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Make a simple, good Spell. Darkplant V.S. -Makoto-. [LOCK-Makoto won]


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Feel like a contest.



1. Make a Spell Card. Its text should be under two sentences, but it should also be very playable.


However, it shouldn't be overpowered. (Ex. Book of Moon is "playable", but isn't overpowered, and has a nice simple effect. It doesn't need to be the swiss army knife BoM is, but you get what I mean by this example.)


2. First to 3 votes wins.


3. Voters get 5 points each.


4. Winner gets 1 rep from loser.





=My card=


=Opp's Card=



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I love how everyone thinks makoto's is more useful, but I kind of think darkplant's is a liiiiitle bit overpowered. Not only does it destroy opponent's plays, but it would also be excellent for those times in skill drain where you just can't draw skill drain. It can also shut down things like marshmallon, spirit reaper, ect so you can unexpectedly blow past your opponent's defences. Banishing for a turn is quite a bit more balanced IMO. Maybe I'm being weird here and it isn't OPed at all, but whatever.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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