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¤ßϯ¤'s Fakemon "Single" #2



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  1. 1. Do you like my cards?

  2. 2. Do you like the Fakemon themselves?

  3. 3. Do you like the concept (of cards)

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[color="#000000"][color="gold"][font=Pokemon Solid][size="7"][center]BT's[/size][/center]
[center][size="7"]Single #2[/size][/font][/color][/center]

[spoiler=Reasons/Info/Intro][b][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="7"]Reason of doing "singles" for each one:[/size][/font][/b]
[font="Times New Roman"][size="4"][color="#FFFFFF"]......[/color]Well, its technically not a Pokedex/Fakedex... its a bunch of Fakemon... only thing "categorized" is that there are Legendaries and starters... [b]if it has to do with a REAL Pokemon, that card will be made in the "single" as well.[/b]... so technically, it cannot even be in a set, cause sets are like Pokedexs... The singles will be separated by the Fakemon and their evos, or the fake Legendary Duo/Trio.[/size][/font]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][b][size="7"]Info:[/size][/b][/font]
[font="Times New Roman"][size="4"][color="#FFFFFF"]......[/color] All these Fakemon are by BlueGhosty of Deviantart... i do not own these Fakemon... Template used is by Touma... If Exceed is used, its by me.[/size]

[font="Palatino Linotype"][b][size="7"]Intro[/size][/b][/font]
[size="4"][color="#FFFFFF"]......[/color]In a way this is a separated/long-ated set, but its not. There may be special cards... like... Spell Cards for fossils or items... or Fossils can be monsters and then Fossil and Evolutionary Stone monsters may appear... Legendaries can be Exceeds... so on... well

[b]ENJOY[/b] :D [/size]

[font="Matrix Book"][size="3"]Cards: (click on cards for full size)[/size]

When this card is attacked and destroyed by battled, the attacking monster is flipped face-down. When this card declares an attack, toss a coin ● Heads: Double this card's ATK ● Tails: Halve this card's ATK.


[b]Fakedex Entry:[/b] Smokub, the Smokey Pokemon. Smokub constantly releases smoke from its fur, but more prominently from its ears. It has yet to fully control its fire attacks, which sometime come out in billows of smoke. Smokub has great pride in its environment, and will try to stay out of forests, to prevent forest fires.

[b]Type:[/b] Fire

[b]Name derived from:[/b] Smoke + cub



This card can be Special Summoned from your hand by Tributing 1 "Smokub" you control during your Battle Phase after it destroys a monster by battle. When this card declares an attack, this card's ATK cannot be decreased. Once per turn, if this card is attacked, negate the attack and the attacking monster is Set face-down.


[b]Fakedex Entry:[/b] Burbear, the Smokey Pokemon. Burbear is the evolved form of Smokub. Burbear has leaned to control its fire capabilities and does not constantly release smoke, unless it's angry. Its collar is very hot to the touch, while its arms and legs are normal heat, so don't give it a hug if you feel the urge. Burbear's hind legs are much bigger than Smokubs, allowing Burbear to rise up on two legs to make itself look bigger and more intimidating Burbear have been known to roam the forests in search for combee hives to eat their honey, only to be chased away by the Vespiquen of the hive.

[b]Type:[/b] Fire

[b]Name derived from:[/b] Burn + bear



You can Special Summon this card from your hand by Tributing 1 "Synthisect" you control during the End Phase of a turn that it destroyed a monster by battle. This card is also treated as a DARK monster. When this card attacks a monster, no Spell or Trap Cards can be activated. Each time this card destroys a monsters by battle, discard a number of cards from your hand and Set cards on your opponent controls face-down for each card discarded. When this card attacks a Set monster, destroy the monster without applying battle damage. If you do this card can declare an additional attack.


[b]Fakedex Entry:[/b] Maulcano, the Burning Pokemon. Maulcano is the evolved form of Burbear. Maulcano is now fully able to walk upon its hind legs. It prefers walking upright because if it walk on all fours, its constantly burning forearms would incinerate the ground. Maulcano is very powerful; it is a prime choice for the most hardcore trainers. Its flaming punches are dangerous even to water-type pokemon. Smoke constantly billows from Maulcano's back as an "exhaust" for all the heat built up in its body

[b]Type:[/b] Fire/Dark

[b]Name derived from:[/b] Maul (to violently attack) + volcano

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[quote name='Tech Genus Blade Blaster' timestamp='1301714829' post='5106269']
good Idea, good effect, i justthink it's to easy to beat hat card. Make it stronger. :D 8/10

its a first stage, what do you expect?

BTW check out my first Fakemon single:

BTW u do know the effect comes from the entry right ;)

BTW idea is concept so why is it no on the poll?

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