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I just started watching Fairy Tail and thus I enquire...


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Which Gatekey would you want to have? And which gatekey do you wish would exist?

Havin' Virgo's koolio for me. Tomorrow teh Teevee's showing Virgo's debut.

Gemini is f***ing Kawaii.

They're obviously gonna have a Libra so yeah...

As for those that I'd wish would exist...

I wish to have


And maybe Triangulum.

I must've well asked 'Which is your favourite constellation'. Ah well.

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[quote name='UnmagicMushroom' timestamp='1320940032' post='5630748']
Yay! A magical saber-toothed sparkly purple bear/tiger/beaver/hyrax thing!

Actually its just a bear.
A seriously, humongous bear which godknowshow got into its cave.

Its seriously ironic how I didn't choose Cancer.
I probably dislike his character design, but I guess I'll have to see.

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From the ones I know enough about personality wise and such and remember, I honestly think that if I had to choose, I would pick Leo without a second thought.
(Only watched the anime so I only know a very tiny bit about the real Capricorn)

I´m Aquarius myself and (this is assuming she treats everyone who summons her like she treats Lucy, can´t remember if they established that or not) while she could be quite useful, try to kill me every time I summon her, I can´t stand her attidude and.... well lets just say that things would turn realy ugly, most likely for me.

The rest, I mostly have an issue with their over all character since they just seem, well, off, in my mind.

Leo is played of nicely and "feels real" (I want to elaborate but then I´ll be heading into spoilers), he is the hard hitter while the others, excluding Aquarius, are mostly played for laughs it seems.

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