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I would like to see somebody make a good rendition of my favourite comic villain, Venom. you know. from Spidaman.




1. not written

2. must have an effect

3.will be judged partially on art, so get a good picture


winner will be announced after 5 entries are in.

Winner recieves 1 rep and 5 points.


if i dont announce a winner, then i probably forgot, so send me a PM.


get creating!!! NOW!

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Well how could I not get in on this contest.




Anyway, hope you don't mind me posting two cards in here as these two go together.


Shadow Symbiote (using the current YCM) its Effect is when Venom first take's it's vicitim.

Dominating Symbiote (using the NEW YCM) is when Venom takes over



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