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I have decided to trickle in 5 cards out of the first 7 that I have made. They are not n00by, and conform to official design crap. So here ya go: Butter Patty, the first I made, and thus the first released.







The cards I am not releasing won't be released until the entire set is.

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lol' date=' funny. i think butter patties just a tiny bit overpowered though. take a look at my chibi monsters, i think they moght go good with set[/quote']


I agree to the overpowered BP. But I have a virtually-indestructible 6500/6500 I'm not gonna release. And THAT'S overpowered. Plus, a card that makes the game a Draw in 5 turns.


I liek joor chibiz, too.




New release. This card does nothing special. I believe a first.

Presenting Goldy Gopher:




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goldy gopher is underpowered


I have a lot of powerful cards in this set' date=' and there ARE some 5-stars worse than that. I think. So Goldy's kinda balanicng it out.




New cards: 003 Lauren Hopkins and 004 Kameron Gibson. These are partner cards, so I'll release them both at once.




These are sort of pop culture cards, but I put them in here anyway.




Next card: 007 Meltdown. 005 and 006 are my super-ultra-overpowered cards that I won't release yet. I will extend this release series to 009, and then will stop card release for now. Maybe.




Give your opinions. PLEEZ.



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