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--Vast Hero-- !Cryastal Beat! (self drawn and holo!)


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Nice Drawings.





Crystal Beat:


As stated you need a "Vast Hero-Universum" + "Vast Hero-Ray Man" for him but his effect seems good enough to be called an effect, and it should be (Space)'Crystal'(Space)monsters

yours is 'crystal'monsters.



Ray man:


In its effect shouldn't it be: To one Light monster? otherwise flawless


I could be wrong im just slightly bored and tired :P





It should be when this card is on your side of the field.


im pretty sure.


Good job 8/10

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love the pics :) I'll wait for spoilers for OCG and stuff but for now.. you have a talent ;)


I've seen some heros lately here, have you seen the Neo Heros thread? or the Fancy Heros thread? (neither of those is mine but I loved those xD )


I also draw my cards :) YAY!!!

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