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cystal beasts

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im working on a crytal beast deck


so here it goes....


lvl 4-1


man-eater bug

crystal beast emerald tortoise

crystal beast amethyst cat

crystal beast cobalt eagle

dweller in the depths

morphing jar#29removing



lvl 5-12

magna-slash dragon

cybernetic magician

volcanic hammerx2(removing


spell cards

creature swap(removing)

soul reversal(removeing)

sword of deap seeted(removing

dian keto


ddm capsulex2

wave motion cannon


pot of greed ( i know its forbidden im running outn of cards so i had to put something in0

crystal beacon

sword of reavling light

dark snake syndrome

soul of fire(removing)

crystal blessing

twin sword

magical mallet





rising energy(removing)

karma cut

trap jammer

terrible deal (removing)

volcanic recharge(removing)

negate attack

sak armorx3

triggered summon

gem flash energy

torrential tribute

magic cylinder



please rate and tell me if there are any forbiddon cards in there but jar of greed

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the deck doesnt realy theam crystal beasts. heres a deck my m8 made from just buyin a box. the crystal beast are alsum, but coz of their realese, iv made my greatest deck yet volcanic/ pheonix deck. (its the only get wich stops crystal beast no matter wot card zone their in.) my m8 was lucky to get 3 pegasus. hop4ly u find this deck plan usfull


monsters - 18


3| Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

2| Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat

3| Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise

3| Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth

2| Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

2| Crystal Beast - Topaz Tiger

3| Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

1| sangan



1| heavy storm

1| premature burial

1| mystical space typhoon

2| Rare Value

2| Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins

2| Crystal Beacon

2| Crystal Blessing

2| Cyrstal Abundance

3| Cyrstal Promise



3| Last Resort

3| Crystal Raigeki

1| call of the haunted

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Nice, but if I were you, I'd take out the Heavy storm. I'll give you a second for it to hit you really hard... ... ... okay there it goes. Anyways, Yeah, most of the time, it would be unwise to destroy all of the S/T cards, especially since throughout the course of the duel, you'd always have at least 2 CBs on the S/T zone

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The appeal of Heavy Storm is very reasonable. Being able to destroy all of the S/T cards on the field is a great effect, but it is really only used to it's fullest when you have little to no S/T cards on the field, and your opponent has many, this will almost never be the case for this deck. Almost every single one of your cards rely on there being several of your Crystal Beasts on the field. I'd take it out for a card that has more synergy with this deck, most of the time it seems Heavy Storm would be working your main goal.

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Also, some wonderful trivia about that zingy card. When it is activated, your opponent cannot activate the cards that you select, because you select the cards before it activates, then once it is activated, it works like Jinzo being summoned.

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