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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Championship 2012 (3DS)


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So as far as I know, Konami will be making WC2012 for the Nintendo 3DS console. It will have the new priority ruling, the Exceed Summons, the "Virtual Dueling World" that's in the anime/manga, with characters and a storyline similar to the early episodes of Zexal. Here's what I hope will also be on the game:


StreetPass will swap deck data. Simply put, you can now duel the person you just crossed paths with.

Konami will update with new cards when available via SpotPass (However you do need Wi-Fi connectivity).

Similar to Pokémon's Global Link, Konami will also have a online website dedicated to world rankings and such. Possible Wi-Fi tournaments would be a great addition.

Create-a-Puzzle Mode will be added.


I am also anticipating a second-quarter release in 2012 (just for the lulz, I'll guess April 22nd)


All in all, this should be a great game. Any comments on the game as it unfolds will also be covered. For now, discuss about the game itself.

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But why predict something a year in advance? We won't know anything for about a year and ultimately, it's just wishful thinking until there's information available.


I somehow doubt "new cards" will be available via Wifi unless the download is an entire game patch because in order to add any card to the game, you need to program the card data itself and the rulings and interactions it will have. Unless it's already programmed in the game, and just unavailable by normal means. Also, if you played someone who didn't download the card, someone's game is going to crash.


Priority will be changed because Japan makes the games, and they're the region that changed the ruling.

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I don't know how this game will looks like or what will be added but if if it's released for 3ds I'll buy one only to play this game I have a great number of YGO games and 1 for each generation(I mean "Duel Monsters" Gx" and "5d's") I don't care how but I must play a Zexal Game !

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Dude, WC11 came out a month ago <_>

Not in America. >_>


It pisses me off even more since I've all but given up on the actual cards and am only planning on playing the DS games, and I've been waiting for SOOOO long for this stupid game.


But um yea, the game is over a year away so your jumping the gun by a lot so I'm going to lock this.

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