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Slime Vs Dev


Who would win  

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  1. 1. Who would win

    • Goku
    • Superman
    • Draw

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I PM'D him. Don't worry... I limit the number. 3 tops. And he's the 2nd.


Advisory: You may want a bit more monster destruction than usual, unless you want to capture my chief cards. If you expect to take on my Space Station, claiming it, DEFINITELY gain 3 space suits at the very least. ... it will not be easy on me, due to the number of tributes it will take for my better cards.

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Alright I go first.


Because you don't have anything on your side of the field, I'll take my entire turn now.

Draw 5 cards.

I begin my Draw Phase *draws one card*


Nothing in my Standby Phase


Main Phase 1

Summon Freed the Brave Wanderer (1700/1200) and one card in m/t.


End Phase.


this will take forever.

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Okay, if Horus is still on he knows this happens very frequently. I swear I didn't stack my deck.

Because that magic card is the only thing on yourside of the field I will take my entire turn agian.

I draw. I set one card face-down in my m/t.

Summon Maha Vailo (1550/1400). Equip Maha with United We Stand and Axe of Despair. Its ATK and DEF is now 5150/3000.

Attack with Maha. Your LP is 2850. Attack w/ Freed. Your LP is 1150 unless you can do anything.




Again. Horus can tell you that this happens all of the time.

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according to the Spaceclaws Agenda card' date=' you cant play the last two.


Slimy used Magic Cylinder anyways so you lose.[/quote']


hmm... I need to reword it then, thanks.


It's supposed to do it when it HAS been used successfully. That is, after use.

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