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A blue eyes deck that possibly could fail/win...NOT!

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BEWD x 3

Vorse Raider x 2

Magician's Valkriya x 1

Gemini Elf x 3

Black Luster Soldier x 1

Makyura the Destructor x 1

Mystical Elf x 2

Koumori Dragon x 1



Polymerzation x 3

Heavy Storm x 1

Mystical Space Typhoon x 1

Lightning Vortex x 1

Change of Heart x 1

Axe of Despair x 1

Monster Reborn x 1

Swords of Revealing Light x 1

Mountains x 2



Mirror Force x 1

Shadow Spell x 1

Draining Shield x 2

Last Turn x 1

Malfunction x 3

Wall of Revealing Light x 2

Ultimate Offering x 1

Jar of Greed x 1

Robbin Zombie x 2

Robbin Goblin x 1



BEUD x 1



I do not give a sheet about this deck so beat the hell out of it.

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The following is better:



1x Dark Magician of Chaos

3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (No Dragon deck is complete without this)

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

3x Red-Eyes Wyvern

2x Elemental Hero Prisma

3x The White Stone of Legend

1x Kaibaman

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Magician of Faith

1x Cyber Stein



2x Trade-In

2x Dragon’s Mirror (Much better than Polymerization)

2x Burst Stream of Destruction (usable with Prisma)

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Monster Reborn

1x Premature Burial

1x Raigeki

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

1x Painful Choice

1x Dimension Fusion

1x Future Fusion

1x Megamorph (this +Cyber Stien = OTK)



1x Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

1x Ring of Destruction

2x Bottomless Trap Hole



3x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

3x Five Headed Dragon


Added more banned cards. It's also much more consistent.

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here is the best

one blue eyes shining dragon

2 dragon's mirror

1 dragon's rage

2 swords of revealing light

2 lighting vortex

1 different dimension capsale

1 malefic blue eyes white dragon

2 burst stream of destruction

3 the white stone of legend

3 kaibam

3 blue eyes white dragon

2 lord of d.

2 paladin of white dragon

2 whtie dragon ritual

3 decoy dragon

2 vanguard of the dragon

if there is not 40 cards then just add more dragon cards for blue eyes deck, hope i helped

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