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Banlist Rumors

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The Wikia now has a Banlist Rumor section for the next Banlist... personally... if this Banlist ever comes into effect... it just sounds stupid and half of the cards shouldnt even be on there... anyways... heres the cards that are "Rumors" to be on the Ban List




* Deck Devastation Virus (from Unlimited)

* Des Koala (from Unlimited)

* Dimensional Prison (from Unlimited)

* Foolish Burial (from Unlimited)

* Just Desserts (from Unlimited)

* Metamorphosis (from Forbidden)

* Necroface (from Unlimited)

* Light and Darkness Dragon (from Unlimited)

* Sakuretsu Armor (from Unlimited)

* Secret Barrel (from Unlimited)




* Advanced Ritual Art (from Unlimited)

* Cyber Dragon (from Unlimited)

* Manticore of Darkness (from Semi-Limited)

* Lightning Vortex (from Unlimited)

* Messenger of Peace (from Unlimited)

* Mobius the Frost Monarch (from Unlimited)

* Raiza the Storm Monarch (from Unlimited)




* Cyber Blader (from Unlimited)

* Dark Magician of Chaos (from Limited)

* Heavy Storm (from Limited)

* Level Limit - Area B (from Limited)

* Marshmallon (from Limited)

* Mirror Force (from Limited)

* Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (from Limited)

* Reasoning (from Unlimited)

* Reversal Quiz (from Unlimited)

* Spatial Collapse (from Unlimited)



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lol rumors :lol:


Why do people swallow everything they see?


This is bullcrap


Marshmallon banned?


lol what n00bs. Just Fissure it.

But wait, if Marshmallon would be banned, WHERE THE HELL IS SPIRIT REAPER?!?!?! It has the same effect that he cannot be destroyed by battle.


Also Cyber Dragon? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I doubt it it will be limited


This list looks like it is made by n00bs who can't even overcome the easiest situations. xD




In case you people don't know:


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personally... since this ban list is nearly the same as the World CHampionship 08... its gonna suck


The article says it was an optional downloadable list of the game... not the offical list...yet... which I doubt it will become real. :|


Why are people so easily scared?


There's no need to get angry unless the new Ban List is up (which is in March) Then we can check what cards are forbidden and which ones aren't.


It's that simple.

Just have some patience.


I hate it when people get angry/scared before anything actually happens.

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this list is definitely not true.


why would marshmallon be banned, when reaper is better?

Grand mole isnt THAT good.

Level Limit area B is not good enough to be banned.

Reasoning is not good enough to be banned.


a ridiculous list. i could go on, and talk about how raiza shouldnt be limited...but...

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that too. heavy storm should never be banned.



okay i just realized...on the ban list:




one of the all-time worst cards. you have to discard your hand, destroy everything on your field, just to gain an amount of life points you could probably gain from Hummingbird. that is the most retarded ban i have ever seen.

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WTF? This total Bullshit.


Mirror Force- Very good, but shouldn't be banned...again.

Cyber Dragon- If this gets limited, then Cyber Twin and Cyber End Dragon will be useless.

Heavy Storm- Limited is fine. Banned is not.

Cyber Blader- One of the biggest WTF?!s on this list. It's not worth banning at all.

Grand Mole- No...just, no.

Level Limit- Not THAT great. It's easy to get rid of.

Marshmallon- No F***ing way....



This list is just total Bullshit.

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