galactus Iceman!"


Flower Knight's sword got longer while it dashed to Galactus Iceman, followed by a forceful strike, destroying it.


"AHHHHH!!!!" Yoku blurted out as his Life Points dropped to 1100, "I-It's not over yet! Galactus Iceman is exactly like you Flower Power card. Flower Knight is destroyed and you take 3900 damage!" Albus also felt the same pain as his Life Points dropped to 4700.


"Let's see what this draw will give me," said Yoku after Albus ended his turn, "Yes! First off, I pay 1000 Life Points because of Zero Dimension's effect." Yoku's Life Points dropped down to 100. "Now, this duel is about to be over! I activate Switcharoo! The name tells it all! We switch Life Points until the end of the turn at the cost of me removing all cards in my Graveyard from play. I summon Zero Hero - Dark Warlock (ATK 0, DEF 0) in Attack Position. I use Zero Dimension's effect to give up 2000 Life Points and Dark Warlock gains 2000 ATK! For the grand finale, Dark Warlock, attack directly!!!




[spoiler=Chapter 1][align=justify]



"Wha- !" burst out Albus as he woke up from his dream, "Oh, it was just a dream" He got up from his bed and soon forgot about it completely, like something removed it, or someone...


"Albus!" his mom announced, "I have your breakfast ready!" After hearing that, Albus took a shower and quickly got ready, just in time to get downstairs. Albus would be going to Duel Academy today and he has awaited the moment for a while. It would also be his chance to meet new friends, since he didn't have much of them. He gobbled down the pancakes that his mom made him while taking 2 seconds to realize how fast he's eating, then continue again.


Once he finished, he quickly got his bag, let out a "Bye mom!", got a return farewell, and sped to the Duel Academy boat before he could miss it by half a second. When he saw the admission man, he gave him the ticket and boarded the boat that would be at Duel Academy in 2 hours. The wait was long and some of the students sat idle and bored as the minutes seemed longer and longer. The heat baked their skin, but the relaxing swish of the water easily calmed people down. When the moment was perfect, the boat reached Duel Academy, like a road to any duelist's goal.


The first thing on Albus's mind was to register. It would be a long wait as there was a huge line. After being nearly half-asleep, it was time for him to fill out the Duel Academy registration form. The most mind-bottling thing, however, was which dorm he would be in. He usually has good grades and his dueling strategies are marvelous, but that's only half the time. What a glory it would be to be put in the Obelisk Blue dorm, he thought. When the form was filled and the pen hit the table, Albus could feel the results coming. "You're in the Ra Yellow Dorm, check the main map board over there, " said the secretary."


Albus could take Ra Yellow. It wasn't Obelisk Blue, but he was happy it wasn't Slifer Red. Once he semi-memorized his way to his dorm room, he set off to test his memorization. In his way there, he could see other students walking to there rooms. Some had Ra Yellow jackets on matched with high top shoes of the same color along with some silver. Albus would soon get the same clothes as he walked into his room. What he saw was his shirt on one of the beds, but what most suprised him was who was there. He expected there to be other people, but the curiosity of who made him wonder.


"Uh, hi, my name's Albus," sated Albus in a non-nervous voice, "I guess you guys are my roommates. And you are?"


"Right you are!" one of the roommates exclaimed in a hearty voice, "The name's Leo." "My name's Alex." said the other student." They already had their Duel Academy uniforms on and Albus soon put on his.


"Classes don't start until tomorrow," said Leo. "So it's chill, chill, chill for the rest for the day!" Leo and Alex yelled out in unison. "I'm just going to take a walk outside," said Albus before leaving. He went through corridor and corridor to finally make it out into the wonderous nature. While walking in the forest, he bumped into a girl from the Obelisk Blue dorm. After they fell, Albus saw that his hand was planted on hers, so he moved it so she wouldn't notice.


"Uh, s-sorry about that," Albus shuddered as he got himself up and helped her up to. He couldn't help but blush every time he looked at her. She blushed to and smiled. "Since there's no classes today, you want to, ummm..." Albus was at a loss for words.


"Hang out?" she asked, predicting what he was going to say, "Sure, and by the way, my name's Sarah." "My name's Albus. So, ummm, where do you want to go? Not like it's a date or anything. Not like anything is happening." He knew he was stuck in the situation.


Sarah smiled before saying, "You're funny. Anyway, let's go down to the lake. We can talk there." They slid down the tilted grassy ground while laughing and having fun.






"That was fun," said Sarah after pulling a prank on Leo, "I hope we can see each other again. It's not like we're dating though. It's not like anything is happening." They both burst into laughter after Albus found out that she was imitating him. Sarah leaned over and kissed Albus, then walked away before he could say anything. Albus was stunned. Stunned in a happy way. Everything in life seemed like it would go perfect from that luminous point on....


Albus happily swayed and walked all the way to his dorm room, only to find an angry Leo.


"Think that stunt you and your girlfriend pulled was funny, huh? HUH?!" Leo was infuriated. Albus and Sarah had decided to put a bucket filed with water and toilet paper on top of the entrance door while it was slightly open. Leo, not noticing anything, opened the door fully, only to be drenched with water and covered with toilet paper afterward.


"She's not my girlfriend! She's just a friend." Leo was too mad to care so he dropped the subject completely. "Look I'm sorry for the prank, it's just that..." Albus couldn't continue the sentence. "I'm sorry for getting mad. It's alright," said Leo. Alex soon came in and the trio chilled out for the remainder of the day.


The next day would be a new day - a different day.






This day was the day classes would start. Duel Academy would go like any school would. But there would be one big change. Other schools didn't teach the art of dueling. Students were sleepy. That's natural. Albus, Leo and Alex took turns taking a shower and brushing their teeth. They got their school uniforms on and out the door they went. When Albus got to class he saw the rows and rows of seats and sat in any random seat. About 2 minutes after that and he saw someone sit next to him. Someone named Sarah.


"Hi Albus!" she exclaimed in happiness before giving him hug, "Well, I was thinking -!" She stopped after her and Albus saw a kid sitting 1 seat behind them looking back. They both blushed and the kid turned around.


"Class now begins," the teacher announced. Some kids fell asleep in class and the same kids got detention. Albus and Sarah planned to stay awake, so they can hang out more during the day instead of having detention. Every day would be the same for students at Duel Academy. Go to class, eat, chill out and sleep. When it reached night, Albus went outside because that was where he and Sarah would be meeting. They knew no one would be out there.


"Oh, hey Sarah," said Albus as she walked out of Duel Academy. She grabbed his hand and walked him into the forest.


"As I was saying in class, I was wondering if, you know, we can go out, maybe?" Sarah asked. Albus couldn't talk. He wasn't at a loss for words. He just was stunned. As stunned as before. "Yes! Uh, I mean, yes. I meant to ask, but -!"


"You were at a loss for words? Well, you won't need words for this." She leaned over, except this time, Albus leaned over too. And they kissed for a full minute until they heard someone say "Hey Albus".


They let go of each other looked back. Leo was standing next to a tree. "Why the hell are you here?" asked Albus.


"I was looking for you. You weren't in the room. And were you guys -!"


"Please don't tell anyone," pleaded Sarah, "Just please don't." Leo left and Albus blushed. Even in the dark no one could miss it. "Come with me," Sarah said to Albus. He followed her and soon saw that she led him to her dorm room.


"I don't think boys are allowed in the girl's dorms -!" Albus said before being interrupted.


"Just don't talk to much and come in my room." When he went into the room, there was nobody else there. "We can do anything we want here," Sarah said with a smile. And once again they kissed, but soon fell asleep afterward.




[spoiler=Chapter 2][align=justify]



Albus woke up in Sarah's room on the floor. His clothes were still on, so he had no suspicions. He got up and didn't see Sarah. He looked to the side and saw the bathroom door open with steam pouring out. Sarah walked out.


"Eek! Close your eyes! she exclaimed as she went to go get a towel. They both blushed and Sarah went back in the bathroom to put on her Duel Academy uniform after grabbing it from her bed.


Luckily no one was in the hallway to notice Albus sneaking out. Sarah went with him. When he got back to his room and said bye to Sarah, he went to go take a shower. Alex wondered why he was gone over the night. Leo knew why, but instead he said that Leo was at the library and fell asleep.


They day would seem like it would go the same as the day before it, but anyone who would think that would be wrong. Albus sat in the same seat as before and Sarah sat right next to him. She blushed, thinking about the experience they had when she walked out of the bathroom. A new student came in and sat on the other side of Albus.


"Hey, ummm, my name is Trevor," said the new student quietly.


"My name is Albus."


"My name is Sarah" Trevor sat infatuated within Sarah's beauty until she asked, "Trevor, you ok?"


"Oh, it's nothing." He knew it wasn't just nothing though. He liked Sarah already, from the moment he saw her. Class seemed to go fast. Albus and Sarah promised each other that they would meet after lunch, but Trevor had better plans. After luch, Albus went outside and after 10 minutes, he didn't see Sarah.


Trevor had taken Sarah into the forest and beyond Albus's reach.


"Why are you taking me here?" Sarah asked, "I have to meet Albus!"


In retaliation, Trevor grabbed both of Sarah's arms and kissed here. Sarah tried to move back, but he just got closer and closer. When she finally got here face away from his and Trevor lost grip, she ran. But Alex watched as they kissed and took a picture of the scene. He wouldn't buy Leo's lie.


Later that day, after Albus gave up on waiting for Sarah, he went to his dorm room.


"Albus, I wouldn't want to hurt you or anything, but here." He held out the picture he took. "Leo told me, well everything."


Albus looked at the picture and was stunned. Not happy stunned. Horrified stunned. That ended the day for him as he felt no reason to continue it. But, did the day end? Albus decided to get some air during the night, only to see Sarah.


"Ummm, hey Albus, I have something to tell -!"


"Save it! Go hang out with Trevor! We're done."


Albus walked away, but soon stopped when he heard Sarah crying. He walked back over there. "I'm sorry for being a bit harsh. It's just that Alex showed me a picture of you guys -!"


"H-He grabbed me, I had no other choice. I got away when I could." Suddenly Trevor came walking out of the woods.


"Hey Sarah, why'd you tell Albus our little secret, huh? That wasn't very nice! Albus, now it's a duel or die, 'aight? You duel me or die. Winner gets Sarah!"


Albus looked back at Sarah and she smiled. "You can win Albus!"


"LETS DUEL!" they shouted, both activating their Duel Disks.


"I'll go first shorty!" roared Trevor as he drew 5 cards followed by 1 more, "I summon Gemeni Elf in Attack Position!" Too matching elves appeared with daggers in their hands. "I set 2 cards face down, so it's your turn now Yellow!"


"I summon, my key card, Toon World! Don't wet your pants, I'm just going to pay 1000 Life Points t fill this duel full of Toons!"


"You think stupid monsters from the TV shows are going to help? Bring it noob!"


"Alright then, I'll start this off by Summoning Toon Skull Gladiator (ATK 1100, DEF 900) in Attack Position! Here's the catch with Toons. Level 5 or higher Toon Monsters can be summoned with tributes, but they can also be Special Summoned with tributes. I tribute Toon Skull Gladiator to Special Summon Toon Reaper of the Darkness (ATK 1800, DEF 1500) in Attack Position."


"That's a piece of garbage. Its ATK is still not higher than the ATK of my Gemini Elf!"


"We'll see about that. It gains 200 ATK for each Toon Monster on the field and in my Graveyard. That adds up to a total of 2200 ATK for my Reaper. But I don't plan to attack Gemini Elf, I plan to attack directly because of every Toon's marvelous effects!"


"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" burst out Trevor as he took a powerful hit, "Damn! My Life Points are already 5800!"


"I'm not done yet! I activate a Quickplay Spell from my hand, "Toon Bereserk" which lets the Toon that just attacked, attack again!"


"DAAAAMMMMNNNIIIITTTTT!!!!!" yelled out Trevor once again as he took another powerful blast that lowered his Life Points to 3600.


"I set 1 card and I'll end the torture for now! I'll never let you touch Sarah again!"


"Alright, now I'll beat the crap outta ya! I activate Switcharoo!" When Trevor said that Albus thought he had heard that same card before. "I remove all cards in my Graveyard from play and we switch Life Points until the end of the turn. I now activate Snatch Steal. Now I get your Reaper! Too bad this ain't over! I tribute Toon Reaper of the Darkness and send Snatch Steal to the Graveyard to summon Great Maju Garzett (ATK 0, DEF 0) in Attack Position! It gains ATK equal to double the original ATK of the tributed monster! That's 3600 Life Points, exactly the amount you have! Now attack!!!"



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Yes' date=' my character is being used in the remake, that is awesome. Thanks FC, maybe I can give Albus a cameo in my story.



Thanks. He makes a big part of the story SINCE he happens to now be Albus's roommate.


nice one

btw fc read mine

and I didn't see that dream thing coming

and since sarah appeared early' date=' i think it's a better start already FC.



Thanks, I'll read yours.

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After reading chapter 1: I SMELL A CARD GAAAAAAAME! XD



Anyway, it's nice to see that this fic isn't in ANY way a Mystery Guest ripoff. It's nice to see you're starting the Sarah arc very early, maybe possibly too early. Hopefully it will last a good amount of time so that you can think of an idea for the next arc.

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Well that is awesome' date=' I can't wait to see how this works.



It will work well XD


this looks really nice. can't wait to see more of this fic :D


I can't wait either!


After reading chapter 1: I SMELL A CARD GAAAAAAAME! XD


Very nice FC' date=' very nice.



-.- ....lol



After reading chapter 1: I SMELL A CARD GAAAAAAAME! XD



Anyway' date=' it's nice to see that this fic isn't in ANY way a Mystery Guest ripoff. It's nice to see you're starting the Sarah arc very early, maybe possibly too early. Hopefully it will last a good amount of time so that you can think of an idea for the next arc.



Thanks, I try to make this as original as possible. I decided to put the Sarah Arc as the first arc because Albus will meet new friends along the arc =D

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Wow' date=' he only knew her for 2 days and he already got in her bed. Anyway, I like to see how much this picture of Sarah "kissing" Trevor will change things. I'm also willing to see how far Trevor will go.



Not actually in bed, just in the same room... O_o


Oh, you have no idea what his limits are. Actually, there are none =D

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