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Terrorizer of the Sea...



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  1. 1. Do you think I'll do well in contest with this card?

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[color="#00BFFF"][center][size="4"][b][font="Times New Roman"]This card is made for Talos's RPG Contest...

I wanted to post it and make it into Japanese


[u]Name:[/u] Glacier Terror [u]Card Type:[/u] Effect Monster [u]Attribute:[/u] WATER [u]Type:[/u] Aqua [u]ATK/DEF:[/u] ?/2100 [u]Level:[/u] 7[/font][/b][/size]

[font="Matrix Book"]You must destroy 1 WATER monster you control for this card declares an attack. When this card attacks, this card gains the ATK of the destroyed WATER monster. When this card is attacked, discard 1 monster in your hand. This card's ATK is treated as the discarded monster. When this card destroys a WATER monster, draw 1 card. Activate the following effect depending on the type of the card drawn: ● Monster: Special Summon it to the field. ● Spell: Draw a card ● Trap: Inflict 1000 points of damage.[/font]

click on card to see large/original image...[/center][/color]
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[quote name='Elemental Dragon' timestamp='1300723687' post='5087375']
OCG is a luittle off and whats the point in the japanese card?? You may do well in a contest but it depends on your rival

thnx and can you specify where?

I did the jap card for fun....

thnx... its a 20 man contest...
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It is very UP'd. At summon it will have 0 ATK, and it can't even be Searched by Mother Grizzly or Salvage. At attacking you are already at a -1 and it most likely will get only ~1900 ATK anyway. The draw effect is situational and only depends on if your opponent runs WATER.... which most likely they will not. Plus they can take advantage of this card, by attacking it when you've worked up a few attacks to power it up it's ATK will reset and you will have another -1.

I don't know where to start, but, you could make it Lv4. Even then it's pretty weak though.
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