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Tactical Evolution preview

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oooohh, cant wait, i just posted the English preview on August 4 on my post, but it doesnt matter


i dont even have any FOTB cards yet, cause i need a ton of crystal beast cards before i get......OHHH......RAINBOW DRAGON!!!


here is the entire card lineup, in japanesse


in fact, ill just post the entire link of which i found the cards and the translations




so, watta ya think?


(Plus, Rainbow Dragon comes in the brandy dandy new.........HOLOGRAPHIC RARE!!!!!!!!!!!

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well, today i got 3 FOTB packs, but........


I ONLY GOT 1 CRYSTAL BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i only have 2 ruby carbuncles and ancient city-rainbow ruins,


i have volcanic blaster and scattershot, but i dont have blaze accelerator but have tri-blaze accelerator


long story short, i have a bunch of volcanic and crystal beast support cards but not a lot of monsters, i wanted to buy a box, but there were none, so i got a zane trusdale box


ill post a "pull" topic tomorrow, if you dont know what i mean, ill tell you tomorrow, and ill tell you the good cards i got in the box, cause im getting off topic


but i need a lot of FOTB packs before Tactical Evolution comes out. I BETTER HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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