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Nordic Mythology


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(I still continuing the Elf Revoultion one I just doing 2 sets the best way I can)




Next bunch of cards I doing is none other then the snake himself Jormungandr


(Their is going to be alot off this 1 topic being Nordic Mythology)


Rate 1-10, please and thanks :D

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Hold your horses, I will make Loki but I going to make his 3 children, one happens to be: The World Snake.



Next time is Loki's second child: Fenrir.

(Yea I know when you do the math Thor and the World Snake's attacks are equal from all their respective boosts thats the point though 8) they did kill each other in the same fight in mythology)

Whats intresting about these cards even though I creating them is since they have no effect they actually need equip spells and other cards to support them like Thor and his hammer or Jormungandr and his fangs.

The final card I would make in the future is the most powerful of all and no its not even odin even though he will be made sometime

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