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Tale of the Worlds (Chapter 1: "A New Partnership" Posted)

Phantom Roxas

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Other than my Age of Twilight Fanfic, I will try a fanfic involving Gagagigo and/or Warrior Dai Grepher. Those two appear on the most cards, and I think it'll be fun to write their story. Gagagigo's side of the story will follow Gigobyte's life as Eria's Familiar all the way to his transformation into Gogiga Gagagigo. Dai Grepher's side will involve his life as a warrior till his own transformation into Dark Lucius LV8. I intend to involve several other groups like the Archfiends, the Different Dimension, and maybe even the Dark World. Tell me what you think of the idea.


Original concept by shonenhikada

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Well, here's Book 1, Chapter 1. I hope you like it


Legacy of the Worlds


Book 1: The Four Charmers


Chapter 1: A New Partnership


The kingdom of Solakari was a peacful one. It's queen, Doriado, was a benevolent ruler. She always looked for peaceful ways to solve conflicts, but she still kept a great army if their enemies were violent. Doriado had four apprentices: Aussa, Hiita, Wynn, and Eria. They were only ten years old, but the will skilled witches. Today was a special day for them. Doriado called the girls to her throne room. As they entered, Doriado asked them,

"I trust you know why you are here?" Aussa, the smart girl of the group, answered.

"Yes, you promised us that on the first day of the year after we all became ten, you would give us something."

Hiita, the feisty girl, jumped. "I hope it's treasure! Is it?" Wynn, the sad girl, replied to Hiita. "No. It doesn't matter what it is. I probably wouldn't even use it anyway." Eria, the perky girl, told them, "Ah, cheer up. I'm sure it's good. Now let Queen Doriado speak."


Doriado nodded. "Thank you, Eria. Now that you are old enough, I would like to entrust you with a great power." Doriado waved her hand, an suddenly, a green lizard that walked on it's back legs, a fox with fire on the tip of it's tale, a tiny yellow dragon, and a squirrel with a horn and a pair of wings appeared in a flash of light. The girls looked confused at these strange creatures. Doriado noticed this and explained to them. "These will be your partners. Aussa, your's is Marmos. Wynn, your's is Drago. Hiita, your's is Kitsune. Eria, you'rs is Gigobyte." As the animals walked over to their Charmers, Doriado continued. "We found them shortly after I took you under my wing. They each hold great potential, and I figured that they would be of great assistance to you. They will help you get stronger. Take good care of them. Dismissed."


Outside, Eria, holding Gigobyte in her arms, stroked his chin. The little reptile smiled, apparently already liking its partner. Aussa walked over to a nearby tree and plucked an acorn from it, then fed it to Marmos. Wynn simply stroked Dragos' head. Hiita looked at Kitsune, who wrapped itself around her shoulders.

"Um, can I get you something?" To everyone's surprise, Kitsune actually responded. "Yeah, could you get me some chips?" Hiita jumped, shocked. "Y-You talk?" Gigobyte shook his head. "Yeah, did you think we were like normal animals?" Aussa took her chance to scientifically explain the situation to them. "Queen Doriado told us that they had great potential. It would make sense that they could talk."

"Anyone wanna race home?" Eria happily suggested. The girls all agreed. Dragos flew over to Gigobyte. "Do normal girls do this?"

Gigobyte shrugged. "Beats me. Looks like we're going to have to get used to this." Marmos went over to them. "We better, 'cuz they're already going!"

The four little animals started to run as fast they could so they could try and catch up with their partners.



Well, that's the first chapter. It's not much, and it'll probably take a while to get to the main action, but I promise that the wait will be worth it.

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