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What pokemon


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Pokemon Diamond-

Torterra Lvl 66

Luxray Lvl 47

Onix Lvl 54

Pelopper Lvl 61

Dialga Lvl 59

-Not in Pokemon Diamond party but still proud of-

Lucario Lvl 27

Mesprit Lvl 50

Namine(aka Pachrisu) Lvl 45


Pokemon Emerald

Trapinch Lvl 34

Manectric Lvl 35

Wailmer Lvl 35

Tailli(aka Swellow) Lvl 33

Tropius Lvl 31

Aqua(aka Spheal) Lvl 30

-Not in Emerald Party but still proud of-

Torch (aka Combusken) Lvl 33 (I think)

Pooch(aka Mightyena) Lvl 34 (I think)

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