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[WC10] Amen, brother, amen.

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i have a magnet deck similar to this u may whant to add both neo-space grand mole and solidarity.


I was thinking about Solid. What to neg?


(with that name' date=' I expected some fairy deck)


Valkyrion is still fun, not meta, but still fun nonetheless to play.



Especially during the final turn of the game, when , through a combination of COTH and Dark Factory, summon 2 Valkyrions. Hence why it's the final turn of the game.


Any fixes?

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ok this is my rock deck it may need work but i hope it helps you.



3 alpha

3 beta

3 gamma

2 gaia plate

2 gigantes

3 koa'ki meiru guardian

2 legendary jujitsu fighter

1 neo-spacian grand mole

3 valkyrion



3 book of moon

1 B-con

1 burial from a diff dimension

1 heavy storm


3 solidarity

2 trade-in



2 bottomless

1 CoTH

1 M-Force

1 Return from the differant dimension

1 TT

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