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what to do?  

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  1. 1. what to do?

    • run away?
    • stay and fight?
    • tell a teacher?
    • rip up their work (when outside or not there)

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telling a teacher won't solve anything and ignring them is the same thing as telling a teacher ' date='they could come back again to beat you up

the best choise is to stay and fight

and teach them a leason yeah



It solves every thing... if you tell on them... and they get suspended... they wion't bother you anymore ( learned that one by experince)... and if they try to get you again... they will be suspened longer... and mabye evenm taken down town...

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Actually i learned a thing or two about bullies, if the insult you fight them back, in Gr.6 bullies used to bully me it got REALLY ANNOYING! Gr.7 i stood up and took the hits, tho i never actually fought. Gr.8 I fought them, they may seem tough and all, but now, they beg me not to hit them, lol.


They are cowards who look tough they became bullies becuase the got bullied to their family just pure sucks, if you trash talk them then fight them, they will fall down, in vain.

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