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generic search card + direct attacks. the card is good in the deck since it gives it more of a toolbox aspect.


can shut down monster effects in the battle phase, as well as other effects afterwards. it's good to bait things out with for the most part.


this card just wrecks Xyzs, namely Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, and it forces out a Laggia negate, as well as Utopia.


searches anything and isn't limited to battle. once again another seemingly good choice for the deck


one of the only good double attackers worth using. whatever it runs over is dead, and with Lumenize and Honest, it's pretty easy to pull off

other cards that would be used are TKRO, Veiler, Honest, Duality, Recycling Batteries, etc.

also I made a thread for this but it should be mentioned again:


this is what I think really gives Watts a boost. since they're full of double attackers and direct attackers they can do game ending stuff with the boost.

just some on the spot theory-oh, discuss

also watthopper + wolf in sheep's clothing is ygo

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I haven't tried it but it seems ridic

[quote name='-Makoto-' timestamp='1320789872' post='5626877']
Hey, byakk, we can read ;)
[quote name='AggroDrago' timestamp='1320792368' post='5626939']
Um... where's watthopper?


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Lol, One of the other random Watts' name in Spanish is near identical with my first name.
Just remove "in" from the name, and it'd be perfect.

OT: I never played Watts, nor have I played against them, so I'm not sure on how good they actually are.

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[quote name='evilfusion' timestamp='1320795395' post='5627071']
I only remember the literal HALF HOUR argument between me and a guy on DN about whether he could use Wattdragonfly's effect revived by Call of the Haunted if it got destroyed due to Call being bounced via Trunade.
[/quote]Can he?[quote name='Leviair the byakk Dragon' timestamp='1320793850' post='5627006']
[/quote]But you didn't give it an image -_-.

Watt Chimera is beastly. Watthydra is bad.

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