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[MTG] Mimic Vat


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[quote name='-Venser el Transeúnte-' timestamp='1321030056' post='5632761']
Why i'm not surprised you made this thread...

Oh Yeah...
It's me, duh :P

But really, I just love this card. It has so many applications. I will be a sad panda once it rotates out.

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[quote name='-Venser el Transeúnte-' timestamp='1321030577' post='5632781']
>Implying this will leave Standard like tomorrow
>Implying this card can only be played in modern once it rotates
>Implying extended doesn't exist
Yo dawg, I heard you like implying, so I put implying in your implying so you can imply while you imply

(had to)

Anyways, I haven't played against a dedicated deck yet, but I've heard some pretty horrible rumors

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