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[Contest] Write Me A Fan Fic!

The Dark Knight

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The goal of this contest is to write a fan fic for a duel between me and Kaiba and make it as exciting as possible (something you might see in the show, even). You can only use cards provided in the deck list below for my cards. For Kaiba, you may use any cards he's played. There will only be 1 winner and they will be selected after all participants have submitted their fan fics. [b]Deadline for fan fics is March 17.[/b] There will be no winner by default should such a situation occur. Just state your interest here and you'll be entered. Then post your fan fic as soon as possible and when they are either all submitted or on the deadline, I will read them and select the one that I feel is best and most deserving. Remember, the winner of the contest gets 300 points!

There are 4 places still available!
1.) evilfusion
2.) [s]Justice Master of Spoons[/s]
3.) ~ Epic Hero - Saber ~
4.) .Kowalski
5.) PikaPerson01

[Quote]My Deck List
Necro Gardna
Spirit Reaper
Chaos Sorcerer x3
Breaker x2
Vampire Lord
Flare Resonator
D.D. Warrior Lady
Flamvell Guard
Mobius The Frost Monarch
Marauding Captain x2
Archfiend of Gilfer
Power Invader
Magician of Faith
Pyramid Turtle
Vorse Raider
Garlandolf, King of Destruction
A/D Changer

Autonomous Action Unit
Monster Reborn
Swords of Revealing Light
Card Destruction
My Body As A Shield
Giant Trunade
Allure of Darkness
Dark Hole
Ritual of Destruction
Book of Moon

Torrential Tribute
Mirror Force
Bottomless Trap Hole
Starlight Road
Shadow Spell
Magic Cylinder
Chaos Burst
Call of the Haunted
Raigeki Break
Compulsory Evacuation Device

Stardust Dragon
Red Dragon Archfiend
Dark End Dragon
Red Nova Dragon
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[quote name='Justice Master' timestamp='1299813406' post='5065973']
Do you have to win the duel? Also, is there a name your character has or do we just make it up?

I'd prefer to win the duel, but if you feel you can do a good job with it, then go ahead and make me lose if you want. And you can make up my character's name or just call him Cross or something like that, I don't really care.
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[quote name='PikaPerson01' timestamp='1300240664' post='5076158']
I suppose I'll throw my hat into the ring. Maybe working on something else can rid me of writers block...

Edit: On an unrelated note, can we read the other people's stuff? > >

Added and yes.

And only 1 day left to go, btw! Although I know some people live in different time zones so if I get less than 2 submissions from the participants by tomorrow night, I'll extend the deadline by an extra 2 days.
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All right, here it is, then. Maybe not my best work, but I think it was all right.

[spoiler=my entry]
The stadium was at full-capacity, a remarkable feat for such a large building, and with good reason. Tonight was the night that one lucky and talented duelist would go head-to-head with the elusive Seto Kaiba. The event had already prompted a number of betting pools, and so far the odds were in favor of Kaiba by at least ten-to-one.

The challenger was a young man by the alias of 'Cross', an aspiring new duelist who had progressed throughout a smaller tournament for the honor of facing one of Duel Monsters' greatest players. Although Yugi Muto was widely regarded as the number one player in the world, popular consensus continued to treat Kaiba as the true champion of the game. Arranging a duel against the dueling Titan was borderline impossible with him running his immensely successful corporation, which only made the event all the more exciting.

The cries of the crowd dimmed when the spotlights clicked on, shining their beams down to the center stage. The announcer warmed up the crowd, adding layer upon layer of hype-inducing phrases such as 'the next fight of the century', and reminding everyone of how rare it was to see Seto Kaiba duel. Everyone's attention was upon the door to the left, where the great duelist would emerge. As the door rose, one spotlight shone upon the ground, marking out the path Kaiba would walk.

"And here he is!" the announcer shouted, the crowd going wild as the tall man stepped from the shadows. He had brown hair, sharp eyes that seemed perpetually focused ahead. His face was knit into a calm, confident, but very serious expression. Today he had chosen to wear the iconic white coat with the Kaiba Corporation logo at the color, and his usual black pants, the duster trailing behind him dramatically. On his left arm, he wore his company's most recent Duel Disk model, set into its standby mode.

"And the challenger!" the announcer shouted, and again the crowd burst into excited murmuring and cheers as the second man stepped forward. He was visibly younger than Kaiba, probably in his early teens, his face flushed with excitement as he made his way to the stage and climbing up to face Kaiba on the other side of the arena.

Cross gazed over at the opponent, grinning with confidence as he raised his Duel Disk to chest height. "Best of luck, Kaiba," he said, his tone friendly despite the challenge given. Kaiba smirked.

"Kids these days...luck means nothing," he scoffed. "Now let's get on with this." At the announcer's call, both Duel Disks sprang into motion, the wings clamping together into a single row of slots, and both players drew five cards from their decks.

"Let's duel!"

[b]Cross LP: 8000
Kaiba LP: 8000[/b]

"As challenger, I take the first move," Cross stated, drawing a sixth card. "I activate the Spell Card, Reasoning!" he continued, sliding one card into the slot, the image of the card appearing before him. Kaiba didn't so much as blink, nor did he read the visible card text on the hologram. "This card has my opponent choose a Monster Level, and I pick up cards until I get a Monster, and if the levels match, all cards picked up go the Graveyard, but otherwise-"

"You summon that Monster," Kaiba interrupted. "Go ahead, I choose level 4!"

Cross picked over the top card. [i]My Body as a Shield, a spell[/i], he thought, picking a second card. [i]Starlight Road...Trap[/i]...then he chose a third card and smiled. "Marauding Captain is level three, so I Special Summon it!" He slipped the other two cards into his Graveyard slot and an armored warrior dual wielding swords appeared, his blonde hair settling down. (Lvl 3, 1200/400)

"Am I supposed to be impressed?" Kaiba asked skeptically.

"You will be," Cross assured him. "I Summon another Marauding Captain from my hand!" An identical warrior to the first appeared on his field. (Lvl 3, 1200/400) "When my Captain is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a level four or below monster from my hand, and I choose Jain, Lightsworn Paladin!"

A third warrior, encrested with white colors, appeared alongside the other two warriors, smiling serenely. (Lvl 4, 1800/1200)

"As long as I have a Marauding Captain on the field, you cannot attack another Warrior monster, and since I have two, you can't attack them at all," Cross said proudly, sliding a card into a rear slot of his disk, a hologram of the card appearing behind his monsters. "I'll throw this down and call it quits. During my End Phase, Jain forces me to send the top two cards of my Deck to the Graveyard."

Cross picked up two cards, glancing at them before placing them in the Graveyard, a smile tugging at his mouth.

"Then it's my turn," Kaiba said, drawing a card smoothly. "I Summon X-Head Cannon!" (Lvl 4, 1800/1500) An armored machine with dual mounted cannons appeared on his field. "Now I activate Dark Core! By sending a card from my hand to the Graveyard, I remove one monster on the field from the game!" He thrust a finger forward. "I remove a Marauding Captain!"

Cross scowled as a black hole surrounded his monster and it vanished as if it had never existed.

"X-Head Cannon, attack his remaining Marauding Captain!" Kaiba ordered. The machine raised its cannons and a burst of fire struck the armored knight, shattering it into pixels, a shockwave striking Cross.

[b]Cross LP: 7400[/b]

Kaiba smirked. "I place one card facedown, and end my turn."

"Ugh, I activate my Call of the Haunted!" Cross stated, his Trap flipping up and revealing an image of a graveyard. "I use it to Special Summon my Archfiend of Gilfer!"

A purple mist momentarily surrounded Cross' field and a red fiend formed, hissing maliciously. (Lvl 6, 2200/2500). Kaiba was unbothered, to Cross' disappointment, but he didn't linger on the fact.

"I draw!" he stated. "I Summon the Tuner monster, Wattfox!" (Lvl 2 Tuner, 800/100)

"Tuner?" Kaiba repeated, but then just shrugged curtly.

"I tune my level six Archfiend of Gilfer with my level two Wattfox!" Cross announced. The electric fox rose into the air, splitting into two green rings. The fiend hissed and vanished, six orbs of light splitting up and forming a line in the center of the rings. "I Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon!"

With a roar, a brilliant white and blue dragon appeared, soaring majestically down to where Cross stood. The crowd cheered at the sight of Cross' monster and he flashed a grin in Kaiba's direction.

"Next, I remove Wattfox and Archfiend of Gilfer from my Graveyard to Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer!" Cross continued. A burst of light combined with a similar orb of darkness and a magician appeared, one of each orb clutched in its hands. (Lvl 6, 2300/2000)

Kaiba continued to watch with relative indifference. "Such powerful monsters, but can you do anything with them?" he challenged softly. Cross grinned.

"You bet I can. Jain, attack his X-Head Cannon! When Jain attacks a monster, it gains 300 ATK!" The light warrior's blade shimmered with light and it struck down Kaiba's cannon.

[b]Kaiba LP: 7700[/b]

"Stardust Dragon, direct attack!" Cross ordered. The dragon exhaled a silver gale of wind, but Kaiba's facedown card flipped up.

"I activate Magical Trick Mirror!" Kaiba declared. "I choose a Spell from your Graveyard and copy its effect! I choose your Reasoning!"

"Level eight," Cross stated without hesitation. There was no way he was giving Kaiba the chance to bring out a Blue-Eyes. Anything else, he could probably handle in battle, but a Blue-Eyes would force him to end his Battle Phase to get rid of.

Kaiba picked up a card and chuckled. "Level six, Kaiser Glider, in Defense Position!" he stated, slapping the card onto his disk. A golden dragon appeared, roaring. (Lvl 6, 2400/2200)

Cross hesitated. "I...go to Main Phase 2 and activate Chaos Sorcerer's effect to remove Kaiser Glider from play! Then I'll end my turn," he said grudgingly. The magician cackled and waved its arms, sending a sphere of energy that engulfed the monster, removing it from the field. "Jain then sends two cards from my deck to the Graveyard," Cross said, placing the top two cards of his deck into the Graveyard slot.

Kaiba drew a new card, momentarily inspecting the other cards in his hand. "I activate Monster Reborn to bring back my X-Head Cannon!" (Lvl 4, 1800/1500) "Now, I Summon Z-Metal Tank!" (Lvl 4, 1500/1300) A second machine materialized, orange in color, with tank treads at the bottom.

"I combine my Z-Metal Tank with my X-Head Cannon!" Kaiba announced, taking the newest monster off his Disk and placing into a rear slot instead. X-Head rose into the air before settling down on the tank, its connecting sphere at its base merging the appropriate section of the tank. (ATK: 1800->2400)

Cross winced, watching Kaiba warily. Things had been going so well until now.

"X-Head Cannon, attack Chaos Sorcerer!" Kaiba ordered. The Cannon launched a blast of fire into the spellcaster, shattering it apart in a flash. "Then I place one card facedown and end my turn!"

[b]Cross LP: 7300[/b]

"My turn, I draw!" Cross called, looking at his new card. "I Summon Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior!" (Lvl 4, 1850/1300) Wearing a similar light motif outfit to the Lightsworn Paladin, a second warrior appeared. "Stardust, attack his X-Head Cannon with Shooting Sonic!"

The white dragon exhaled another wind gale and Kaiba braced himself as the tank of his monster was destroyed. (ATK: 2400->1800)

[b]Kaiba LP: 7600[/b]

"Jain, attack X-Head Cannon!" Cross continued, the sword of the female warrior again glowing with light energy before delivering a devastating strike to Kaiba's machine, shattering it apart.

[b]Kaiba LP: 7300[/b]

"Garoth, direct attack!" The final strike struck Kaiba directly and he grunted, but dusted off his shirt as if nothing had happened.

[b]Kaiba LP: 5450[/b]

"I place a card down," Cross said. "Now I end my turn, but before you go, Jain sends two cards from my deck to the Graveyard. Now Garoth's effect activates! When cards are sent to the Graveyard by a Lightsworn monster, I send two cards from the top of my deck, and for each 'Lightsworn' monster I send by this effect, I draw a card!"

He paused and took two cards from the deck. "Flare Resonator and Jenis, Lightsworn Mender. I draw 1 card!" He drew and looked back at Kaiba. "Your turn," he said, betraying his smugness. Kaiba scowled.

"So, you make one decent move and suddenly you're king of the world?" Kaiba asked, drawing his card. "I set a monster in Defense Position and end my turn!"

Cross smiled and drew. "I'll have Jain attack your facedown monster!" When the light warrior approached Kaiba's monster, a golden lamp appeared and the warrior's blade hit with enough force to unbalance the wielder, to such an extent that she turned and jabbed her blade into Garoth, destroying the warrior. "What?!"

"When Ancient Lamp is attacked while facedown," Kaiba explained smugly. "I choose one of your monsters and have you attack it instead. "Since Jain gains 300 ATK, it was able to destroy your Garoth."

[b]Cross LP: 7050[/b]

"Stardust, take it out!" Cross snapped, his dragon launching a wind gale and destroying Kaiba's lamp. "I set another card and end my turn, sending 2 cards from my deck by Jain's effect."

"At this rate, you may end up running out of cards," Kaiba mocked. "Not like the cards are any real loss. My turn." He drew a card and smirked. "I activate Card of Demise! This lets me draw until I hold five cards! But in five turns, I discard my entire hand!"

"What?" Cross gasped, as Kaiba drew five cards, his smirk widening upon seeing them.

"First up, I Summon Spear Dragon!" A large blue dragon with a beige chest formed, glaring at Cross. (Lvl 4, 1900/0) "I attack your Jain with my Spear Dragon!"

"Not yet!" Cross interrupted, one of his facedowns flipping up. "I activate my Chaos Burst! By Tributing my Jain, the attacking monster is destroyed, and its ATK is dealt to you as damage!"

"I activate Interdimensional Matter Transporter," Kaiba countered. "This removes my Spear Dragon from play for the turn, protecting it from your card!"

Spear Dragon growled and disappeared into a dimensional rift. As the smoke from Cross' Trap cleared, Kaiba smirked.

"I'll then set a card," he said calmly. "That's all for this turn." With another shimmer, his Spear Dragon returned to the field. (ATK: 1900)

Cross frowned. "I draw! I remove Chaos Sorcerer and Garoth from my Graveyard for my second Chaos Sorcerer!"

A second magician appeared, identical to the first one Cross had played in the duel. (Lvl 6, 2300/2300) It cackled maliciously, juggling spheres of light and dark energy.

"Stardust, attack his Spear Dragon!" Cross ordered, his glittering dragon launching a wave of wind.

"I activate my Shrink!" Kaiba said, his Spell flipping up. Stardust growled and began to decrease in size until it was only about half its normal size. (ATK: 2500->1250) "It halves your monster's attack, so my Spear Dragon can destroy it."

[b]Cross LP: 6400[/b]

Stardust shattered apart when hit with Spear Dragon's counter attack, but Cross recovered his composure swiftly. "Chaos Sorcerer, attack Spear Dragon!" With a cackle, the sorcerer cast a spell, and Spear Dragon exploded.

[b]Kaiba LP: 5050[/b]

"I end my turn," Cross said confidently. Kaiba drew his next card wordlessly.

"I discard my Thunder Dragon to add 2 more Thunder Dragons from my deck to my hand!" he stated, adding the cards. "Now I activate Cost Down, letting me discard one card and lower the level of every monster in my hand by 2 until the End Phase! Now I activate Soul Exchange!"

Chaos Sorcerer was engulfed by a whirlpool of light and Cross' mouth dropped open as his monster vanished. Kaiba's smirk turned triumphant as he raised a card into the air. An all-too familiar roar echoed through the stadium and an enormous blue-white scaled dragon with fierce eyes and a regal wingspan rose into the air. (Lvl 6, 3000/2500)

"I activate Bottomless Trap Hole!" Cross announced hastily. "So bid farewell to your Blue-Eyes as it's removed from play!" He laughed confidently as a dimensional rift formed around Kaiba's monster, sucking it inside as if it had never existed. Kaiba scowled.

"That's the end of my turn," he grumbled. The announcer began rattling off statements about how Kaiba's best card had been beaten, but his air of confidence was undiminished. Cross may have had the advantage for now, but that could change come Kaiba's next turn.

Cross flicked a fresh card into his hand. So far, things were going chaotically. He had never expected Kaiba to be a simple opponent, but time and time again, the Duel Monsters master had destroyed or otherwise eliminated some of his best cards, including Stardust and two Chaos Sorcerers.

"I Summon Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer!" he said. A humanoid spellcaster, clutching an exorcising chain and draped in a flowing purple robe appeared, one side of its face covered in a strange red mask of some sort. (Lvl 4, 1800/700) "Kycoo, direct attack!"

Kycoo's holy chain extended into a whip and struck Kaiba's shoulder. Kaiba brushed it off with a look that was clearly taunting Cross' efforts.

[b]Kaiba LP: 3250[/b]

"When Kycoo inflicts Battle Damage, I can remove from play up to 2 monsters from your Graveyard," Cross said. "I choose your X-Head Cannon and Spear Dragon." As he spoke, the two monster silhouettes were sucked into a dimensional rift. "Then I'll put this card facedown and end my turn!"

"That's nice," Kaiba retorted, drawing his next card. "I Summon Vorse Raider!" A humanoid monster clutching some sort of battle axe leapt onto the field. "Destroy Kycoo!" he ordered, and watched as Cross' monster was cut down in an instant.

[b]Cross LP: 6300[/b]

Cross scowled and drew. "I'll end my turn," he said blandly.

"What's this? Cross is ending his turn without playing anything? This may be just the opening Mr. Kaiba needs to-"

Both duelists blocked out the words of the announcer, Cross' eyes fixed upon the card Kaiba was drawing. It had been three turns since he had used Card of Demise, so in two turns, Kaiba would lose his hand and be left with nothing.

"I Summon Y-Dragon Head!" Seto stated, a red draconic-shaped machine forming in front of him. (Lvl 4, 1500/1600) "Y-Dragon Head, attack him directly!"

"I activate Raigeki Break!" Cross said, his facedown flipping up, displaying a bolt of lightning coming from a creature's finger. "By discarding Necro Gardna, I destroy your Vorse Raider!" A similar bolt of lightning fired from the card, shattering apart Kaiba's monster. The draconic machine launched a white bolt of energy, striking Cross in the chest.

[b]Cross LP: 4800[/b]

"My turn!" Cross grunted, excitement returning to his face as he looked at his newest draw. "I Summon Pyramid Turtle!" A large turtle appeared, but instead of a shell, it had an enormous yellow pyramid on its back. (Lvl 4, 1200/1400) "Attack his Y-Dragon Head!"

"What?" Kaiba snorted, but he paused as his machine hastened to counterattack, obliterating Cross' monster.

[b]Cross LP: 4500[/b]

"When Pyramid Turtle is destroyed in Battle, I Special Summon a Zombie monster from my deck with 2000 DEF or less, and I choose Vampire Lord!" A flurry of bats swarmed the field, and in their midst, a pale humanoid appeared, draped in a long black cloak and eyeing Kaiba with a hungry expression. (Lvl 5, 2000/1400) "Vampire Lord, attack his Y-Dragon Head!"

The vampire's eyes flashed and a wave of bats struck the machine, cracking its armor and destroying it.

[b]Kaiba LP: 2750[/b]

"When Vampire Lord inflicts-"

"Just choose," Kaiba interrupted impatiently. "Spell, Trap, or Monster?"

Cross frowned. "Spell. Turn End."

"That's fine," Kaiba snorted, choosing a Spell and sliding it into his Graveyard indifferently. "Now, watch!" He drew and began to laugh, causing Cross to look up in confusion. "I'll put this card down, that's all," he said softly.

"Is it?" Cross retorted, drawing. It didn't matter what Kaiba had down. In his next turn, he'd have to discard his Thunder Dragon and whatever card he drew, and that would leave him with nothing for the turn, in a perfect position to be defeated in one move. "Vampire Lord, attack him directly! And if this hits, Kaiba, send another Spell!"

Kaiba braced himself against the flurry of swarming bats, looking smugger by the second. Without a concern, he sent another card to the Graveyard. "You finished?" he asked. Cross narrowed his eyes, but gestured that his turn was over.

[b]Kaiba LP: 750[/b]

"Then it's my turn! Due to Card of Demise, I discard my hand," he said, turning Thunder Dragon and Negate Attack around before discarding them. "I activate my Trap! Return from the Different Dimension! For the small cost of half my remaining Life Points, I Special Summon as many monsters as possible that have been removed from the game!"

"What?!" Cross gasped, a look of horror on his face.

[b]Kaiba LP: 375[/b]

"So first, come out, Kaiser Glider!" The golden dragon reappeared, growling. (Lvl 6, 2400/2200) "And next my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" The fearsome dragon roared, emerging from the dimensional rift. (Lvl 8, 3000/2500) "And last X-Head Cannon and Spear Dragon!" The machine and blue dragon appeared, both posing triumphantly when they returned. (Lvl 4, 1800/1500) (Lvl 4, 1900/0)

Cross paled slightly, glancing at the card in his hand helplessly.

"Kaiser Glider, attack Vampire Lord!" Kaiba commanded, his monster diving forward and striking the Vampire with a single slash of its claws. With a groan, the undead collapsed.

[b]Cross LP: 4100[/b]

"X-Head Cannon, attack him directly!" Kaiba continued, twin bolts of fire striking his opponent. Cross shuddered, glaring at his foe, all excitement being replaced by frustration.

[b]Cross LP: 2300[/b]

"Spear Dragon, it's your turn!" The blue dragon launched a cyclone from its mouth, knocking Cross to his knees.

[b]Cross LP: 400[/b]

"Now Blue-Eyes, attack him directly with White Lightning!" The monstrous dragon charged its attack in its mouth, and sent the breath assault towards Cross. Before it could hit, however, a zombified creature rose up and intercepted it, protecting the opposing duelist.

"Necro Gardna lets him remove itself from the Graveyard to negate an attack," Cross explained, his eyes alight with fierce determination. "This duel isn't done yet! Now let's end this!"

"Ha, I end my turn," Kaiba answered, his four monsters disappearing into a rift once more, leaving his field completely empty. Cross panted, wiping a droplet of sweat from his brow. It all came down to this draw, and he knew it. In his hand was Card Destruction, useless last turn, but this time...he could bring about a final reversal and get one more draw.

"It's my turn!" he shouted, flicking his wrist and turning his new card around. [i]A-D Changer...this only has 100 ATK...I could play it to defend myself, or I could discard it with Card Destruction and hope for something even better. But if I don't get something better, I could lose...[/i]

"Well?" Kaiba challenged. "I thought you were going to end this, but I guess you just couldn't make this last move. I hope you make it count, because my next turn will end this!"

"I activate Card Destruction!" Cross retorted, discarding his card and drawing a new card. [i]Please be a monster[/i]...slowly he turned the card around and his eyes widened. "I set a monster in Defense!" he said, a horizontal card hologram appearing. "Then I remove A-D Changer from my Graveyard, to change the Battle Position of one monster on my side of the field, and I choose my monster!"

His card flipped up and a young woman in a purple robe and carrying a crescent moon staff appeared. (Lvl 1, 300/400) Kaiba blinked.

"Magician of Faith lets me return one Spell from my Graveyard to my hand," Cross explained, extracting several cards from his Graveyard. [i]Thanks to my Lightsworn's efforts, I have several Spells in my Graveyard, but only one can help here. My LP is too low to use Autonomous Action Unit or My Body as a Shield, and Book of Moon won't do me any good, neither will my Ritual Spell.[/i]

"Well?" Kaiba prompted again. "Get on with it!"

"I choose Reasoning!" Cross said, promptly thrusting it into a Spell or Trap card zone. "Now choose a monster level! We'll see how my game plays out now! I don't have any monsters with 0 ATK in my deck, and if you pick a level other than the monster I pick up, this duel will be over!"

Kaiba paused, his expression giving nothing away. Cross waited with anticipation, ready to pick up his next card and see whether he would win, or if Kaiba would have a chance to win instead. "I choose level four!" he declared at last.

Cross picked up the top card. [i]Shadow Spell[/i]...then the second...[i]Monster Reborn[/i]...then the third and his blood ran cold. "Breaker the Magical Warrior...level four," he muttered, placing the monster and the two other cards into the Graveyard. He pointed his hand forward. "That doesn't mean I'm giving up! Magician of Faith, attack Kaiba directly!"

The small mage thrust the staff forward, sending a small spark of magic, but Kaiba brushed off the assault.

[b]Kaiba LP: 75[/b]

"You couldn't do it, but I can," Kaiba said. "I'll thank you for sending non-monster cards to the Graveyard with your Vampire Lord, so my odds of drawing a monster are that much better. It's my turn!"

Cross bit his lip as Kaiba drew his card. Would he get a monster card?

Kaiba looked at the card. "Too bad. I Summon La Jinn!" A solemn green genie formed in front of Kaiba, arms crossed respectfully. (Lvl 4, 1800/1000) "Attack his Magician!"

La Jinn inhaled and a burst of magic surrounded the Magician, which let out a pitiful cry before being dragged to the ground, dissolving as if she had never existed. Cross' eyes watered and he lowered his head.

[b]Cross LP: 0[/b]

The crowd went wild at the duel's conclusion, while Kaiba smirked victoriously, at last turning away and walking back the way he came, barely acknowledging the cheers or the announcer's comments on the turnabout duel. Cross stood there for almost a full minute, at last turning and exiting the stadium, dejected. He had come so close...yet victory had evaded his grasp at the last moment. Still, he would not give up. One day, he would improve his deck and skills and be able to once again go head to head with a dueling legend.

Except next time he'd win for sure.
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Here's mine. By far, the worst thing I've ever written:

[spoiler=Chaos Distill]His story came to an end, with a small bit of fanfare. At last, the teacher, Ms. Wilhelmina looked through her roster. "Okay, cXross. You're next. Tell us what you did for your summer vacation." A pleasant smile decorated her face.

cXross eagerly smirked as he grabbed his paper and rushed to the front of the class. He cleared his throat and began. "During my summer vacation, I visited KaibaLand and got to meet Seto Kaiba and duel him and-"

"LIAR!" A larger youth, declared loudly, rolling his eyes in derision. "Why would Kaiba wanna duel a runt like you?"

Miss Wilhelmina gave the bully a stern looking, as though advising him to avoid more outburts like that.

cXross didn't seem to notice as he continued.

"We happened to arrive at Kaibaland on Seto Kaiba's birthday."

"Kaiba's birthday is October 25th!"

Miss Wilhelmina once again looked at the Bully, though she couldn't quite reprimand him. After all, the other kids found his sudden outburst rather funny.

All Wilhelmina could muster was "S-settle down class. We listened to everyone's story respectfully..."


"So you simply must give cXross the same respect he gave you."

cXross seemed blissfully unaware of what was going on. He continued his story, still with an eager smirk on his face.

[quote]Since it was Kaiba's birthday, he decided to visit the Duel Stadium and accept any challenge for a duel all day. He had been winning duels left and right. That is, until I showed up.

I stepped up to the far side of the Duel Stadium, and the man himself looked back at me.

"Ready to lose?" he asked smugly.

"I was born ready! ... Wait, go back a bit."


Our duel disks buzzed to life as our life points hit 4000. I picked up my top five cards, Kaiba began with five, and a sixth for his draw phase.

"Hey wait, why do you get to go first?" an irritated tone to my voice. 'You're Seto Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corp and World Class Duelist. You got to the finals of Battle City and-'

"And, I didn't become a world class duelists by giving hand outs to chump duelists like you and going second. Not to mention I have... the home field advantage." A smug smile etched itself onto Seto Kaiba's face as he began. Main Phase 1.

"I'll begin with my Saggi the Dark Clown, and I'll continue by setting three cards facedown." He didn't seem at all alarmed at summoning a 600 attack Normal Dark Monster, and I'd soon find out why.

"I'll draw!"' I began, before his face down came into play.

"Crush Card Virus!" With a flip of his track my entire deck was affected. A cruel snear as he looked me over. "You have nothing more than the weakest of the weak, the most terrible cards in your deck are all you have left!"

"Ha! Jokes on you Kaiba! My entire deck is filled with terrible cards!" I responded, before continuing with my turn. 'I'll begin by Normal Summoning Marauding Captain! Since he's on the field, I get to summon another monster, Flare Resonator!"

I smirked as I pointed dramatically. "Sacrificing your monster has left you wide open Kaiba! And now, you'll pay for it! Marauding Captain! Flare Resonator! Direct Attack!"

[b]Kaiba's Life Points:[/b] 4000 ---> 2500

It seemed easy. Almost too easy. He was definitely planning something, and I'd find out as soon as I ended my turn. That is, after setting my own support of course.

"My move!" Kaiba began, with a draw. 'I'll normal summon Lord of D.' He smirked as his line of sight looked towards one of his face downs. "Now I'll activate, the Flute of Summoning Dragons!"

And there I was, standing up against two of his most powerful headliners. The Blue Eyes White Dragon pair roared violently. Did he let me take that shot at his life points to lull me into a false sense of security?

His first Blue Eyes rushed to meet my Marauding Captain.

[b]cXross's life points[/b]: 2200

And his second Blue Eyes rushed for my Flare Resonator, ready to take me out of the duel.

"Activate trap!" I responded dramatically as I revealed my card. "Shadow Spell!"

The chains enwrapped his blood thirsty White Dragon. But the same could not be said of his Lord of D. It sped towards my Resonator, shattering it into a million dots of rainbow pixels.

[b]cXross's life points[/b]: 1300"[/quote]

"HEY! You can't use Shadow Spell on Blue Eyes White Dragon when Lord of D is on the field!" the bully from earlier interrupted.

Miss Wilhelmina stood up. "It's against classroom rules to interrupt your fellow students!"

"Isn't it also against classroom rules to lie Miss Wilhelmina?" a sneer spread itself upon the bully's face.

Miss Wilhelmina opened her mouth as if to say something, then just kind of awkwardly muttered something before sitting back down.

cXross seemed to remain blissfully unaware he was being made fun of as he continued looking down at his paper, continuing his story.

[quote]"'Go ahead.' Kaiba began, chuckling to himself. There were no cards left in his hand, but plenty of cards left on the field. It was a mix of relief and determination.

I drew my next card, a high attack power monster. I could feel Kaiba's crush card taking effect, but alas, it wouldn't end here.

'Vampire Lord! When it's destroyed by a card effect such as, let's say, your Crush Card Virus, I get to summon it on my standby phase!' The 2000 attack zombie emerged on my side of the field, ready to take down his Lord of D.

'I'll set one monster and then attack your Lord of D with my Vampire Lord!'

I could sense a comeback was in the works, but before that could happen, Kaiba had one last trick up his sleeve.

'[url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Balance]Power Balance[/url]!' He chained. On my opening turn I had 6 cards. I summoned two monsters in one turn, and set a card, leaving me with 3. On my draw phase, I continued with 3. During my Main Phase 1, I held 2 cards in hand, after playing a monster in defense. I discarded a card, and Kaiba drew one of his own.

My attack continued as planned.

[b]Kaiba's Life Points:[/b] 2500 ---> 1700

And I was given a chance to discard a card from Kaiba's deck, and I definitely took it. I choose spell cards, and he discarded his Lullaby of Obedience spell card.

All I could do was set the last card left in my hand as support in my spell and trap card zone and end my turn.

Kaiba drew, and began his assault on my Vampire Lord with his Blue Eyes. But I had other ideas. The previous turn, when Kaiba used his Power Balance trap card, I had been forced to discard a card. And now, that card was coming to my aid. "Necro Gardna!" I declared.

His monster's attack was stopped just as it began. A fierce look of intensity in his eyes as he set one support card and ended his turn.

I drew, another target for Crush Card. However...

"Archfiend of Gilfer!" I declared as my monster was destroyed. I could lower the attack of one monster on the field. And since one of his Blue Eyes White Dragon was already crippled, why not just go for that one? I lowered it's attack by 500 points more, down to 1800.

And with that, my Vampire Lord destroyed Kaiba's first Blue Eyes White Dragon.

[b]Kaiba's Life Points:[/b] 1700 ---> 1500

A mean spirited scowl at the loss of his weakened Blue Eyes, but he still had one at full power. I ended.

'I'll begin with the spell [url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_of_Demise]Card of Demise[/url]!' Kaiba went from 1 card left in hand to 5 in one quick instant. 'Now my Blue Eyes, finish off his Vampire Lord! White Lightning!'

'Activate trap! [url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Chaos_Burst]Chaos Burst[/url]!' I responded. The crowd that had formed had cheered and roared at my last play. I tributed my face down monster, Sangan, as Kaiba's Blue Eyes was reduced to a steaming pile of rubble.

'That's not all! You take a thousand points of damage now!'

[b]Kaiba's Life Points:[/b] 1500 ---> 500

Victory was close at hand. With Sangan now gone, I looked through my deck for my next card, Wattfox, but Kaiba once again proved why he was a world class duelist. He flipped his face down. "I activate [url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Thirst_for_Compensation]Thirst for compensation[/url]!"

"When you add a card to your hand, I can special summon two level 4 or lower monsters!"

He slapped two cards onto his duel disk. Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank. Then, a normal summon on his Main Phase 1. "X-Head Cannon!" I could tell what was about to happen. "XYZ Dragon Cannon!" It had taken so many turns and so many traps to rid myself of two powerful monsters. Now here I was nearly right back where I started. Kaiba set two cards as support and ended his turn, and my turn began.

I had to make quick work to end this duel. I drew on my draw phase, doubling the cards in hand from 1 to 2. "I normal summon Wattfox, but he won't be around for long!" In a quick move, I had Synchro Summoned. My Level 2 Wattfox and my level 6 Vampire Lord merged to form the strongest monster, attack wise, that I had. "Red Dragon Archfiend!"

My 3000 attack points dragon roared as I pointed dramatically. "Finish off his XYZ Dragon Cannon!"

Kaiba revealed his facedown, ever as prepared as always. "[url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Command_Silencer]Command Silencer[/url]! Your attack is negated, and I draw a card!" He did just as he said he would.

I set one card as support, a nod as I ended my turn.

"I activate De-Fusion!" Kaiba began after drawing his turn. His XYZ Dragon Cannon split apart into 3 mid level monsters. "Now, I tribute my monsters to summon-"

My eyes widened in horror as the gravity of what he was about to do hit me.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xscsuuKF6ZE]Dramatic music![/url]

Obelisk the Tormentor.

"Wait wait wait, why wouldn't Kaiba discard a card first to use XYZ's effect?" the Bully interrupted.

"Because he only had De-Fusion and Obelisk left in his hand."

"But discarding either of them would be much better then going for a dramatic show. Any world class duelist wouldn't bother with flare over... say, winning."

cXross ignored his dissenters and continued his story.

[quote]Kaiba laughed evilly as his most powerful monster emerged on the field. One seismic punch and my field was rid of my Red Dragon Archfiend.

[b]cXross's life points[/b]: 300

Things were looking grim. But I knew with just a bit of strategy I could pull out a win. I drew my top card, and readied my self as I knew the duel was about to be over.

I flipped my facedown over. "Call of the Haunted!"

Followed by a normal summon, Flamvell Gaurd. And the last card in my hand-[/quote]

"You only had one card left in hand. If that story really happened, you cheated!"

[quote]"Monster Reborn!" I revived my Flare Resonator. The stage was set for my greatest Synchro Summon ever. Flare Ressonator, Flamvell Gaurd, and red Dragon Archfiend merged to create my own ace monster.

[url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Nova_Dragon]Red Nova Dragon![/url]

I had Kaiba on the defense now, as his eyes filled with horror. My Red Dragon Nova's attack increased to 4500, towering over his own might Obelisk. One attack, and the duel would be over. But alas, he flipped his final card over.

"Ring of Destruction!" Sacrificing his Obelisk, it exploded, deliver 4000 points of damage to all players involved.

[b]cXross's life points:[/b] 300 ---> 0
[b]Kaiba's Life Points:[/b] 500 ---> 0

"Still undefeated." Kaiba smirked. It was true, he hadn't lost. He merely ended out game in a tie. He laughed his smug little laugh before turning around, his coat billowing in the winds. Though I may have been nothing but an insignificant worm to him, he was by far my greatest opponent. And that's what I did on my summer vacation!"[/quote]

An eager smirk spread itself on cXross's face as he looked on at the incredulous faces of his classmates.

Miss Wilhelmina looked over the class before popping in an aspirin into her mouth and downing a cup of water. "Alright, that's enough. cXross, detention for lying to the entire class. Bully, detention for interrupting. Now, who's up next?"[/spoiler]
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