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funny stall deck; why? because i can.


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this is mainly a fun deck but can be quite effective


3 X bunnila
3 X charcoal inpachi
3 X d.d. trainer
3 X opressed people
3 X flamvell guard
1 X obelisk, the tormentor
2 X uria, lord of searing flames
1 X exodius, the ultimate forbidden lord
1 X sangan

3 X tri-wight
2 X mystical space typhoon
1 X dark hole
1 X pot of avarice

3 X tyrant's temper
3 X ominous fortunetelling
2 X gravity bind
2 X human-wave tactics
2 X the league of uniform nomenclature
1 X mirror force

1 X formula synchron
1 X ally of justice catastor
1 X brionac dragon of the ice barrier
1 X armory arm
1 X black rose dragon
2 X number 56:
2 X number 83:
2 X baby tragon
2 X mira the giant star
2 X Super Dreadnought Cannon Express Gustaph Max

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Don't make stupid posts, people.

If you can't come up with honest fixes or card suggestions, or even pointing out specific flaws in a build, you may be better off just leaving the topic alone. Deliberately giving stupid advice is the same as spam in my book, and I'm hard-pressed to find any post yet that any merit whatsoever.

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