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my invinsibl dek

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Guest Evil Tristan

Monsters )19(


1x Shapesnatch

1x Worm King

1x Raging Earth

1x Mucus Yolk

1x T.A.D.P.O.L.E

1x Destiny HERO - Malicious

1x Swamp Battleguard

1x Scrap Recycler

1x Elemental HERO Bladegde

1x Dragunity Aklys

1x Dragunity Dux

1x Draginity Arma Leyvaten

1x Elemental HERO Stratos

1x Destiny HERO Dogma

1x Marshmallon

1x Battle Fader

1x Destiny HERO Diamond Dude

3x Kuriboh


Spells )12(


1x Upstart Goblin

1x Exchange

1x Dark World Dealings

1x Warrior Returning Alive

1x D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation

1x Mind Wipe

1x Foolish Return

1x Cheerful Coffin (trolls TONS with exchange its not even funy)

1x The Inexperienced Spy

1x Monster Reborn

1x Gold Sarcophagus

1x Heavy Storm


Traps )9(


2x Trap Hole

2x Acid Trap Hole

2x Chaos Trap Hole

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

1x Destiny Chain





Actually noticed that technically this isn't spam since it is my IRL deck. I'm on a tight budget guys.

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Guest Evil Tristan

this dek r very good need more gud crds lik magic cylindr and pot of grd


No. Pot of Greed is banned and Magic Cylinder doesn't work if my opponent controls Black-Winged Dragon.

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Guest Evil Tristan

-1 Bottomless

-Destiny Chain

+2 Trap Jammer.


It can defeat your Opponent's Traps like Mirror Force and Sakuretsu Armor.


Seems amazing, I can't believe I forgot about it.


I'll make sure to update the OP later, my friend's mirror force was always making me lose. :(

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Guest Evil Tristan

Am I missing the joke or context needed to understand why you posted this?


I'mma actually answer this seriously.


You may have noticed that the cards are from badly made decks recently in this section, along with other random cards that are bad, and YCM's favourites. It's all I could find from my irl collection. :(


@Armz, good idea, best for them not to know my strategy!

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