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"All monsters on the field and in any Graveyard become Zombie-Type monsters. Neither player can Tribute Summon monsters, except Zombie-Type monsters."

I love Zombie World decks. Zombie World not only allows for shenanigans with your own cards like Zombie Master and Paladin of the Cursed Dragon, but it also counters a good number of common deck strategies. At the very least it can act as a field replacer when your opponent has a Field Spell out. But it also stops Monarchs (save Dark Dust Spirit), and any deck that uses a certain monster Type in the Graveyard or on the field, such as many Dragon and Machine decks.

Would be funny for a Zombie deck to side into a Zombie World build.
[spoiler="Zombie World Side Deck"]3x Zombie World
3x Paladin of the Cursed Dragon
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Trap of the Imperial Tomb (if wanted)
1x Terraforming
1-2x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
1-2x Marionette Mite
2-0x Whatever[/spoiler]
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[quote name='Chihaya Kisaragi' timestamp='1300050995' post='5071914']
Trolls against Solidarity?
Also, it's fun to use in Zombies (obviously), and Zombie Master loves.
Now if only they made a Zombie Searcher that searches this card, besides that one Zombie where he wastes a Summon.

Solidarity says "Originally Printed Types", meaning Zombie World does not affect Solidarity whatsoever.
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Correct. While Zombie World will not impact the boost to a specific type from Solidarity, it just so happens that the monsters on the field dont match the ones in the Graveyard (assuming you're not using actual Zombies). Solidarity is worded the way it is so you can't use Zombie World and make EVERY monster boosted by Solidarity.

I like Zombie World in that you can theoretically give any monster Zombie revival shenanigans while messing up some strategies. One of the evil abusers? Voltic Bicorn.
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