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Dark Magician VS Destiny Hero Plasma


Dark Magician VS Destiny Hero Plasma  

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  1. 1. Who who win in a battle, Dark Magician Or Destiny Hero Plasma?

    • Dark Magician
    • Destiny Hero Plasma

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It's really situational:

Head to Head fight:

Dark Magician - ATK 2500
Destiny HERO Plasma - ATK 1900

2500 > 1900 = Dark Magician wins.

In a battle however Plasma would simply use its effect to equip Dark Magician to itself.

Destiny HERO Plasma - ATK 3150

Now Plasma is stronger than Dark Magician but in theory can't defeat him because he is equipped to Plasma. Of course you can always say that Plasma wins when he equips Dark Magician but that is not completely true as Dark Magician is still on the field and thus not Banished or destroyed.

Well either way you look at it. In the current Meta Destiny HERO Plasma is by far the better card. Though not as strong he has the much better effect....

So my vote goes for Destiny HERO Plasma.

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