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D. D. Sprite

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[quote]You can Special Summon this card from your hand by removing from play 1 monster you control. If you do, return the removed from play monster to the field during the next Standby Phase.[/quote]

So it removes, then returns the monster during your opponent's turn. What sucks that is to stay on the field for the return effect to work.
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It is unfortunate, but reminds me of how Future Visions works.

Not bad, fortunately it can also just be Normal Summoned if you dont want to remove anything. Can be used to abuse certain effects like Absolute Zero or Aslla Piscu that activate just when it's removed from the field. Being a level 1 Tuner is also nice, although by this point, good level 1 Tuners are all over the place.
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[quote name='Father Wolf' timestamp='1299984773' post='5070062']
remove D.D. Survivor > [b]Normal D.D. Unicorn Knight[/b] > Special Cyber Valley > Special Formula, Draw a card > Synchro for Brio > End Phase Special D.D. Survivor. Problem solved
Can't happen. If you meant Special Summon it, then this move. I'm guessing you meant Special based on that you're SSing Cyber Valley for no other reason.
This also requires D.D. Survivor out on the field already since you can't Normal Summon or Set during the turn you summon Unicorn Knight.

I actually like this card except for the fact that it needs to be on the field for the monster to return.
I'd rather use Effect Veiler.
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