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.:The Warrior Competition:.


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Warrior Type

Any Attribute

No Writtin Cards

4 Stars

Must Have An Effect

No More Than 1950 ATK.


Image Must Be Good.



10 Points

1 Rep

Your Card Will Be Featured In The Elite-Quadro Booster Set. (You Will Recive Credit)

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Here is the effect if you can't read it: When this card is Summoned while another LIGHT Attribute Monster is face-up on the field select and activate 1 of the following effects: 1. Draw 1 card from your deck. 2. Discard 1 card at random from your opponent's hand. 3. discard 3 cards from the top of your opponents deck to the graveyard.




Hope you like it

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Contest Closed:




1st: The Slime Lord: Fallen Soldier (1 Rep and 10 Points, Card Featured in Upcoming Elite-Quadro Booster)

2nd: Weather Duelist: Knight of Honor and Duty (1 Rep)

3rd: The Undertaker: Archangel of the Higher World (1 Rep)

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