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.:BS's 100 Point Contest:.


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That's right The winner get 100 points and 2 reps.


2nd and 3rd will each receive a rep.


Ok make 5 cards. Sound simple? Keep reading


Each persons card's will be judged using a point system you can get a maximum score of 100, each card is worth a different amount. The max amount of points you can earn for each card will be listed.


1st Card: Make a card dedicated to me, use any image you want and make the card anyway you want, this card is worth 20.


2nd Card: Make a really cool monster card, image should be awesome, and effects are not a must. This card is worth 30.


3rd Card: Make a really good magic/trap card. It cannot be broken but it must be very powerful. And have a good image. 15


4th Card: Anything you want. Its up to you. 10


5th Card: Make a 4 star monster. It must have a good effect, good picture and cannot be broken. 25



You have until next Friday, one week from now. So get going.

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