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Karakuris are epic


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Monsters (20):

3x Karakuri Watchdog
3x Karakuri Ninja (Kuick)
3x Karakuri Strategist
3x Karakuri Muso
3x Karakuri Merchant
1x Karakuri Ninja (Sazank)
2x Machina Gearframe
2x Machina Fortress

Spells (14):

3x Cash Cache
1x Karakuri Anatomy
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
2x Duality
1x Gold Sarc
1x Machine Dupe

Traps (7):

2x Karakuri Klock
1x Solemn Judgement
2x Solemn Warning
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential

Extra Deck (15):

3x Karakuri Steel Shogun
3x Karakuri Shogun
2x Naturia Barkion
2x Naturia Beast
1x Brionac
2x Catastor
2x Stardust

Side Deck (15):

2x Gozen Match
2x Rivalry
3x Chivalry
2x Pulling the Rug
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Machina Force
1x Limiter Removal
2x Shretsudder

Any suggestions?
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The only things Karakuri have for explosive field advantage besides the Shoguns and Ninishi are Glow-Up Bulb and Unknown Synchron, who make plays with Ninishi so much easier
Normal Ninishi
Normal Random Lv 4 Karakuri (Nisamu, Kuick, Haipa)
Synch into Burei, summon one of the aforementioned Lv 4s (or Saizan in defense position if you so desire, but I'd rather go for Nisamu simply on the fact that he can search another Lv 4 or Kuick if your opponent has something you can run over
Next turn;
Normal GUB/Unknown Synchron (GUB's especially cool if you did Kuick and SS'd Ninishi from the GY and Synch'd into another Burei)
Synch Burei+GUB/Unknown Synchron into Bureido, SS random Lv 4 from the deck
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