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Change the rules a bit

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I think that the gameplay of Yugioh is cool, but the cards are shitty sheet {I mean, man eater bug can destroy blue-eyes?!}. So I wanted to make cards that are only compactible with my own cards.

In first place, is that ok or does everybody want to use it in their own deck if it's good?


Secondly, since I will use my own set, is it ok to change the rules a bit?

I want to change this:

  • 1-2 need no sacrifice, 3-4 do need one, 5-6 need two, 7-8 need three, 9-10 need four and 11 needs all five {I don't like 12 stars, it goes too far to the left, it should be above the picture}.
  • I'll put the serie name in 'Circulation' {or is that normal?}
  • The maximum number of cards per deck/side/game in 'Serial Number'
  • The left side of 'Set ID' will be the number of card I made and the right side will be the price.

Here is an example, it needs 3 sacrrifice and you should look at the button left and middle right places of it.

The image tag didn't neem to work {I'll look at the page source at what you did to make an image AND clikcable}

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Wait, thats half the fun of the game right now... the point of the game is STRADEGY... planning out your moves ahead of time. Anyone who actually works on bringing out the BEWD, knows to always have a card or two ready for activation against all odds. This is cunning and planning, not brute force... thats not the point of the game.

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Ok then, it's better to know it now then when I've finished much cards. But just to let out rule 1 about the sacrifice, is the rest ok. They have not very much effect at the gameplay, only the 'how many cards in game/play/side/deck'.


So if you want my cards to be compactible with the rest, can someone give me a link to a very resent/updating Banned List, because there are so many cards that just suck. Cthulhu shouldn't been beaten by man-eater bug...

Is man-eater bug banned for example?

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