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Yes, Magolor is me. Just look at ze sig.
We should know what is does.

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I wanna say it was Rodrigo and I talking about how much worse this is modern day- BROKEN-wise.

I wish it was here, because, with Fableds, it generates SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much bang for its buck ;_;

Well, not wish it was here, but wish I could use it like that xD

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[quote name='Legend Zero' timestamp='1320722211' post='5625513']

Can't do that, or the Canadian will get mad at you. =/


Saw white text.

How would that help even that much?

What that actually says if it had once per turn is instead of:


It says,

"Win next turn."

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[quote name='Twilight Sparkle' timestamp='1320722506' post='5625534']
Actually, Once per turn would've been better card design. Still crazy, but at least better than "hurr durr tribute loop" or whatever.

Got a copy immediately before it was banned. And for free :D

You can still do:

> Attack directly with 2 Dark Strike Fighter.
> Win.

.-. It may be harder with Cat gone, but tons of stuff has filled Cat's place now.

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