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future fusion(enough machines to give it about 9000 atk) + overload fusion + shooting starbow- ceal = profit?


Congrats, you ruined it.


This thing is just teched into Machines, no need to add random stuff like that.


Besides, it's overall safer to just nuke with something like Rose, then summon this.


Incidentally, I wish the card said "destroy" instead of "send".

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why would you prefer destroy to send?


what combo did you have in mind?


Was that directed towards me?


There's a few obscure combos with one particular archetype that I like using. One of their support cards only works when destroyed, not sent. Also, there are a few obscure cards that activate when sent but not destroyed.


Basically, it lets you get more on the field with certain cards. I've run into several situations where I can't completely nuke the enemy, but if it said "destroy, I'd be able to get more on the field, and it would be game.


Also, you can avoid your field getting cleared if your opponent negates Overload but not Future by using Stardust. You can't in this case, because it says send.

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Needs banning IMO.


So do all the Fusion Monsters that list "Cyber Dragon" as a Fusion Material Monster.


There isn't much to this card except OTKs' date=' so it really can't be discussed very well.


Better have a few Proto-Cyber Dragons.


What makes you so that? 1 Cyber Dragon is enough for the 2 card OTK to work.

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Yeah' date=' but the Protos just make the job slightly easier. Unless you have a good searching strategy.



Protos can't be used as the Cyber Dragon as the first Fusion-Material when it is in either the Deck or Graveyard though. Protos can't make the combo work; they can only make the Overload Fusion work.

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