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Where's Your Deck? v2

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Accidentally posted this in the wrong section. Stupid me... Anyways, the win condition is obvious. I am looking for room for more Eclipse, Heat Wave, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, and possibly a Snowman eater. Considering Jujitsu Master, but not sure because it sort of contradicts the deck theme.

[3]Needle Worm
[3]Warm Worm
[3]Morphing Jar #2
[3]Shield Worm
[2]Penguin Soldier
[1]Spirit Reaper
[1]Morphing Jar
[1]Mask of Darkness

[2]Book of Eclipse
[2]Pot of Duality
[2]Dimensional Fissure
[1]Swords of Revealing Light
[1]Dark Hole
[1]Book of Moon
[1]Level Limit Area B
[1]Card Destruction

[3]Dark Bribe
[2]Ordeal of a Traveller
[2]Bottomless Trap Hole
[1]Torrential Tribute
[1]Mirror Force
[1]Royal Oppression

[2]Swift Scarecrow
[2]Effect Veiler
[1]Giant Trunade
[1]Pot of Avarice

54 card Zombies: 1-0
Sephiron Deck: 1-0
Dragunities: 1-0
Deck with Skill Drain: 0-1
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Well, my first duel with it was stupid... Was against a 54 card Zombie deck who believed that if he just kept recycling with Shutendoji he would win the duel. I had Ordeal, Limit, Oppression, Mirror Force, and 2 Warm Worms on the field. Then ended the duel with Card Destruction.

EDIT: I also went up against Temporal Gods, whom sucked because they never got to attack and barely ever Summoned.
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