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Kingdom Hearts III Return of the Organization (started Always accepting) we need members!!!!!!


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Hey guys welcome!!!!. I hope you guys try to have the must fun time here.


The most important Rule: Have FUN.

All YCM forum rules apply here.

Yep that means the advanced Clause too.



[spoiler= Plot] After the organization had been Defeated Sora,Riku and Kairi returned to the islands. But they got a letter from the king. That Letter read:

Sora a new trouble has arised. The organization has returned. But this time they are nto just controlling nobodies but a thoguht Extinct menace the Unbirths. I need your help. you will meet friends along the way but I need you to meet me at my homeworld Disney castle

Signed your pal

King Mickey so its up to them and their new friends to stop the crisis before its to late.









Heartless/nobody/Unbirth(dont have too):





[spoiler=Organization XIII]



II. xigbar(not taken)

III.Xaldin(not taken)

IV. vexen(not taken)





IX. Demyx(not taken)

X. Luxord(not taken)

XI. Marluxia(not taken)

XII.Larxene(not taken)


XIV. Rext(ME)




Organization XIII app







[spoiler=My app]

Name: DJ

Age: 13

Weapon: Keyblade(looks like a treble Cleft and can shoot Sound waves and allows him other abilities.)

Appearance: KH__Alternate_Donald_and_Goofy_by_ShiroiNeko_sama.jpg He looks like the guy on the Left in the green shirt. IMG credit goes to deviantart

Personality: He si Kind but will fight agresively fi needed. He worships his friends and is good friends with the King.

Heartless/nobody/Unbirth(dont have too): None

Bio: He lives In Disney Castle as the King's Spy. he goes from world too world looking for other wielders of the Keyblade.

Homeworld: Disney Castle



Come on Join!!!!!!

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Name: Zexion?

Age: 17ish

Weapon: Lexicon and Illusions

Appearance: Zexion-s-gonna-get-you-zexion-3027898-300-400.jpg

Personality: Cocky, hates to get his hands dirty

Heartless/nobody/Unbirth(dont have too): Nobody/Organization

Bio: -------

Homeworld: The world that never was/Castle Oblivion

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Name: Zane

Age: 15

Weapon:DragonsFury.jpg Colors are Black and Gold


Personality: A cool relaxed and easy going guy, but when his friends are in trouble he'll always be the first one ready to fight.

Heartless/nobody/Unbirth(dont have too):N/A

Bio: Zane was taken in by the King and trained by him as well as a child. When Zane was 10 the King entrusted him with Dragons Fang Keyblade for his courage and wise decisions. Zane has become a master over the years and plans to let no harm come to anyone that he cares about.

Homeworld: Disney Castle

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Name:Emma Bea

Age: 16

Weapon: Keyblade

Appearance:5ydc8h.jpg(But with blonde hair)

Personality:Laidback Daydreamer

Heartless/nobody/Unbirth(dont have too):Nobody

Bio:She was in the Orgnazation, But left with her memories, as she did not forgot anything, She knows how the Organzation thinks and can sometimes get 1-step ahead of them


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