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Ugh, it's the time of year when I have to choose my next year schedule, but I've already got it pretty much nailed down.


Honors Chemistry

Honors Algebra II

AP European History



PE (-.- I don't understand why Highschoolers have to take that class)

English 10 Honors

French II Honors

Intro to Theatre / Intro to Performing Arts (both are half credits)


Discuss and post classes you want to take.

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Next year, I'm hoping to take Calculus and hopefully Digital Media/Web Designing. And perhaps Chemistry or Biology 2.


Currently this is my schedule for next year:


Expository Writing

Calculus (Still debating on Honors/Regular)


Digital Media

Web Designing

Participation in Democracy (History)

Language (Japanese/Spanish) - I am forced to take a language :mad:


And that's basically it. I do not want to double up on English/Math because otherwise, I can't get my electives.

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Guest Random Dude

AP English

AP US History

AP Geometry

PreAP Physics(can't take AP til senior year)





Already happened at my school, and here is something that does not make sense at all,

Spanish is offered as a foreign language at my school, but I live in south Texas so it's not foreign. My Spanish teacher is a hardass and you have to be either a kiss ass or an EXTREMELY hard worker to pass.

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