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Idiocy in Yugioh

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Since the subject pertains to anime as well as the real life version I thought it would fit here. I'm sure people have faced an idiot, seen an idiot, etc. Today's yugioh episode was a great example. Apparently in Joey's logic Jinzo can be special summoned with graverobber. As for real life duels mind this was a free format duel using cards before GX aired. On my first turn I decided to set bell of destruction and royal oppression. He summons cyber stein, special summons master dragon knight then I proceeded to activate bell.

Discuss idiocy in yugioh

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I'm the master at the game in neighborhood. I play almost everyday. MY friends always put spell and traps in monster card zone.

I know that feeling. My college buddies are dimwits and think all synchros are overpowered. They think lightsworns' way of winning is cheap and wimpy. Ironically enough thy let me run a free format jar out deck that runs cyber jar, morphing jar, needle worm, card destruction, and spear cretin @3. In the old meta cretin was good for flip troll decks. One time they were stupid enough to let me set 3 morph jars, 2 needle worms and 3 card destructions.

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1 Turn kill move.




Sneak Attack(Manga Card Printed It Out)

Monster Reborn

Light and Darkness Dragon.

Gracful Charity



Sneak Attack was only a manga card not real

Monster Reborn is Banned

Megamorph is Banned

Light and darkness Dragon Cannot be Special Summoned


Simple and he said he won o.O


I loled hard.

You have no idea what the banlist looks like? Do you?


Opponent used Trap Stun on one of my traps, I then summoned a monster and he tried to Warning it.

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Why do people always forget what applies in the anime doesn't always apply to the RL game, commonly because the anime comes first, so for example in GX 4 Judai could have used Monster Reborn to special summon E-Hero Flame Wingman (a fact picked up again in 5Ds 157 when they reflect back on the past), however in the RL game, you can't do it because it cannot be special summoned by non-fusion methods.


And the Anime, Manga and OCG/TCG all have different rules as well.


People just don't use their braincells to properly learn the rules of the game in RL, rather than what the Anime says. And top decks are top decks for a reason, Gladials are still around and doing ok. Along with Agent Angels, True Six Sams, Black Feathers.

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I was playing against two of my friends (1v2 shared LP) and here is the two turns:



Set monster

Set Negate Attack



Freind 1:

Uses double summon for 2 monssters (don't remember which)

set Needle Ceiling



Freind 2: Summons a monster

Freind 1 uses Needle Ceiling




Uses double Summon to summon King's and Queen's Knight.

Uses King's Knights ability to summon Jack's Knight.

I win

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Guest Striker

I had a friend who really doesn't get it. He thinks MST can negate a normal trap after activation. Also, he thinks I can't SS Infernal Incinerator without the costs applied to Normal Summoning it. It doesn't say anything about SS.

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