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Available For Now:

  • Tech Circle PSD (Latest)
  • 5D's Booster Template
  • Banner Ad
  • 5D's Card Info
  • 5D's OCG Pack
  • 5D's Booster Box
  • Dark Synchro Template
  • 5D's OCG Duelist Pack
  • Editable Tech Circle
  • Manga Card
  • Editable Booster Text w/ effects
  • Gold Series Templates
  • 5D's OCG Pack v.4
  • Tech Circles V.0.5 to V.12

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Wow' date=' this is new. Seems cool. Downloading now.


But don't leave, plz!



These are cool! I can't wait until the banner ad and 5ds Info come out.

Just PLEASE don't leave! You are a great member' date=' a great GFX'er and loads of other good stuff! Please?





Can you post up examples? I want to you what I'm getting first. ^.^


without meaning to SPAM:



Oh thanks for the free FR!


Noooo EHK!

Why will you leave YCM?!


Awesome! Just DON'T LEAVE' date=' PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! YCM isn't YCM without you!



I have no time to post examples and I will leave YCM because of my High School life, I wanted to focus up but I will still check YCM often

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I still dont understand how you are in HS. But when are you supposed to actually leave YCM? Also where and when is the going away party?? :3


We don't have 7Th Grade


so if i pay 500 points i can use all of these in shops? Or just the one i bought?(in case i may buy one). Anyway i think i will use the OCG 5ds pack and maybe 5ds booster box for free by now' date='thanks for all your templates. Hope you post even more



500pts to all of it

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I am so going to use some of theses EHK.




Um' date=' what if I just want FOR to SOME of the templates. I don't want FOR for ALL of them at once.



Uhmm, I haven't decided about that yet. Because 500 is to FOR of all of my templates including not in this thread

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