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So I bought new cards today and damn those are powerfull.


But there's 1 effect of a monster I want to ask about.

That monster is called Alien Psychic.

Its effect is that this monster is changed to into defense position when summoned.

Normal enough right?

But then comes the second effect of this card:

"Monsters with A-Counters cannot declare an attack."




What in the name of god are A-Counters?

I know Spell counters, but A-Counters?

I never heared of them before.

So what is so special about these counters?

Would somebody explain me?

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A-Counters are a kind of counter, just like Spell Counters. Their immediate effect is that if a monster with an A-Counter battles an Alien monster, the A-Counter'd monster loses 300 ATK and DEF in the damage step only.


Of course, just like Spell Counters, there are some Aliens' effects that only trigger when opponents' monsters have A-Counters, and Alien Psychic is one of those.

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