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Post a Pic of the Real You!


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On some of the other forums I have been on, such as the General forums or the One Piece forums there have been threads such as "Post a picture of yourself". I thought it might be a nice touch to this site.

Thread rules.

. Stay on topic to the picture at hand.

. No Spam.

. Anyone who decides to spam or be disrespectful to someone else will receive a thread warning, after three thread warnings you can no longer post in the thread any more. If one does I will contact a Super to see it doesn't happen again.

Additional Rules of Post a Pic [by LZ]

1. I can't believe I actually have to say this but, "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

2. On the flip side, this is not facebook. Do not expect everyone to say you are drop dead sexy. People have preferences.

ex) Wrong: "You are fat and ugly." Right: "You'd look better with short hair, imo."

3. Report all spam, flaming, rule breaking, ect..

If anyone thinks this is mini-modding, it is not, I am merely enforcing some rules on my own thread to see that it is successful.

If this thread is not allowed for any reason whatsoever please inform me and keep posting on this thread as you would until appropriate action is taken.

So, enjoy!




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*Fangirl Screams*


Your PC Monitor will now Implode. Have a nice day :D


You remind me of one of my teachers, he was fun. He shouted alot tho. He taught health *laughs at stress joke*.


-Back to topic-


Srry bro, but I've decieded not to long ago that I won't be posting any pictures of myself :(

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Yep lost quite a bit actually. Been cutting out the Bad stuff and eating loads of fruit when I get the hunger pangs.


forgive me for saying this but, i didn't want to offend you in the first post by saying this but.....BIG DIFFERENCE !!!wow!!!! good for you J-Max, conquering a feat that is very hard for most people, i myself am bid chubby but apparently my bmi index is like 21 so i'm perfect.

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