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Post here bad card effects.

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This thread allows you to post Yugioh cards with effects that makes you say "...what the hell?"


Here's one of me.

Cyber Archfiend (monster)

At the beginning of your Draw Phase, if you have no cards in your hand, draw 1 more card in addition to the normal draw. During your End Phase, if you have 1 or more card(s) in your hand destroy this card.




Seriously, it is usefull to draw 1 extra card from your deck, but how big is the change that you have no cards in your hand? Besides, if you have 1 or more cards, he kills himself and if you dont have anything on your side of the field or Trap/Spell cards can't protect, your going to get screwed over really badly by your opponent's monsters.


Following up is Mechanical Hound;

While you have no cards in your hand, your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards.


Seriously. But it has an ATK of 2800, so the only reason you/I put it in the deck is because of his Attack power. Other then that, his effect is most of the time useless unless you discard all your cards from your hand.


So... post other bad effects here if you want to.

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Boar Soldier


i cant remember what it does' date=' but i know its a very steep price for 4 stars and 2000 ATK[/quote']


*Searches the card for google and sees it*

This is what it does.

If this card is Normal Summoned' date=' destroy this card. If your opponent controls 1 or more monsters, decrease the ATK of this card by 1000 points.[/quote']


Whoaw... that effect is bad. :lol:

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