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Exodia Deck (need help!)

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im building an exodia deck' date=' and i need some help with cards and stuff. if you have any strategies, deck lists, good cards for an exodia deck, post here.[/quote']


Should be in Yugioh TCG forum (I think)


Anyway, I recomming cards that keeps your Life Points up, monsters with high defenses and put cards in the deck that increasse your change to draw 2 or more cards.

And keep in mind you may only have 1 exodia part each in your deck, so you should keep your cards limit at 40.


And there are a couple of cards that might be usefull for an exodia deck, but that's just me:

1. Draining Shield

2. Shrink

3. Yomi Ship

4. Harpie Lady 3

5. Swords of Revealing Light

6. Gyroid

7. Man-Eater Bug

8. Bottomless Trap Hole

9. Trap Hole

10. Dimension Wall

11. Dark Spirit of the Silent

12. The Dark Door

13. Physical Double

14. Other cards that destroyes Spell and/or Trap cards


EDIT: I forgot Infinite cards. Very usefull when you need to draw cards.

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Should be in Yugioh TCG forum (I think)


Nah, I'll leave it here, as it is most likely when and if HORUS gets his Exodia deck completed he'll just edit it into this thread. Isn't that right, HORUS? :twisted:

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Heart of the Underdog.


Srsly, run 32 normal monsters with this, the 5 Exodia pieces, and three of these. You can draw like 10-25 cards a turn. Then, set a monster, and toss out the junk. Rinse and repeat.


that sounds good. i'll try that.


Nah, I'll leave it here, as it is most likely when and if HORUS gets his Exodia deck completed he'll just edit it into this thread. Isn't that right, HORUS?


yeah i will. i'll probably do that.



Thanks for the help, but i was thinking about making it a Necross deck since im not drawing Exodia much. ive already got the idea of using Mystic Tomato to get the pieces destroyed, and also that one spellcaster that gets more spellcasters i think.


Any Necross strategies? (PS. I play advanced tournament format with forbidden/limited lists.)

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Oooh, I love Necross.


Here's what I do:


Advanced Ritual Art, into either Paladin of White Dragon or Shinato or Demise or Zorc or (list decent Ritual here). Paladins' my fave as he's only level 4 (two pieces) and instant f/d monster destruction with a handy 1900. If you plan on running Necross MAIN DECK at LEAST 2 My Body as a Shield, as Snipe or Zaborg will pwn you silly if you don't.


Necross Deck;


3 x Necross

1 x Each of Five Pieces

2 x Paladin

1 x Ritual of your choice

3 x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

2 x Senju of the Thousand Hands

1 x Sonic Bird

1 x Sangan (pulls the Head)

(stall and normal monster fodder here)


3 x Contract with Exodia

3 x Advanced Ritual Art

3 x My Body as a Shield

(Regular spell/trap: Nobleman, Controller, Book of Moon, Mirror, Saku, Smashing, Torrential, Ring of Destruction)


In a Necross deck, discarding from the hand is your friend. Run Snipe or Raigeki Break, Tribute to the Doomed and Back to Square One work too. Foolish Burial puts the head in the graveyard. Its' very flexible, the s/t lineup.

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Painfull choice and witch BF is banned for now..

u can use this strategy..


1. At least SANGAN is the point. Make him flip flop into grave and field fastly..

with card combo like shallow grave, premature burial, call of the haunted,

or monster effect like spear cretin to call sangan to field, and let your opponent sent sangan back to grave...

and you get one part of exodia to hand...


2. Use..

3X manticore of darkness

3X card save return

condition: one of you Manticore was in your grave, and then one of the other manticore in the field and card save return in the field too, when manticore is destroyed, with it's effect and your save return, you can call all exodia in that turn..


3. Use..

3X back up soldier

3X monster reincarnation

And when your exodia part in the grave, you can call its head with MRein.(b'cos u can't use backup soldier to get effect monster card) and the others part with back up soldier..

o ya..

u can't use back up soldier when the monsters just 2 in the grave..

you need 3, and the part of Exo just 4, for helping, you need normal monster.. U can use 3X giant soldier of stone, with its DEF and its star, it can more usefull for your Exo..



how bout this??

any comment??

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Use cards that either add the pieces to your hand or stall. Try Monk Fighter with Lone Wolf. He can't be destroyed in battle and is unaffected by monster effects. (I think) Also, you lose no points when he is in the battle. Try Master Monk, it also works with this cards. Try Kaminote Blow, destroys a monster after the battle. Also, Legendary Black Belt, it has Flame Wingman's effect, only with DEF points.

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Well if you NOT dowen tournament this should work. My cuson uses this deck and pullled Exodia on all of our friends more than once


Monsters 22


5 Exodia

3 Witch Of Black Forest

3 Big Eye

3 Peten The Dark Clown

3 Chainsaw Insect

2 Luster Dragon

1 Summoned Skull

1 Mobius The Frost Monarch

1 Zaborg The Thunder Monarch


Spell/Magic 13


3 Scapegoat

2 Axe Of Despair (3 of you got 3)

1 Mage Power

1 Malevolent Nuzzler

1 Horn Of The Unicorn

1 Monster Reborn

1 Monster Reincarnation

1 Change Of Heart

1 Nobleman Of Crossout

1 Wicked Breaking Flamberge - Baou


Traps 5


1 Magic Cylinder

1 Draining Shield

1 Acid Trap Hole

1 Trap Hole

1 Magic Jammer or Magic Drain

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