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[DISC]Chain Disappearance

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You can only activate this card when a monster with an ATK of 1000 or less is Normal Summoned' date=' Flip Summoned or Special Summoned. Remove the monster from play and your opponent removes all monsters of the same name in his/her hand and Deck from play. His/her Deck is then shuffled.[/quote'][/align]
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OP: Discuss what?


The fact that it's a trap card?


The fact that it can hit monsters with 1000 ATK or less?


I'm fairly sure that most meta decks have a target for this card. It's viability might b a nice thing to discuss.


Like what?


GB's - all you can hit is murmillo/hoplomus.


The Opponent will just use priority with Cat/Tiger.


Cat Synchro - Hits more targets, but Priority still means Cat goes off, then you are looking at 2 Airbellums, and most likely Synchros. Hitting Monk means they can go Cat into a Synchro or hit you with 2 Airbellums, so it doesn't stop threats.


LS - Hits Lumina and a flipped Ryko.


BW - Uh Vayu

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